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Always looking for new ideas.

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The Part-Timer was already crying halfway through the punishment. Iwai didn’t speak, didn’t hesitate. His hand rose and fell, sharp, staccato claps filling the room as the Part-Timer yelped, cried, begged, and whimpered, until finally Iwai decided he had had enough when he collapsed over his knee, unable or unwiling to fight anymore.

The entire time, the cat he had brought watched. Iwai could swear it felt like it was smirkin

air was warm and humid. The streets weren’t well lit, dull, bulbs
struggling work, as if they too had partied too much. The smell of
smoke and barbecue was in the air, even at this time of night, and
music blared through the walls of all the houses, loud and energetic.
normally wouldn’t be outside during most holidays, too many drunks
wandering around, but I was willing to bear it. I wasn’t out here
to get involved with any of them anyways. I was out here for the
liked t

had started like a regular day. Link had gone to the Zora Domain to
visit Sidon, the Zora Prince. Ever since Link had calmed Vah Ruta and
freed Mipha’s spirit, he found himself spending more and more time
with Sidon. The Zora Prince was open with his affections and
compliments, and helped the Hylian hero with his swimming. For Link,
it was a way to recover from the way how his mission pressed down on
him. The gravity of his mission, and that he had failed it once
before, made the burden a h

job, everyone!”
voice rang out in the courtroom, breaking the tense silence that held
all the Ultimate’s enthralled.
job…?” Makoto asked, voice barely audible, trembling as all nerve
he once had vanished. He was staring down at the console in front of
him, screen flashing with his image, proclaiming him guilty as the
Blackened of this trial. It shook him to the core, the very injustice
of this. He hadn’t killed why was he considered guilty

a reason I decided to leave the night shift.
this world of man-eat-man, where the strongest dominated and the weak
were prey, I was shit outta luck; worse, I would soon be out on my
ass if I didn't cough up rent money soon. So I took this job in this
little drug store. It was nothing special; small enough so that only
two people were needed, containing only the necessities such as milk,
eggs, beer, and condoms. The kind you pass by in the little towns
where nothing exciting ever

jerked awake, a gasp escaping him, his entire body moving as if he
had awakened from a nightmare. He shivered, swallowing hard, waiting
for the pulsing of his heart to stop pounding in his ears. It took a
few seconds, but eventually, it faded, and as the sensation of his
pulse left, the sensation of cold air settled in.
He shivered. It was cold, the thin fabric of his pajamas didn't offer
him any heat. He swore that he cou

is it you need to show me?”
worry, it’s just right here.”
door opened. Two guys walked in, coming into a room with a wooden
floor, vines spread out throughout. Matt heard Tom let out a small
gasp at the sight of wonder.
had no clue how long the plant had been there. He had woken up one
day and there it was; vines that had spread themselves all around on
the floor, crisscrossing and intertwining like a spiderwerb. Matt
didn’t care too much about it honestly;

It had been stalking him for a few feet now. As he walked the path composed of the tracks where a train once rain three times a day, the creature had found him and decided on him as its meal. The grass, tall and wild, no longer tamed, did well to hide him. It even held back the growls that it felt growing in its throat. It wanted to catch him by complete surprise.
It was a meek looking human, dressed in a old, raggedy jacket, wearing a pair of glasses, a large bag strapped to his back,

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Anyone know a good writer who takes vore commissions? Much as I like to write, I need other people help me tackle all my ideas, haha.

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