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Brian was warned against taking a job in a restaurant. Unfortunately, there weren’t many places hiring shrunken people like himself, despite labour laws being instated to prevent discrimination against his kind. Despite his small size, he held no fear in his day to day routine, and there were plenty of tools installed to help him be reasonably efficient as he helped prepare meals for the customers. He did not expect to fall into a deep, wide glass meant for a jumbo parfait as it was being

Otto waited patiently from within his glass prison. 8 inches tall, he was trapped in a jar that was far too small for him. He watched as the nearby shrine maiden busied herself with a rather large, wide bowl over a small fire. There was an ornate sealed tub of some kind on the ground next to her, as well as a package containing some thin slices of flat bread.

The bowl was filled to the brim with rice and small ve

the most part, life had settled into a sense of normalcy by the 10th
month. Those who had survived their new shrunken lives this long had
formed new routines in their day to day activities. Many were still
unhappy with their vulnerable positions, but had learned to make the
most of what they had been dealt. Some considered themselves to be
pets, or had otherwise reduced themselves to little more than
playthings. Overall, they had let go of their former selves in order
to embrace simpler live

The night was as dark as it had ever been. A lone figure carrying a package loosely at his side travelled down an alleyway, making his way into the side entrance of an average looking building. In the wake of the most recent tragedy perpetrated by the Fae, he found himself working as a “courier” for a rather niche type of delivery. Some days he cursed this shady business he couldn’t climb out of, but found solace in the fact that he was the one delivering the package rather tha

Erika turned
her head away. As she did so she smoothly moved her hand across her
face, subtly wiping off the dribble of saliva that had escaped her
lips. Shifting the hand behind her neck and resting her elbow on the
table, her clear emerald green eyes kept their gaze fixed at the
night sky outside the window that now stood in front of her. Will had
been as oblivious as ever, of course.
In this world where the paranormal
wasn’t quite so subtle, the creatures that preferred to keep out of

never expected to be placed in a situation like this. The young
twenty-four year old curled her scarlet hair around the fingers of
her right hand nervously, waiting patiently. She had found her
scientist friend George outside her apartment door, shrunk down to
about 7 inches tall. The change was permanent. An experiment gone
awry, he told her. Knowing that his colleagues would only use him as
a guinea pig for more experiments, he escaped as quickly as he could,
before they could lock down

Amber was a
sweet young lady of 22 years of age. She sported long, shimmering,
shoulder length dark brown hair and clear, bright blue eyes. Her
figure was quite balanced, with magnificent breasts and an average
curve to her hips – she was never concerned with fighting for a
flat belly, allowing her to grow into a very natural, sexy figure.
Speaking of that
belly, Amber has a peculiar fetish that she has always wanted to
fulfil: to shrink someone down and swallow them, whole and alive. She

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