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Always looking for new ideas.

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jerked awake, a gasp escaping him, his entire body moving as if he
had awakened from a nightmare. He shivered, swallowing hard, waiting
for the pulsing of his heart to stop pounding in his ears. It took a
few seconds, but eventually, it faded, and as the sensation of his
pulse left, the sensation of cold air settled in.
He shivered. It was cold, the thin fabric of his pajamas didn't offer
him any heat. He swore that he cou

is it you need to show me?”
worry, it’s just right here.”
door opened. Two guys walked in, coming into a room with a wooden
floor, vines spread out throughout. Matt heard Tom let out a small
gasp at the sight of wonder.
had no clue how long the plant had been there. He had woken up one
day and there it was; vines that had spread themselves all around on
the floor, crisscrossing and intertwining like a spiderwerb. Matt
didn’t care too much about it honestly;

It had been stalking him for a few feet now. As he walked the path composed of the tracks where a train once rain three times a day, the creature had found him and decided on him as its meal. The grass, tall and wild, no longer tamed, did well to hide him. It even held back the growls that it felt growing in its throat. It wanted to catch him by complete surprise.
It was a meek looking human, dressed in a old, raggedy jacket, wearing a pair of glasses, a large bag strapped to his back,

It was already getting late. The sun was setting low in the sky, and the moon would be up in only a matter of hours. People were heading to bed, businesses were closing down for the night, and the overall crowd of people were thinning.
Yet still, Alvin couldn't make up his mind.
He bit into the ripe, red fruit, chewing on it thoughtfully as he tossed the offer over and over in his head some more. He had only one night to make this happen, but damn did it really test him.

The sunlight shone through the leaves of the forest; breaks in the shadows that the leaves crated as they fought for sunlight. The foliage was an amazing shade of green, plants blooming everywhere; petals in splendid hues and shades growing on the floor, despite how little of the sunlight and water they got so far down. The bird sang and flew, babies cried in their nests, and a herd of deer ran around, searching for food, safety, and isolation.
You'd think it was a million

Kanji, how much can you eat?!"
Kanji asked, looking up at Yosuke with a confused look on his face,
mouth full with the half-chewed remains of his upteenth steak that
hour alone.
Yosuke answered, staring back at Kanji with a look that was a
mixture of amazement and disgust...definitely more disgust, though.
'Geez...and I thought Chie could wolf it this rate, he's
going to eat through my whole check!' He thought to himself, op

You’d think that a dead city would
be a bit quieter.
That’s what the young man thought
to himself as he rested in the safe house, breathing heavily as he
listened to the sounds of the zombies around him. He could hear them
groaning…growling…chewing and shuffling. He could hear some of
them press their bodies up against the door to the safe
house…growling…trying to force their way in. He shivered as he
held the small handgun close to him, loaded, ready to let loose on
whatever manag

The blue otter sighed
as he put the uniform away inside of his locker, the sound of other
guys chatting, the sound of the showers running, water hitting the
hard floors, the opening and closing of lockers as the other guys
were getting dressed, taking off their own uniforms…all of these
sounds permeated the air, an endless wave of sound with no gaps of
silence in it. It was his first day at his new school…he didn’t
really wanna be here. He thought it was stupid to have moved…but
his pare

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The question is what should I write?
I've been watching a bunch of Kagewani...but I might just write something Shin Megami Tensei related, as that's always good.
Or maybe Dresden Files, I've always wanted to do that.

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