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Doug tried to scream for his life, but it was no use. A cloth had
been shoved into his mouth and he could barely make a sound as he was
being dragged through the woods behind his house. He was only 7 and
had no idea what was happening. He had been in his bedroom doing his
homework this night when a tall, angry looking man forced open his
window, stuck the cloth in his mouth and started taking him to God
knows where. He tried to scream again.
up, you little brat&quo

was just a normal young woman, and this day had been a normal day.
She was as exhausted as she usually was after soccer training, and
hadn't even changed out of her uniform before lying stomach down on
her bed to read. A good book was her favorite way to relax after a
hard day, and the house was empty as usual, so there was nothing to
disrupt the peace.
was a paranormal romance novel. Her brother used to make fun of her
for reading books that were so cheesy, but she loved to

Special Division had the job of tracking the city’s most dangerous
powered criminals and locking them away, and Zac was the youngest
member of this city’s squad. He sat alone in the dark room of the
SD headquarters and stared at the computer screen. The ground floor
of the building contained the main office, but a mile below this
building was a prison containing the most evil powered people in the
state. They had each been filled with enough of the mana suppressant
drug to k

was screaming and chaos inside the public pool building this
afternoon. It didn't bother Phoebe. She just lay on a beach chair
petting her belly as a young man named Danny fired rocks at her. The
chunks of hard earth shot out of the empty space in front of his
hands, but Phoebe's energy barrier protected her and the broken
pieces of rock fell to the floor in front of her chair.
only exit to this building was blocked by a wall of ice she had
created. She'd taken the ability

faster! The movie will be starting in 10 minutes!"
accelerated as he traveled through the forest road, with Zoe in the
passenger seat. He had been late in picking her up, but he was
already driving over the speed limit, and accidents were common along
this road. "We wouldn't need to rush if you didn't spend an hour
in the bathroom before we left" he replied.
did not take an hour."
it felt like it."
slapped him playfull

This story is set in an alternate version of our reality, where about 5% of all humans are born with a superpower. These powers include telekinesis, limb regeneration, and pyrokinesis, to name a few. Each powered person also has a limited supply of mana that allows them to use their powers, which slowly refills to the max whenever they aren't using their ability.
Though there has been conflict between unpowered and powered humans in the past, the age of discrimination i

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