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wasn’t normally the type to enjoy a

one night

stand but the girl she’d met at the bar tonight was just so inviting.

Mary was on the bigger side, breast the size of cantaloupes, wide hips that almost engulfed the bar stool she had been sitting on and a pair of thunder thighs. Her most prominent feature had to be the gut

Molly sat nervously in her seat as the restaurant bustled around her.


Why did I agree to this?"

She thought to herself as she looked over the menu.

Her roommate and best friend Emma had set her up on a blind date with a guy she meet a few days ago when making an emergency pharmacy run.

Matt was just an average employee, working for a little above minimum wage, that wasn't due to his merit however it was compensation for working over nights.

He liked the overnight shift for a few reasons, he was a night owl by nature so staying up wasn't a problem, being mostly introverted the fewer people at night was a blessing.


Molly lay happily on her couch humming to herself as she patted her ever shrinking belly. She was drifting in and out of consciousness as the combination of sex and


tended to tire her


but she was forcing herself to stay awake. This was for two reasons the first was for once she wanted to watch her


Name John Freeman, Ex-Marine, been married to my loving wife for ten years now. Elizabeth is a good woman, genital touch, good cook, cusses like a sailor, and scares the crap out of me when we talk war stories.

See my wife and I meet when her ops group ran into mine during the war. We were hunting two different


but they just so happened to behold up in the same build





cried out as he came, his hands held the back of his girlfriend's head, his fingers tangled in her lovely red locks.

"Katie always gives the best head,”

he thought as his mind recovered from the overwhelming pleasure and


Wrath was granted three wishes from the same genie that gave Alex’s her powers.

Wrath was born in Ireland around the potato famine, he stumbled onto the temple and beat the snake with his bare hands.

Height: 5’7”

Pierce paced up and down the hall of her house grinding her teeth in
rage. According to the lustiest polls she was losing popularity and
quickly too. Sure she’d been in porn for close to 23 years and the
new blood that came in was help the industry grow to new heights.
Though she felt as though stars like her where being pushed aside for
the new actress to come in and take their places rather than earn
them as she had. There was also the technology that allowed new and
somewhat scary

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