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she/her. trans. lesbean. size difference and av are my jam, but any vore can do it ;p.

kiddie/feral are no goes for me. I'll tune it out for only the best of the best, and only with totally original fictional characters

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"the spell was a success, my queen." Ordon stepped into the queen's chambers to see here laying in her bed, fully nude and watching him expectantly. She got up and walked over to him, cupping his chin in her hands. As he was, he stood barely above the bottom of her ribcage, though it was still better than before
"oh this is just, magnificent" she said, eyeing him over. Ordon did not know why she had wanted him so badly as a consort. She was the queen of the giants, and even

under the blazing heat of the sun, two oily, musclebound contestant grappled with each other as crowds and cheered around them. it was pale, a well respected and heavily enjoyed throughout Athens. it wasn't a long match, as Zoe quickly grabbed her opponent by the ankles and threw him out of the ring, inciting roars from the crowd. women weren't usually allowed to wrestle, especially not in such public arenas, but Zoe was a very special exception. she towered over everyone in Athens, broadly buil

Tarah was a bully. It was about as clear to see as the sun from orbit. The way she moved, spoke and generally acted screamed it. However, she was rarely outright cruel. While she wasn't above reinforcing people's beliefs about her, he mostly just flexed her muscles and shot a few deadly looks and people would do what she wanted without much difficulty. She was easily seven feet tall, but if you were to look at her without reference you couldn't tell, as her proportions were not affected by her h

Mya was sitting at home, on the couch, fully spread out and head back when the door quickly but forcefully opened and closed. Mia tilted her head further back and opened one eye
“what’s up?”
“nothing”, said Gina, her girlfriend. The response was just as quick and forceful. Something was definitely up
“you sure? you seem pretty upset” replied Mia, as Gina pulled off her coat and practically threw it to the side along with her purse
Gina stormed up to

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herslipnslide's Blog - about my hiatus Posted 1 month ago

See, I really want to write horny. But it's not working out. Once I have an idea, after claroty it becomes either spent and I cant channel that energy any more or I see it as ridiculous and by the nect time I'm up to write I'm not down to write that particular one. Paired with school and the godawful amount of mistakes I make, and not having the energy to correct them, idunno

let's just hope I'll get back to it soon ya?

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Posted by Hawkeye7 5 months ago Report

Thanks for the favorite - Hope you liked the story - sorry for the delay in responding! I hope to start writing again soon!

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