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Vol. 2: Grinding Coffee
by Olo
This series is being continued exclusively at Daddy's Dollhouse: https://forum.daddysdollhouse.org/topic/477/taken-m-f-shrinking-non-con-fatal-vore

Vol. 1: Making Omelettes
by Olo
I awoke to the sound of a bird. It was a curiously regular cry, with none of the elaborate trills that typify territorial or mating calls. It was a cry for help. For my help.
I lifted my head and looked at the desk to see Rosa standing next to the glass and waving her arms frantically. More reflexively than I would later care to admit, I jumped out of my bed and rushed up to lean over the fishbowl.
Claire h

Vol. 1: Making Omelettes
by Olo
I slept almost twelve hours. I only had one studio that day, and I knew I could blow it off. I was famished.
I pulled on a pair of boxers and sat down at my desk, and lifted my shirt from the fishbowl. Rosa was sitting up and looking at me, but Claire was still curled up asleep. A tiny puddle in the center of the fishbowl told me I had neglected to think of yet another aspect of imprisoning people.
I brought

Vol. 1: Making Omelettes
by Olo
It wasn't until I was unpacking in my first apartment that I finally admitted to myself that I was going to start taking women. I was emptying a box of stuff that had been sitting on the shelves high in the back of the closet of my room at my folks' house for years. Buried under some old comic books was a fading yellow carton with a picture of a pipe on the lid. I detested my father's smoking habit, but I always liked the sme

by Olo
You described to me exactly what would happen, but I still don't quite believe it. Your ex Matt wouldn't leave you alone, and I thought you just wanted me to come over and scare him off. You always have these twisted fantasies, and that's why I'm stuck on you, Babe, but I never imagined you were serious.
I arrived when you asked me to, letting myself in with my key. Matt was there, and sure enough he was whining about what he could do to have you back. He stoo

by Olo
As soon as she saw the caller ID on her phone, Rosalind Webber knew her boss was dead. His wife Pam had only ever once before called Rosalind's cell, when Rosalind's boss Walter had had a heart attack while he and Pam were vacationing in Mexico. Walter had recently been under great stress—both from work and from family circumstances—and when Pam called Rosalind at 7:00am Rosalind knew that Walter had finally succumbed to the pressures he had been too stubbo

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