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A Day of Nina


Morning, Morning, Morning~♩

It’s time for another beautiful day of paperwork Miss Nina! The office is waiting!”

Nina slowly opened her eyes, loudly yawning as she sat up and looked to the Cha

Traitorous Transformation


In a large manor estate sitting atop a hill above the nearby city, a Raichu lived under the ownership of the family’s youngest daughter. Hatched and raised in the manor, he’d only been a pikachu for a single week before his owner demanded a thunderstone for him, the sudden shift in physical form resulting in a shift in his attitud

Hot Fuzz (Ch.5)


“Hey, have you seen Pico today?” Smolder looked down at the eevee tucked under his arm, the smaller pokemon exhausted from the day’s work and unable to walk all the way home on his own feet.

“Pico? Oh, yeah. She said she wasn’t going to be able to help

A Mini-Misadventure


“This is the right area, isn’t it?” Erin grunts as he pushes a large rock aside from the entrance to a hidden cave, the eevee nearly tripping himself and falling when it finally rolls aside. Pico looks over two pieces of paper, one a map, the other a bounty with the target’s last known location. After comparing two she nods.

Shocking Switch-Up

“So, you’re sure that you’ve got the spell right this time?”

“Definitely! A few smudges aren’t going to stop me from casting the spell properly this time!” Lily the witch smiles at Misty, the water gym leader looking skeptically at the spellbook.
“Yeah, and even if it doesn&rsqu

Lost in the Dark(type)

Erin slams into a Krokorok’s gut head-first, making the reptile stumble back a bit. Pico leaps over the eevee, slapping the dark-ground pokemon in the face with her tail over and over until he falls to the ground unconscious. The duo pant and wait to make sure the opponent was KO’d before turning to each other and smiling. They high-five

Hot Fuzz Ch.4

Smolder huffs and puffs as he walks through a dim forest, a slight fog all around him. On the Typhlosion’s shoulders, Erin and Pico were both hanging on and looking around at full attention. “You guys could walk too. How come I’m carrying everything again?” Smolder grumbles, slowing down as he reaches a tree, leaning against it with an exhausted e

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ErinTheVee's Blog - Commisions Open! Posted 1 year ago

No idea if anyone's actually interested, but I feel confident enough to take commissions!
They're pretty cheap I think, and I've recently started getting back into the flow of writing. So, while I'm still going to work on what I want to do, I'll also do one or two of these now and then. Small projects are preferred since Hot Fuzz is my personal long form project and I do a lot of things that aren't writing in my free time.

So... yeah. You guys get it right? You're smart. Just check my commission status for pricing and Wills/Won'ts and if you have a short story you want written, just shoot me a PM and we'll talk about it.

Additionally, any suggestions/advice is also appreciated.

Also, if I suddenly blow up with requests, I'll probably die from...
[ Continued ... ]

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