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Event Night in Vinyl Scratch
Tonight was an all around unbelievable night. Lyra somehow got tickets for the most exciting event of the year, the digestion night in Vinyl Scratchs disco. The thing that set Vinyls disco apart from all the others was that it was located inside of her stomach and to get inside you had to crawl into her ass and go through her intestines.
Some might wonder how an entire disco could possibly fit into one mare, the answer was that Vinyl Scratch or DJ PON-3 as she preferred to be called was a rare macro pony. Macro ponies are incredibly tall, some were bigger than the royal palace although there have been smaller once "only" the size of a small tower.
Then there was tonights event, the digestion night where all partygoers would be digested by Vinyl around midnight. Nopony could explain what made this event so popular, maybe it was the fact that all inhibitions could be dropped on that night, as far as Bonbon heard you could do pretty much whatever you wanted until it was time for the main event. Also there was a morbid fascination about the entire process of being broken down into nutrients for the DJ.
Right now Bonbon and Lyra were waiting in line until the guests in front of them squeezed themselves into the rectum. Vinyl Scratch provided them with an awesome view while they were waiting. The DJ was almost as tall as the royal palace and her body was just gorgeous. Bonbons and Lyras breasts may have been big already, measuring around 100 centimeters but Vinyls were roughly the size of small mansions. Her hips were wide and inviting and the ass they would squeeze themselves into was firm and round. DJ PON-3 was sitting there on the street, her asshole was close enough to the ground that a pony would have no problem climbing inside without help. She was wearing headphones and her trademark sunglasses while bobbing her head to the rhythm. The headphones and sunglasses were also the only thing she was wearing.
Bonbon stood behind her lover, gently squeezing her arm. Lyra had always been the braver, more impulsive and assertive one so naturally she was less nervous about the whole thing. While Bonbon wore a pink tank top and matching jeans, Lyra wore a black mini skirt and a net shirt, showing her breasts off. That outfit would probably get her arrested anywhere else, in fact she wore a trenchcoat on the way here before she abandoned it saying she won't need it again anyway.
This was the main reason for Bonbons nervousness, she was practically walking towards her death! She pulled at Lyras arm and whispered into her ear. "Are you sure about this? You know what will happen to us in there." Her girlfriend pulled her into a hug and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Yes I am sure, this is gonna be the wildest party ever! My cousin is working for security here, he has shown me a tape from last year and believe me, this is so worth it. Also, it's just so exciting to think about it, us melting together in DJ PON-3's stomach."
Bonbon still wasn't so sure about it. They arrived at the "entrance" and showed their tickets to the security. Silently Bonbon prayed that their tickets were fake and they would be sent home. She had no such luck, the security guard took their tickets and nodded towards Vinyls rectum. Lyra motioned for Bonbon to go in first. The tan coated mare stood directly in front of the waiting hole and carefully probed it with her fingers. This was so weird, crawling into the ass of another pony. A push snapped her out of her thoughts as Lyra started to shove her through. "Come on slowpoke, other ponies want to get in too."
Bonbon squealed in protest but still wriggled her way inside. After a bit of shoving from Lyras side she dropped unceremoniously on the wet, fleshy ground. She blushed as she saw another security guard and stood up while Lyra squeezed herself through. Bonbon gave Lyra a hand and they both stepped up to the guard. "Alright you two, take your clothes off while I explain a few things for you. And yes you have to."
Lyra was eagerly stripping down while Bonbon wasn't so sure, what if somepony else got through and saw her? "Lady, everypony in there will be naked now listen up," the security guard started to explain, "you will go all the way up to the stomach. You can party, dance, have sex or whatever. The first drink is on the house and I HIGHLY advice you to take it. The drinks contain a drug that will dull your pain reception. With the drug the digestion will be a tingling sensation, a whole body itch at worst. Without it you are in for a metric fuckton of pain so take the drink unless you're hardcore masochists."
By the time he finished explaining Lyra was already naked and helped Bonbon with the rest of her clothes. "One more thing, at around midnight an alarm will go off. If you're getting cold hooves you have precisely ten minutes to put your tails between your legs and get out of there, when the ten minutes are over you will be digested no matter what you do from then on. That is all, have fun while you still can." Lyra thanked him and dragged Bonbon with her through the intestine.
They had a last chance to get out before the event starts? Bonbon felt a little better, maybe they could just party for a while and leave before the digestion event starts. Still it felt strange to walk through a gigantic ponys intestine while being naked. Lyra didn't seem to mind, in fact she got really flirtatious, practically groping Bonbon whenever she could. Bonbon on the other hand was more preoccupied with the interior. Long cables were lying on the ground, providing energy for the lamps standing around. She wondered what it felt like to have this kind of setup in your intestine.
After a while they arrived at the entrance to the stomach. The beats got louder and louder until they climbed inside where hundreds of naked ponies were partying. Bonbon was getting beet red while Lyra was taking in the view of the party. Ponies were dancing everywhere and you could see couples and miniature orgies having sex with each other. Speakers were attached to the fleshy walls, blaring loud music and she saw multiple colorful lights, they even saw a bar set up at the side of the stomach.
Bonbon bumped into a large stallion, she apologized quickly and gasped as she saw his cutie mark. A large green apple that has been cut in half. "Big Macintosh?"
"Eeyup, hello Bonbon, didn't expect to see you here." Bonbon couldn't believe it, somepony she knew was here. Lyra came up behind her, wrapping her arms around Bonbon and giving her tits a little squeeze. Bonbon became beet red while Lyra continued to talk as if nothing about this situation was in the slightest bit weird. "Hi Big Mac, didn't know you got tickets too. Did you come here with somepony?" While Lyra talked to Big Macintosh Bonbon couldn't help but look down. Big Macintosh was rock hard and his large cock was pointing straight at her. As she looked around she saw that everypony here was in a state of arousal and she had to admit that she found this entire situation very exciting herself.
To answer Lyras question a brown stallion came to them with two glasses in his hands. It was Caramel, Big Macintoshs boyfriend. "Hello there Bonbon and Lyra, nice to see you here." He greeted them cheerfully before giving Big Macintosh one of the glasses. "Yes, really nice." Said Bonbon and looked around. Looking at all the carefree ponies dancing, fucking, she even saw some of them using the walls of the stomach as some sort of Slip and Slide, made her wonder if she was the only one who realized that their lives might end tonight.
Lyra and the guys were chatting a little longer before they went off to dance and Caramel mentioned that Big Mac promised him that he'd get to be on top tonight. As she saw Caramel going off to return the glasses Bonbon remembered something. "Lyra, the drinks, we'll need to drink something or else..." She didn't want to think about it. "You're right, let's go get something to drink."
Both mares pushed their way through the crowd, Bonbon felt a little ashamed, rubbing her naked body against so many other naked bodies. Finally they arrived at the counter where they ordered their drinks. Bonbon and Lyra drank while Lyra continued to fondle her girlfriend when a red coated mare with a long blonde mane went up to the counter and ordered a drink without the drug. Bonbon normally kept out of other ponies business but this was just too strange for her. "Why are you ordering the drink without the drug? The acids are going to burn you!"
The mare started to blush under her fur. "The securitiy guard gave you a talk about taking the drinks unless you're a hardcore masochist?" Bonbon nodded. "Well, I am a hardcore masochist. Getting dissolved by stomach acids sounds like the ultimate experience to me, I can't wait to rub them all over myself." Bonbons eyes widened as the strange mare drooled a little. She and Lyra finished their drinks and decided to dance for a while. This was the only normal part about this party so far, Bonbon even got used to being naked and didn't even mind as her sizable tits bounced wildly.
Suddenly a siren went off, Bonbon realized that this must be the alarm they have been told of. The bartender and a few scared looking ponies were running towards the exit. Bonbon grew more and more anxious as a few minutes passed, she looked at Lyra with fear in her eyes. Lyra gave her a soft smile. "If you want to you can leave, I won't force you to go with me." For one second Bonbon wanted to grab Lyras hand and run but Lyra wouldn't move, she looked back at her unicorn lover and saw a hint of sadness. Lyra wanted to go through with this no matter what.
Bonbon was conflicted, she was scared but she couldn't leave Lyra behind. No, she wouldn't let Lyra die here alone. Bonbon turned around and pulled her girlfriend into a tight embrace. "I will stay with you." Lyra returned the embrace, they were closer than ever before. They heard a fleshy sound and turned around to see that the exit was now closed off. A few ponies apparently made a game out of jumping through in the last second. Three of them were jumping, only one of them made it through. The other two mares looked at each other and then started to make out for the last time.
As the walls of the stomach started to secrete a green juice she felt strangely liberated. The knowledge that it didn't matter what she did from now on felt as if she could do anything now. Finally she started to understand the popularity of the digestion event. A finger jammed into her ass snapped her out of it. Lyra was grinning lustfully at her girlfriend. Their tongues started to dance with each other and Lyra wriggled her finger inside Bonbons rectum. Bonbon broke the kiss and licked her middle to return the gesture. Both mares stood there, making out and fingerin each others asses while the stomach acids started to seep in.
Lyra broke the kiss and removed her finger, she went behind Bonbon and reached around. Bonbon gasped and her knees buckled as Lyra shoved not only a finger but her entire hand into her dripping vulva. They were untouched by the stomach acids yet but around them some ponies were alredy covered in the green slime that swiftly dissolved them. Lyra saw the masochistic mare from the bar, screaming in pleasure and pain as she massaged her breasts with one hand and masturbated with the other while rolling around in a small pool of acid, it was a little morbid even for Lyra to watch as the mare was being dissolved. Bonbon meanwhile saw Big Macintosh on all fours with Caramel pounding away at his backside. Bonbon couldn't believe how fast it went as a large glop of acid landed on top of the two stallions, causing them to be broken apart in front of her eyes, leaving nothing but skeletons.
As Bonbon came a large pool of acid has already formed in the middle of the stomach. Some ponies turned the thing into a pool party. Two mares grabbed another by her hooves and threw her into the acid pool before joining her with cannonballs. Some of the ponies playing Slip and Slide also slided into smaller pools of acid where they too were dissolved. Bonbon turned around and went on her knees. She fingered herself while licking Lyras pussy, the unicorn immmediately started to moan.
Bonbon looked up and saw it, a large glob of acid was forming on the ceiling above them, almost ready to drop down. Bonbon wasn't afraid anymore, she didn't warn Lyra about it. Instead as the drop came down she closed her eyes and awaited digestion. With a splash the two mares were engulfed by acid, like promised they only felt a strange tingling and a slight itch. Bonbon could feel it, her body was fading away, breaking down into nutrients to be absorbed by the macro pony this stomach belonged to. In her last thoughts she thanked Lyra for bringing her here and becoming a part of DJ PON-3 together. Then both mares bodies were dissolved, leaving only two skeletons embracing each other.
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Event Night in Vinyl Scratch. By Estee -- Report

My first vore story, featuring Lyra and Bonbon. All ponies in this story are anthros, please rate and review.

A special event lures the two mares into a very unusual disco, will this be their last date?

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Posted by peteian 10 years ago Report

I just imagined all of that, pictured it in my head... In the art style of Atryl. He doesn't draw vore, and I don't think he will draw/is into vore. BUT, his Anthro art is awesome.
His NSFW Tumblr in case:


Posted by Estee 10 years ago Report

Glad you liked it, I wasn't so sure if I have written everything correctly.


Posted by peteian 10 years ago Report

The digestion part was a little too fast, but other than that, I really enjoyed having my imagination go wild on this XD

Though I gotta ask, is their digestion permanent or will Vinyl magically revive them?


Posted by Estee 10 years ago Report

This is pretty much a oneshot with no current plans on any kind of sequel so I'm gonna leave this up to the reader.


Posted by Anono1323 9 years ago Report

can we have more stories like this? Lesbian anthro ponies melting into goo? owo


Posted by mallowsal 8 years ago Report

this story got featured on the wtf pony fanfiction tumblr. not sure if its a good or bad thing but hey its getting publicity!


Posted by JaredTheCat 6 years ago Report

I'm not a brony, but going to be honest, this actually pretty damn good.