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I am fairly here for awhile. Don't worry, I ain't gonna bite ;) I'm mainly interested in soft vore, full-tour and Endo scenarios, but I have a soft spot for tail-vore and navel-vore... Also have a fairly big brother-complex (psychology term)
Am always available for story-requests! I have an older twin brother called Chris, on rare occasions I will allow him to be a character (ghost or human) for other stories.

Preferences: Tail vore, Full-Tour, Giantesses, Unaware soft vore, Water-play, macrophilia, navel-vore, parasites, ghost possession, self-vore, absorption, MedFet, self-endo, reptiles, bees and endosomatophilia, twins, stomachs, slimes, incestual vore, guro, plant-girls. I also like stuffing and food-play recently. Mind vore is also good with me as well as clone-vore. Car vore is also a new favourite of mine. I love the ocean! My favourite food nowadays is waffles and my favourite anime currently is Blood-C. I am named after the ocean, so expect a lot of water imagery.

Pred or Prey: Can play either way.
Genres: Detective Noir, Steam-punk, Fantasy and surreal and psychological Horror, Bio-Punk
I have a lot of medical conditions, which is how I got so good at biology since doctors are always seeing me regularly for checkups on my health... My many medical conditions include mild cerebral palsy, severe short-sightedness (-15), small lungs, mild hearing-loss, Asperger's Syndrome, lactose intolerance and slow digestion.

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So today I went to Kinokuniya bookstore to buy myself some new manga. I bought Happiness volume 1 by Shūzō Oshimi, who also wrote another manga called Flowers of Evil. Then me and Gemma (my carer) ate at a sushi train where I felt dizzy and had a fainting episode, so Gemma took me home straightaway.

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Posted by Shirayuki 4 days ago

Nice MMD video :) For a while I was ruling the MMD tag so it's nice to see someone else on here using it as of recent :D and I love that song

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Posted by sabrina_diamond 9 days ago



Posted by sabrina_diamond 2 weeks ago

Goodnight all, talk tomorrow


Posted by sabrina_diamond 3 weeks ago

Going to draw Remina from a manga I read years ago


Posted by vaatidorf6000 4 weeks ago

Thank you for the fave!


Posted by CadetMeow 4 weeks ago

Thanks for the favorite!


Posted by AhBleachVore 1 month ago

thanks for the fav!


Posted by sabrina_diamond 1 month ago

In two months time, it will be me and Chris's birthdays


Posted by sabrina_diamond 1 month ago

For Christmas, I would like someone to write a story about endosomatophilia similar to "Osmosis Jones" for me!


Posted by sabrina_diamond 2 months ago

Have a merry early Christmas!


Posted by Vmaster608 2 months ago

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Sorry it not on the list.


Posted by Vmaster608 2 months ago

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Thank. Can you also choose one of the Pokemon form my. I don't know which one to choose, if you can leave # at the beginning of the name that would be helpful.

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