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Greetings! I write vore stories from digestion to endosoma.

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The sun was crimson along the crest of the hill, rays spreading into the rosy dusk, and Warner and Elisha stood apart from the rest of their company. The ungroomed crest of his feathered head towered a few feet above her messy braids, half undone over her elven ears. The raptor-man’s left wing was tattered and crooked, and his talons pierced the ground, clinging to the earth.

Beyond the hill lay the road to battle—the last battle of a war they had been fighti

A woman from the village was wandering through the woods, foraging for herbs and mushrooms. The clouds peeking through the branches overhead were dense and gray, and with the first drop of rain, she decided to head back for the day. As she turned, a small green frog hopped in front of her and croaked loudly. She stopped, astonished as the frog peered up at her with large, golden-brown eyes. “Good day, madam,” it said in a small, throaty voice.

With a cr

The wood-framed pane was
heavy in Kera’s hands as she cautiously lifted it from the windowsill. The night was quiet, even through the howling gales that circled the upper tower of the palace, and she listened vigilantly to the slide of wooden parts—a single hitch or splinter could disturb her meticulous cloak of silence. But Kera was not afraid.

As soon as she had opened about a foot of space, she gently released the pane, testing its stabil

Cydris grunted at the sound of a low rumble in his ear and stirred awake to find his face pressed into
a slimy nook of flesh, his awkwardly-bent arms pinned to his sides and his legs scrunched up tight behind him. “Oh, shit.”

He jerked his body to the side, jostling the stomach lining as it rippled down in leisurely waves. The sound of gentle breathing was undisturbed, and he tried a few more cramped kicks before he paused to evaluate his pre

Harold had been a cat for a few years, and he still appreciated the idle hours he was granted despite his stolen freedoms. He had gotten himself on the bad side of a witch, and he could blame himself for that chapter of his misfortune. But he had a wry sense, given that the witch had taken it upon herself to punish him with a feline existence, that he could hardly be held accountable for the errors of the human beings around him.

The witch’s apprentice, Lilah, had

along the poorly lit cave tunnel, Hailey relied more on the traipsing footsteps ahead of her to orient herself than the vague shadows of the uneven terrain. A rock caught her by the toe, and with a silent scrabble, she lost her footing entirely. A hand grabbed her arm before she met the ground, and she looked up at her friend as he righted her.

Even in the darkness, she could see the shape of Ray’s smile. “What?” she asked, anno

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