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public never found out who was responsible for all the missing
powered people. Phoebe's assault on the Special Division headquarters
and her freeing of the criminals got a lot of media attention, but
nobody knew she was involved. All of her other attacks were treated
as separate unrelated crimes. Her name was just counted among the
many other powered people who had gone missing. Mia liked it this
way. Phoebe had demanded to be worshiped and treated like a Goddess,
yet after her

did some sleuthing around and discovered that Phoebe had set up her
base inside an abandoned castle in Spain, so she traveled there as
quickly as possible. She waited in the hills outside and spied on the
fortress as henchmen came and left on missions. Once she was sure
that most of the henchmen had left the castle, she slipped through
the gate and entered.
entry chamber was lined with stone pillars and gargoyles, and a long
red carpet led to a stairway that spiraled up into

Mia wasn't sure she would be able to defeat such a monster as Phoebe
even back in her own timeline, she decided to eat more powered people
while she was still in the future. It hardly mattered when the
timeline she was in was going to be erased, and taking lives was
starting to mean less to her after her last big feast.
was currently halfway between her time and the future where Phoebe
ruled, and she discovered by asking around and reading newspapers
that people here were

was the day of Zac's execution, and the sky of the future was a
hellish red. Mia had comfortably digested her big meal and was now
sneaking between buildings towards Phoebe's location. Todd was
leading the unpowered members of the Rebellion around a different
part of the city to attack Phoebe's forces from another angle. He had
told these people that their powered allies were being led by Mia and
that they would join the fight soon. Mia felt bad about having to
deceive her follow

had no idea where she was. One second she was fearing for her life in
that dungeon, the next she was outdoors in the middle of a city. Most
of the buildings had been reduced to rubble, and the sky looked like
it was on fire.
Where are you?" she called out. She turned around and noticed a
statue as tall as a skyscraper in the distance. It instantly struck
fear into her the way Phoebe had, because as she discovered, it was a
giant statue of Phoebe!
is th

smiled as she opened the door to her secret dungeon. She had just
been freed from prison by Goddess Phoebe and had already handed over
more captives to her mistress than any of her other henchmen. If she
kept proving faithful, she would have a very good future indeed.
was 25 years old with a head of flowing golden hair and two large
round breasts that almost popped out of her singlet. She had the
power to increase the weight of objects and people. Before she got

Doug tried to scream for his life, but it was no use. A cloth had
been shoved into his mouth and he could barely make a sound as he was
being dragged through the woods behind his house. He was only 7 and
had no idea what was happening. He had been in his bedroom doing his
homework this night when a tall, angry looking man forced open his
window, stuck the cloth in his mouth and started taking him to God
knows where. He tried to scream again.
up, you little brat&quo

was just a normal young woman, and this day had been a normal day.
She was as exhausted as she usually was after soccer training, and
hadn't even changed out of her uniform before lying stomach down on
her bed to read. A good book was her favorite way to relax after a
hard day, and the house was empty as usual, so there was nothing to
disrupt the peace.
was a paranormal romance novel. Her brother used to make fun of her
for reading books that were so cheesy, but she loved to

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