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Name: Nikko-Kai-Cutie AKA Raff
Age: 21
Species: Dra-Zard

I create digital art, traditional art and 3D art (if I feel like it)~

COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! (Go to Commission Status for more info)

Goal: Work on Commissions and finish my passion projects~


(New goals)

- ​Finish making my Lady Razardess FNF Mod

- Madness: Hybrid Breach Animation

Elliot the Cow-Grunt has been born into this harsh apocolyptic world and has to survive this world along with a friendly Dog-Grunt named Donald.

- Trollstopia Visual Novel

Alex's parents have gone missing and Poppy's been acting suspicous lately. Can Alex find his parents and solve the mystery of Poppy's secret plan?

​- Develop a few original series

In a world where anyone is able to turn into a creature they created with their own hands where it is used as personal leisure or for defense/offensive purposes (Idea subjected to change)

Dream traveling to other worlds (Idea subjected to change)

-A bunch of unfinished/planned animation meme ideas

-​Pokemon comic of Daisy the Hypno's life


(Old goals)

Yo-Kai Madness comic (Will be renamed soon-ish) (Renamed to Raff's Cosmic Escapade)
A comic explaining what I have done in the past and how I came to be now.

Brain Drain Curse (Discontinued for now...)
A comic of my favorite three characters Charley, Barley and Edgar aka. The Butcher Gang where I completely heavily referenced from We're back! A Dinosaur's Story specifically the scene where the dinosaurs were forced to go back to their savage selves but refuses and their friends were taken hostage and decides to give in.

"The Concept" (A future game)
Something I have been thinking about with a couple of friends and my BF~

(More info may be put in depending really)
Anyways have a nice day~ ^^



(Update as of 26 Apirl 2022)

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NikkoKaiCutie's Blog - Patreon updated~ Posted 2 years ago

Hey guys! I finally updated my Patreon with proper tiers and rewards and such! With this, you guys can support me and my art better if you can!

To be more specific with what you guys are getting, you’ll be getting:

Early access to my art like its WIPs and line art stages! Don’t worry. I’ll still post the full pictures publicly!

Some patrons will be able to get custom single pics every month! And for one special patron, a whole comic!

Patreon Exclusive art that includes canon episodes within the HTP (Happy Tree Preds) universe that aren’t Vorish Twists and pics and comics featuring a wider variety of characters like Dolly and other preds!

So, if you’ve got some money to throw my way, come on down! I’ll be able...
[ Continued ... ]

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asdjsaif thank you for the watch lil dragon babi x3

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Thanks for the fav!! :D


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Wow, thank you so much for the favorites! I've got a bunch more bfs on the way, so watch out!


Posted by MeatyAss 1 year ago Report

Like Lucia from Wii Sports?


Posted by GeneticMess 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the fav!


Posted by LuciferRagnarok 1 year ago Report

Really appreciate all the HTF art. I especially like that you kept the character's in-show chibi appearance instead of giving them more voluptuous human proportions. Also a big fan of your comics that give certain episodes a vorny twist.

Funnily enough, there's an episode, where I had the same exact thought. In one of the Flippy centered episodes, there's a goofy looking chameleon who catches an enemy soldier with his long tongue, and then drags him through barbed wire. But I would've preferred if he just ate him instead :x


Posted by lXlNeMiSiSlXl 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the Watch!~


Posted by LapizAcuario 1 year ago Report

hey -w-


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