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Yo! I'm JimBagg. Newbie Animator and wannabe Game Dev.

Discord: https://discord.gg/JBsXXcu

Here, you'll find a multitude of GIFs based around Vore, Inflation, and a few other Kinks too; all starring females from across known media! (as well as some OCs created just for this.)
I do occasionally make simple PNGs too, but those aren't as fun.

Will Do: Pretty much any kind of vore/inflation, futanari, stuffing, Solo

Won't Do: Scat, Guro, Underage

Happy Browsing!

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JimBagg's Blog - Discord. Posted 3 weeks ago

What's this? A discord? Why yes it is! I dunno how many of you would be willing to stop by. But I've decided to make a discord.

A: Because its got better communication over there than over here.

B: Because it sounds like it would be fun!

I can't promise I'll always be on, goodness knows I'm already a scarce sight here, but I can promise to be a decent person to communicate with!

Hope to see ya there!


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Posted by 4lphaBravo 5 months ago Report

Hey there friend, I hope you're doing alright where you are at! Stay safe out there and hope to hear from ya!


Posted by gachabork 11 months ago Report

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Aye, I appreciate it. Thank you for the watch and welcome to Eka's!

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Posted by Sansshrew 11 months ago Report

Welcome to Eka's! Your Gifs look pretty good!

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