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Potter woke up confused and sore, the last thing he remembered was
Malfoy smirking at him in triumph before everything went black. He
shivered and he realized that he was naked and all he had to cover
himself with was a bright red cloak. He wrapped the cloak around
himself and set off to see if he could find help. As he walked
throught the woods he couldn't help but curse Malfoy and his own
luck. He'd assumed that Malfoy hadn't known he'd been following him
all year and he'd walked right i

too late” . Harry turns around and sees a teenage boy standing in
the gloom of the chamber and recognizes him from the diary. “Tom,
Tom Riddle? “ he asks incredulously. Tom nods and Harry notices
that the wand he’s twirling is his. I” What are you doing”
Harry asks, “This, imperio” he whispers and watches Harry’s
emerald eyes gain a glassy sheen and after a moment adds a strong
compulsion charm on top of it completely dominating the twelve year
old boy’s will.

had been watching as his brother’s friend Harry slowly gained wait
and he’d been pleased when he’d caught a whiff of the boy. It was
his last year and he was through waiting, Harry was going to be his
and with any luck he’d be able to pin the boy’s disappearance on
the escaped Sirius Black.
waited until one night he saw Harry scamper off down the hall after
hours. He followed him, intent on making him apart of a Weasley.
Lucky for him he was both head b

was a rush job for Richie. He specialized in the removal of spoiled
brats. A parent or neighbor would call and pay him a generous amount
of money. In return Richie would take care of the brat and make them
disappear. He was on the way to a take care of one such pest, a
little boy named Davie. Apparently the parents were going to have
important company over in several hours and that was how long he had
to take the brat out of the picture and remove any trace that he
lived in

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I hope everyone has a happy New Year. I also hope that 2017 is a great deal less bleak than 2016 turned out to be.

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