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Female predators... I want to feed YOU! I want to fill your hot hungry stomach and add a little more jiggle to your step. I can't think of a better way to spend my last moments but to be your helpless meal, struggling against your digestive system.

If you crave something almost too human, if you want to enjoy within your mind the pleasures of taking total control of your prey and to become the master of their destiny then maybe you and I would be a fit. Do you crave to be fulfilled? Imagine experiencing those last futile struggles of your prey as they slowly churn away in your powerful belly. Would you like to establish an almost romantic experience just before you decide to slurp and gulp every last inch of your would be lover into your most private of places?

I can fulfill you, I can provide to you a hypnotically enchanting vore experience that will leave you blushing and make your belly gurgle. I am a male prey who specializes in serving female predators with hungry appetites and hearts. When you roleplay with me you will get long detailed posts that are sure to bring you closer to the nature of your character and to deliver an experience worth writing about.

A meal like this won't be around forever and when I'm gone, I'm gone. Looking for just one more partner before I'm... well you know..

Contact me today and let's make those dirty voracious fantasies of yours come to life.

- Oral Vore
- Female Pred
- Gurgles
- Digestion
- Disposal
- Belly Worship
- Weight Gain
- Vorish Teasing
- Burps
- Surprises
- Long Descriptions

- Males
- Cocks
- Anal Vore
- Short Posts
- Hyper Anything
- Pokemon, Ponies, etc.

Catch me while you can:

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Posted by Malezor 8 months ago Report

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Thank you, for enjoying it. :3


Posted by darkflame8 8 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch


Posted by Malezor 9 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch! :D


Posted by eatmeplease 3 years ago Report

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Oh cool! And you're welcome.

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Posted by eatmeplease 3 years ago Report

Hey I just wanna say, I love your avatar picture! Where did you get it?

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Posted by CassyInko 3 years ago Report

Thanks a ton for the watch! :D

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