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by Vuin

“Slippery thing,” Jaime chuckled, but not without a notable hint of annoyance in his voice. The stallion looked at how the fox was held by the scruff in the panda's hand, dangling with feet off the ground. It brought a big grin to his wide muzzle. “Guess what you were lookin' for didn't turn out in your favor, huh?” Jaime raised his eyes to Chammy now, admiring her comfortably domestic looking outfit. “Sorry about our lit

by Vuin

“Let me out,” said Greg. The highway was sliding by with only the moon and the headlights of Harvey's car illuminating the surrounding area. Very few street lights were down this particular stretch of road.
“Huh?” The bull looked at the fox as though he had not heard him right. Greg was staring down at his cell phone right now, having been searching for information on a particular equine.
“I've gotta get this done sooner

by Vuin

Watching from the side, Harvey could hardly believe what he was hearing. He listened in with bewilderment as the terms of the most bizarre payout he has ever seen were settled between Samson, Chammy, and Greg. Once the payout stage was finished the bull made his way over to the other three, grabbing Samson by the shoulder and turning the young stallion to face him.
“Samson, what the hell is that all about?” Harvey asked, he didn't have the l

by Vuin

A hungry beast, huh?
Harvey pondered on what the other stallion had said shortly before exiting the showers. The bull remained and just let the hot water strike him a bit longer, cascading down the various hills and valleys on his large body created by his intense musculature. After a few minutes he turned off the water and loitered, naked, in the tiled room for a bit more time. The peace and quiet was nice, the bull actually didn't like the large crow

by Vuin

It was far too dark, squishy and wet to get one’s bearings within Monica’s stomach. Greg’s skin tingled from the overstimulating events that had left him feeling deflated and semi-numb. Monica was moving, that much was certain. The fox only hoped that it was in the agreed upon direction. He slid about in the hyper human’s belly; it was like a bowl of oil that he was constantly trying to avoid sliding down to the bottom of due to

by Vuin

There was a loud commotion out in the main arena area. Harvey could hear it over the sound of the shower head spraying against the floor around him. The bar of soap he had started with was brand new when he started, but already he had used up a significant portion to lather up his exceptionally muscular form. Most everyone else was outside in the main room, Harvey always found it kind of nice to have some time to himself before a match.
“Decide to

by Vuin

Chammy watched from the corner of her eye as Samson's unconscious body was carried off by three burly attendants. The attendant in front of her was getting her most up to date information for the panda's new registration as a heavyweight.
“Something wrong, ma'am?” The attendant asked, causing Chammy to snap out of her staring stupor.
“Oh, no, sorry. I was just uh...” by this point Samson had been carried out of sight. Chammy tu

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Hey there,

First off as always. Thank you to everyone reading my stories and letting me know what you think, good and bad. It really does mean a lot and is the driving force behind me always striving to get better.

Secondly, delays. Yes, I've not made any updates to Cocky Wagers or anything else in quite a while, and I know you're all waiting on it. I wanted to let you all know that I still plan to continue it, and that this delay is the result of an extended period of busy-ness IRL. I'm transitioning a lot of things right now, living locations, jobs, et cetera. It is very hectic, to put it lightly, and it's taking a lot of work to get everything stabilized.

That's about it, honestly. I promise to get back to the writing as soon as I am able...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by hungryvulpix 4 months ago Report

At this point I'm sure you're done writing, and that's okay. You did great work, and whatever your reason, business, tiredness, bored of writing, thank you for the effort.


Posted by malmalloy 5 months ago Report

I hope you're doing well. I'd love to see any kind of stories from you again.


Posted by dagar 11 months ago Report

We miss you Vuin! Hope you're doing good wherever you are. ^_^


Posted by Killjoy364 1 year ago Report

Hey vuin, hope your doing ok


Posted by Killjoy364 1 year ago Report

checking in again to see if your still active and hope your doing ok in these crazy times


Posted by Killjoy364 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To Vuin

well I wish you the best with your IRL business and hope it goes in your favor but it is good to hear from you again XD


Posted by Killjoy364 2 years ago Report

just checking in to see if you are alright or still use ekas, hope your doing all right either way


Posted by Killjoy364 3 years ago Report

hope vuin comes back soon because I miss their great stories


Posted by hungryvulpine 3 years ago Report

Soon to be happy new year! Miss your stories a whole lot but I'm sure you're busy as ever. Always looking forward to your return


Posted by Snekpizza 3 years ago Report

I'm a huge fan of your works, I mostly read the cock vore stories, but that's just fine, I always wondered why cocky defense, cocky pasta, and big alchemy sound like they need to be continued, if not, im willing to read abythibg else you post since its all amazing to read ^~^


Posted by TalesFromTheOutrealm 3 years ago Report

<< Reply To Vuin

Anytime~! After I finish Debut Performance I was thinking of doing a story very similar to cocky wagers’s premise of bets and cuckold. I found you ages ago through the unconventional methods series and I loved every piece I’ve seen since, cocky experiments and wagers being big favorites.

If you get a chance to give my stuff a read I’d love feedback or opinions! And I hope life sorts itself out for you soon~

[ Reply ]


Posted by TalesFromTheOutrealm 3 years ago Report

Hey there, big fan of your work recently~! You and a few others inspired me to come here and start up my own little kink writing stand. Thank you for being here and writing such great smut, you got me to like the cuck fetish with hyper and vore sprinkled in, and I can't wait for more of your work! (but I will bc thats the right thing to do lol)

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