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ATTN: All players of "The Voar" who enjoy d20 system RPing:

I'm having fun drawing up my characters in d20. I'm going to share them, starting with Raice. If you enjoy this sort of thing, feel free to modify Raice's to use as a template, or write up your own. d20 Modern, Dungeons and Dragons (any addition, what the hell), White Wolf, Ironclaw, any system you like, please feel free to write up your character in his or her entirety and post here. I've capped Raice at Level 4 (Adult, Minimal to Moderate Experience.) I hope the blog doesn't mess up the formatting.

Have fun!

UPDATED: Post away, Kaven! And explain if you like, the system. ^_^



Character: Raice
Player: Sai'ai
Classes and Levels: Fast 3, Dedicated 1
Starting Occupation: ...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Hereforvore 9 months ago

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That's a shame, your Videl and android 18 comic page was one of the first vore pieces I found when I came to this site, and I really like the style.

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Posted by Hereforvore 9 months ago

Do you still draw?

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Posted by Zetsu-san 4 years ago

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ok :3 I understand


Posted by Zetsu-san 4 years ago

I love your M/M anime vore ^^ especially the cut-aways. anychance you'll draw any more in the near furute? Like maybe Fairy Tail, or One piece?


Posted by Darkyamato80 7 years ago

thanks for your Comment


Posted by AnimeforAll 9 years ago

Hey, wondering if I could request something.


Posted by bloodwolfvamp 10 years ago

im keeping my eye on you
*Keeps my wolfy eyes open *
ow burning but must watch


Posted by Reiko 10 years ago

Hello Saiai! how are you! We haven't talked in awhile =3 id love to continue are rp sometime!

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