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Hello. I'm an nothing but an independent adjudicator (or so I wish). I have fairly strong opinions you could say, especially when it comes to the topic of kinks and what not. Let's go over a few potential Q&As for me:

- Do you do Commissions? No. Any of the work that I post here is either a commission I've got from another artist or a story that I've written myself and these will be made clear in the description. I am poor at drawing due to poor co-ordination.

- Can you watch me/favourite my stuff? - No. I watch/favourite what I like. Not what I'm told.

- I feel like I've seen that avatar somewhere before. Who are you? - If you have, consider it a bonus as I happen to be that same person you're thinking about.

- The stuff you're into is so weird, you know that? - One man's Lidl is another man's Waitrose.

- Do you RP? - Well I want to try now. Link to the profile is here:
I'll try and post a full fetish/kink guide for me sometime soon. Thank you and I appreciate any comments here. I do my best to reply to them all.

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As promised with the last blog, here's the updated personal fetish and vore tier list that I made. I'll make another one directed at characters soon. If you want an explanation or want to get an opinion on one not on the list, feel free to ask.

S+ (Love it)
Cock Vore
Draining Vore
Gaping Urethra
Mass Vore
Oral Sex
Penis Toward viewer
Vacuum Penis Vore
Vacuum Tail Vore

Accidental Vore
Anal Sex
Breast Play
Butt Spread
Caring Predator
Docking/Penis in Penis
Embarrassment/Embarrassed Characters
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by TheNamesJackson 1 year ago Report

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okay. like ur vids tho!


Posted by TheNamesJackson 1 year ago Report

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Geez sorry man. I just don’t usaull read people’s profiles that’s all.

(Btw are you actually him?)


Posted by Gelus 3 years ago Report

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I must've missed the lammy/rocko one in the past then, I saw the first Keldeo one there. Well either way, have fun! It's a pretty nice place all in all.


Posted by Gelus 3 years ago Report

Demmit I deleted it. I was trying to say hey, and welcome to the portal, since y'got no shouts! Also, Smudge does good work but I'm surprised they didn't post some of that to IB.

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