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There was a crushing silence after Salem left. As was becoming cruelly usual, she did it with a stomach full of a living human being.But this time was more real than before. Neo was an old foe, and for as much as they loved Oscar and knew Ozpin, it was something altogether different for one of their cherished sisterhood to be fractured.Ruby was still mercifully unconscious, but already Weiss and Blake could hear her stirring, and neither could bear to let her wake alone.Blake turned to meet Weis

“Oscar…”Ruby watched the spot where Salem left, belly filled with the boy she only now on his dying day had confessed and given herself to.Slowly, she broke down, sob after sob as she collapsed onto her elbows. Ruby could still feel the sticky tack of his seed, trying to leak out of herself. An unseen hand reached ‘twixt her nethers and clapped over her sodden undies… It was all she had left of him.Suddenly Ruby was flanked on both sides by Yang and Blake, arms around her in comfort. O

The silence that followed Salem's exit, still laden with a living woman in her belly, was unbearable.
The hanging threat upon Oscar's life… and indeed, all their lives.
Salem had said it was painful. Poor Neo, whatever sins she had to her name, was still alive and slowly dying where no light or comfort could reach her.
Oscar, since paralyzed with shock, flashed bright green. “Ruby… I want you to know… none ever reached as far as you just did. It feels right now as thou

Fall beheld as they were marched down the castle's violet hued halls
in medieval chains, wrists behind their backs in iron manacles. There
had been concerns about the faunus girl and her sneaky semblance, but
as she knew all too well, the crystals that dotted the Land of
Darkness were neither dust nor decoration.
indeed, the primeval crystals naturally sapped Aura. Invulnerable as
the castle's master was, she evidently wouldn't tolerate any
opposition within it. It held no hold over ma

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