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There was a different atmosphere in the room this morning. Twilight's sleeping form- still clad in her brother's pelt and now also leaking cum from her escorts- was carried to her usual spot at the front. Word had spread that Celestia had been devoured during the night. All eyes were on the now noticeably chubbier form of Ocellus, who felt rather self-conscious about how fat Celestia had made her.There was only one royal left now, after nearly a week of fun. The rest were nothing than lined up

All things considered, playing spin the bottle was a bit out of place amidst all the sex, rape, murder, and worse. Yet, after a nice but uneventful dinner, all royals, both pony and changeling came together to partake in this ancient party game. Ocellus, Thorax, Twilight, and Celestia, this would prove to be quite interesting. As he was technically the host, or rather the one who ate the actual host, it was Thorax’s duty to do the first spin.He held the "bottle", which turned out to be the sev

The next day, everyone was assembled in the dining room as per usual. Thorax looked even pudgier than before, but digestion such a powerful being had restored his strength tenfold and he looked especially proud today. Behind him sat Ocellus. She had been scolded for not showing up to help- she had claimed that no one had informed her of the seriousness of the crime. Thorax had forgiven her but she still sulked a little after being admonished. Still, she was looking forward to hearing who was nex

It was the dawn of the next day and another execution would take place. The various royals were woken up and again lead to the big dining rooms. Well except Luna, she was rather dragged to it, angrily mumbling about the insane time for waking her up. All around the room, a crowd of changelings had gathered and, as the day before, the royals were left standing in the middle of the room. Even Cadance’s pelt was dumped on the same spot the pony stood yesterday. Everyone waiting for whatever Thora

Thorax woke up that morning covered in a warm comfortable blanket – the pelt of one of the unicorns his changelings had brought in that night. He smiled as he pulled it off and simply threw it into the corner of the bedroom, knowing that one of his subjects would clean it up for him later. The sun was shining through the window when he opened the blinds – it must have been about midday. In other words, lunchtime. He had thought hard about who he would eat first, but had managed to come to a

The rest of the night was comparably uneventful. Most ponies and changelings alike preferred to rest for now, sans Luna of course. But activities picked up the next day. It was the last safe day they had left, after all, and each Royal had utilized it in a different way. Luna was currently sleeping off her intoxication in one of Fancy's dining rooms, around her several exhausted changelings both stallion and mares. Unlike the others her night was spend drinking, eating, and enjoying more carnal

Hopefully, this wouldn’t get too boring. While the ball wasn’t as big as the Royal Gala, it was a rather important event, hosted in fancy pants own villa, and most of Equestria’s nobility attending. So, of course, the Royals were obliged to attend; all of them. Except for Flurry Heart, of course, safe back at home with a team of dedicated nannies. But as anything involving large amounts of nobleponies went, it would be a rather dull and stuck up event. None of the Royals were particularly

“Uhm, do you think the talks will go well?” Flash Sentry asked gingerly, hoping the changeling mare wouldn’t mind the breach of protocol. Technically he should just stand to attention and stay silent, but he didn’t see the point. All they were doing was standing in front of a pair of richly decorated double doors, while their respective rulers inside hashed out the treaty. They were not even providing any actual security, there were enough crystal and changeling guards spread throughout

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