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Lurker... roleplayer... writer... pred and prey.

As to my username, I made this account when I was paranoid that somebody IRL might stumble upon it and find my weird fetish; so I didn't use the normal username I usually use.

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Date Night

M/M, burps, implied oral vore, graphic digestion, disposal

“Hey,” the deep-voiced male started, waiting a few moments for the feminine guy to turn and notice somebody was talking to him. “Jack, right?” the first male smiled, watching as the other guy’s expression changed from brief curiosity to recognition. Jack’s face lit up, his mouth opening sligh

Hostage Snack

F/M, unwilling predator

, farts






It was a deceptively perfect afternoon in the small gated community of Boulder Cove. The usually peaceful neighborhood

Gym Maneuver

F/M, oral vore

, implied digestion

, graphic digestion, disposal

Kieran smiled to himself in the mirror, ready to go training with the instructor the gym had put him with. The register said that her name was Lucy and Kieran was already hoping she'd be as cute as her name. With his running shoes firmly tied on, he heade

Dogmeat’s Treat

F/MM, oral vore, anal vore, fart

It was a dark, cool night in the Commonwealth. The sky was clear and the moon shown down its white glow upon the lands, from the glowing sea to Sanctuary. All of the wasteland was basked in its gentle light. The sole survivor slept soundly on a dirty, stained mattress underneath the power pylon that the Abernathy farm was built around. The re


’s Tale

Emma took careful steps as she entered the mouth of the cave. The air was damp and cold, a light breeze rushing around the young woman. She gripped her shawl closer to herself, shivering lightly from the cold. “Blasted peasants,” she cursed under her breath. The woman was dressed in rags; the chosen weren’t given proper clothing. They wouldn’t be wearing it

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I'm probs gonna use this blog for my random musing and ramblings. Feel free to ignore.

"You are your own worst critic." I don't feel like my stories are very good, which I think is common among writers. I've got 1000 views on my most recent story. It feels weird knowing that 1000 people have at least glanced at the thing I wrote in an hour or two. Twenty five favorites. Twenty five people who must've read it and enjoyed what they read. Enjoyed the thing that I don't think is quite good enough.

As mentioned; I believe that if you can't find the porn you're looking for, or if there isn't enough, then you should just add onto it. Because chances are there's somebody else who's looking for the same thing.

I'll probably write more stories at some point. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in 2...
[ Continued ... ]

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