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Felicia Wins By Slash

It's 11:18 here, i just made it in time for the second part of the halloween works.Wooh! A fanart piece this time. Felicia making the darkstalker succubus sisters into a meal. How is she able to do such a gluttonous feat?...A little Bee told her.;)


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Posted by Humbug 9 years ago

Happy Halloween to everyone except those two succubi. :D
I get the feeling she'd have figured out how to eat people on her own eventually, though.


Posted by Generationslayer 9 years ago

happy halloween slash ^^


Posted by KampieOshun 9 years ago

Awesome work and pose hun!

Happy Halloween as well!


Posted by RenaAyama 9 years ago

Funny, I have drawn a Felicia vore picture with exactly the same titel lol, but my version was just crap *laughs* Happy Halloween !!!


Posted by Kiala_Tiagra 9 years ago

your version is not crap <_>


Posted by Slash 9 years ago

I really like your version Rena. ^^


Posted by Kiala_Tiagra 9 years ago

I won;t mind being there and its awesome work


Posted by Gloom 9 years ago

Happy Halloween! Love Darkstalkers, and Felicia is easily my favorite among the ladies! ^^ Very nice pic indeed!


Posted by Mewtwo 9 years ago

Darkstalkers = hot. Hopefully we get to see you have Q-Bee as a pred someday; for a character with so much potential for bondage (the sticky honey), crippling someone pre-vore (summoning up bees to sting, as well as her own paralytic stinger), and a character based on voring and transformation...she's vastly underused in vore.


Posted by Chrisis 9 years ago

This is what happens when you don't tech hit. More proof to never let Felicia reach 99 gauges.


Posted by BerserkerB 9 years ago

It's a bit late... but happy Halloween!


Posted by Stank 9 years ago

She IS full of win.

Except right now... she's full of to lose right now.


Posted by Stalbon 9 years ago

*Smiles and hugs* Happy Halloween, Slash. A wonderful piece, there!


Posted by Ome 9 years ago

Yay Darkstalkers!
And Queen Bee! <3 +