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still getting used to this site. so sorry if i tag stuff wrong or something.
i am NOT accepting commissions. you can request stuff on my twitch streams

twitter................................................ https://twitter.com/FuPoo
request a drawing.............................. https://www.twitch.tv/fupoo

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Posted by UnknownGuy404 10 months ago Report

I really like your drawing style

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Posted by MaybellethePeckish 2 years ago Report

Oh goodness, I admired your artstyle from afar on DA but didn't know you were here too, that's awesome!

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Posted by lurker474 2 years ago Report

I really like your style. It is super cute!


Posted by b5n 2 years ago Report

wow this is amazing dude


Posted by Belloc 2 years ago Report

Very good art style. Thanks for sharing your stuff.


Posted by Nyxondyx 2 years ago Report

Let us dive into hell together, amigo

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Posted by Reiko 2 years ago Report

Your art is just fantastic! :)


Posted by Stunlocked 2 years ago Report

Everybody seems to know you on this site


Posted by StormyRange 2 years ago Report

Some real lovely stuff -u-/


Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 2 years ago Report

"still getting used to this site. so sorry if i tag stuff wrong or something"

Don't worry mate, we all start that way! Welcome to Eka's; hope you have a great time here! Look forward to seeing more awesome art!

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Posted by joe354 2 years ago Report

Is it a lovely surprise! Welcome to eka!

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