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Heya! Name’s Xodiaq, but as my name on SaltyBet will tell you, YouCanCallMeXodi. I’m that guy on Tumblr that you may have known as the artist behind Cybernetic Sweetie Belle and Equestrian Assassins, before remembering I have zero storytelling skills, and decided to go on to make Ask Petal Gust, solely so I can make cute shit without needing to overwork my brain with storytelling. Two years of Ask Petal Gust later, and I succumbed to my belly and vore fetish, and things haven’t quite been the same since. Join me on my quest to create art that will either make you go "D’aww" or vomit onto your web browsing device of choice, depending on your feelings on vore and huge bellies! owo/
http://xodiaq.tumblr.com/ http://thevorebin.tumblr.com/

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Aria is a bisexual, loud-mouthed, beer-guzzling Brit of a Weasel who has been a bit of an unexplained character for way too long in my stuff, so allow me to explain her a bit more.

After years as a gang member, causing trouble left and right, and finally having enough of that life, she moved away to Ironstalk, the same town that Vali, Nothing, Phulph, etc. live. However, when she got to Ironstalk, she’d found out that she had been seen there on and off for years at that point. Eventually, she tracked the imposter back to the house of Val, Nothing, and Phluph, the latter and former of which have some explaining to do.

You see, Vali needed a disguise to...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by TruciiGram 1 month ago

I've been following you on Deviantart for a while now, so I'm especially happy that you favorited my picture :D

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Posted by Murdock 5 months ago

Mmmokay, I'm generally more for male stuff, but I gotta say, I'm /lovin'/ the character designs and dialogue, so you most definitely get a +watch. This stuff is fun!


Posted by smog1 7 months ago

<< Reply To Xodiaq

I certainly like your big bellied girls :3


Posted by snivydaleaf 8 months ago

Happy new year


Posted by smog1 11 months ago

Thank you for the watch ^u^


Posted by OmaeWaMoShindeiru 1 year ago

Thank you for watching me!

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Posted by Koolatter167 1 year ago

Thx for the fave! and your artwork is so good bud! 10/10 :3

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Posted by Zira 1 year ago

Thank you for the favourite and the watch, I really appreciate it!!


Posted by wartomato 2 years ago

<< Reply To Xodiaq

Yeah, of course. Actually, "I have done nothing but animate vore for three days!", so...
You... might end up finding something else soon if you keep your PMs in check.


Posted by wartomato 2 years ago

<< Reply To Xodiaq

I... Actually sent something to you, too. About four days ago or so. You should probably check your PMs.


Posted by wartomato 2 years ago

...Why are there so many people I still haven't followed? I should probably fix that, starting by you.


Posted by SlimeyJenkins 2 years ago

<< Reply To Xodiaq

Well seeing as I'm on a vore kick, I thought I may as well use this

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