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ANIMATION Croptop - Scat version By Tasley9 -- Report

Alright, she shits in this one.

Clean version >>>

Now focusing on a new comic story and few reward sketches
Thanks for all the support, without it, this wouldn't exist.

A colab with  Ssublissive

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Posted by Nic386 2 months ago Report

I have waited many nights.
I love this tan tomboy vore GF btw, hope to see a lot more of her


Posted by kingarthur0205 2 months ago Report

I agree with Nic. I want more of her


Posted by SmaxTheDestroyer 2 months ago Report

Love this pred, a good shit after a good meal, good stuff~


Posted by KyngSama 2 months ago Report

Feel so bad for the prey


Posted by PhantomAsh 2 months ago Report

I'm not really a scat person, but the parts where it shows her internals, those sound effects are sublime. The part where it shows her remains going through the intestines was amazing


Posted by DittoDotto 2 months ago Report

Wholeheartedly agree. Reminds me of another animation I saw a while ago, which also was good. That did not have scat.


Posted by LemonBarb 1 month ago Report

Honestly. Times like these I'd almost wish to imagine "full intestine absorption", without the (shown) scat. For those who want to imagine all of the prey's flesh/body being absorbed, instead of the 'junk' expelled.


Posted by Ezunbiirth 2 months ago Report

was waiting for the crappy version ;)
thanks for the hard work as always Tasley


Posted by theonlymatt 2 months ago Report

Holy shit, that was amazing.


Posted by Dindu 2 months ago Report

Lovely predator this girl.


Posted by Winny 2 months ago Report

Snrk, love that ending! Delightful job Tasley, and great job with the voices to our lovely voice actress's. Honestly good fun! <3


Posted by Sumfkr 2 months ago Report

Wait, is the sound used for the mouth opening around 1.28 the same as the slime sound in changed?


Posted by Tasley9 2 months ago Report



Posted by Sumfkr 2 months ago Report


Posted by Muryoku 2 months ago Report

My bf plays that game lol


Posted by Tasley9 1 month ago Report

I don't hear similarities, but the audio is from online sources, so it's possible


Posted by Sumfkr 1 month ago Report

Oh yeah no, I re watched it later and it's very much not the same sound. I was just being stupid.


Posted by DegeneracyOutlet 2 months ago Report

Holy shit, I never thought I'd see something that hit every single thing I love AND be fucking ANIMATED!


Posted by DegeneracyOutlet 2 months ago Report

I cannot describe in words how much this video has ruined other content for me (in a good way)


Posted by Simpatico 2 months ago Report

Holy shit dude, this rocks! Love seeing so much passion being put into larger projects like this, with a scat version no less~ I am just curious about one thing tho... did these va's know what kinda thing they were speaking lines for?


Posted by diggitydaniel 2 months ago Report

I'm pretty sure yes, the audio is by Ssublissive, who is described as a collaborator on the project complete with a link to their aryion page.


Posted by Simpatico 2 months ago Report

Well yeah, i know he did the audio. He did a great job! But he didnt voice the characters, i think he outsourced some va's.


Posted by Tasley9 2 months ago Report

"Can you act like you are being eaten? It's for a science video haha trust me.. what's vore?" :^)

Both knew what they sign into, don't worry


Posted by Simpatico 2 months ago Report

Lol no worries from me! I was just super curious :> its awesome that the vas were cool with it. Gives me hope that more of these incredible projects might become more common~


Posted by Killer8496 10 days ago Report

Kinda hot that one girl knew she was voice acting shitting the other out X3


Posted by Moxxieasslover 2 months ago Report

Another video... i Love it


Posted by rexstars35 2 months ago Report

Top quality content.


Posted by jazzyboy12 2 months ago Report

Dat fart~


Posted by Blackheartedreaper2 2 months ago Report

Hohoho this is great


Posted by Gorgrath177 2 months ago Report

Love this tomboy pred of yours. Love how casual and apathetic it all is lol

That girl can FART


Posted by carlj 2 months ago Report

That was a great animation ^^


Posted by doomed 2 months ago Report

I was waiting for this dream


Posted by somedude601 2 months ago Report

Hoooly crap. This is... amazing.


Posted by EloquentOrc 2 months ago Report

Sometimes I wish I got anything out of unwilling vore, because the quality is clearly top notch in this one.

Oh well, no content, no matter how good, can please everyone.


Posted by Tanookicatoon 2 months ago Report

I'm not into poop, but the internal was fantastic!! XD


Posted by YajimaDori 2 months ago Report

How to turn a blonde into a brunette x3


Posted by architectap12 2 months ago Report

that was amazing! i wish i could've joined that poor girl


Posted by Whymanamajeff 2 months ago Report

This is so hot! Amazing work


Posted by hernextmeal 2 months ago Report



Posted by Mclavier43r4 2 months ago Report

I feel the more annoying the prey is, the more satisfying it is to see them as an awsome log of shit, wonderful job.


Posted by Tasley9 1 month ago Report

She is just an innocent gal trying to sell her old clothes after all


Posted by blankuser935 2 months ago Report

This is absolutely wonderful! The VA work too <3 really good work, you should be proud


Posted by Justsightseeing 2 months ago Report

I came way too many times from this
haven't done that since the eco-nom-ics comic by kronguss


Posted by ERankNiko 2 months ago Report

Love u art style!
Make some F/M art pls!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by Sitharc 2 months ago Report

Loved the decent belly size, the near constant squirms, and actually showing the panic and general ramblings of a trapped prey as she was doomed to die.


Posted by nnickerson100 2 months ago Report

as much as i love this there is one minor issue maybe. not sure if the preys voice in the outside shots is suposed to sound so muffled you cant understand it but the stomach growls being louder make it harder to understand what the prey is saying. not sure if thats intentional but if its not might wanna increase the volume of the prey and lower the volume of the stomach growls a smidge. but aside from that this is amazing


Posted by Tasley9 1 month ago Report

That's the point, you have to really try to understand her, she is food after all, being over-louded by the stomach noises. At least that was my "director" goal with the audio


Posted by nnickerson100 1 month ago Report

ah ok. wasnt sure if that was an intentional thing or not, since it was intentional then i would say that goal was acomplished and thus this vid is perfect.


Posted by kingarthur0205 2 months ago Report

The muffledness of the girl's voice is stinking perfect. One of my favorite parts of this masterwork.


Posted by kokotoko123 2 months ago Report

this is literally amazing. I gotta subscribe to your patreon. The digestion internal followed by the disposal was just incredible. Nice work!


Posted by Thatonedude3725 2 months ago Report

Love this, truly impressive work!


Posted by DnD6 2 months ago Report

Love the tomboy girl vore need more like this xd


Posted by Brainfood 1 month ago Report

god, this is so good
"had better" really hits


Posted by WhyWhy 1 month ago Report

Naaaaa esto está cabrón!!!
Es increible!!!


Posted by yanchii 1 month ago Report



Posted by SherlokKirya 2 weeks ago Report

Girl sounds so cartoony once inside lmao so cute.
And holy cow that sliding-down-the-stomach animation was so smooth