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Xenera, Duchess of Westslope, reclined in her seat as she contentedly watched the evening’s entertainment. Her castle, nestled in the side of the great volcano that formed the capital of the great nation of Golgotha, was hosting a gathering of her immediate vassals, and the magnanimous duchess spared no expense to keep her subjects happy. The six-course meals they had all just enjoyed were of high-quality, with fine sweet meats and expertly seasoned vegetables, bread that nearly melted in t

A Little Night Metal
The Pit, a small music venue, was packed tonight. The little club was dark, hot, and reeked of sweat from a hundred bodies packed into a tight space. There were patrons from all corners of the city, and comparatively mundane human beings rubbed elbows with a variety of anthros, demis, aliens, and other fantastical beings, most of whom wore dark t-shirts with various band logos emblazoned on them. A few were even sporting denim jackets, patches from many mus

Breakfast in Bed
Medinthel awoke with a yawn in her Silvermoon apartment, having slept soundly. It was, she remembered with a smile, her day off, and the petite blood elf looked fondly out of the window into the early morning sun, the promise of an easy day ahead of her.
She languidly turned her head to the other occupant of the bed, a burly, bright green orc named Arik. He was still fast asleep, the sound of his breathing a pleasant soundtrack to the fine morning. Her golden

A Meal for a Succubus
Alaric Thornton, baron of a small estate outside of Stormwind, was bored. It was not as if he had nothing to do at all, as there was managing the estate, studying philosophy and the military arts, and the other pursuits typical of young nobles to attend to, but his interests did not lie in these arenas. His father had remarked on his deathbed that he was ill at ease leaving the estate to his layabout son, and this statement would prove to be prophetic.

I'll eat you up, I love you so
Evan returned to his home in Elwynn, prepared to collapse. The blacksmith left his shop exhausted, hoping that his apprentices could keep up without his guiding hand at the helm. The invasion of the Legion had created a massive demand for weapons and armor, and the Crown had become Evan's most demanding customer. The compensation was good, but how anyone could keep up with the sheer number of orders for blades and plate was beyond him.
The door t

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