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The door of a welcoming little house opened as its owner returned from buying some food. Patrick, an anthro velociraptor was the owner of this nice house, which he could afford thanks to a very well paying job. It was a bit big for a single man but it allowed him some more room for personal things. His keys landing on a small table near the door. Nothing unusual aside from a guest that the homeowner brought with him. While guests were never something too unusual for Patrick, two things immediate

Maria, a rather plump mare with long, black mane and tail, sat down at her computer with rather mixed feelings. A discovery from a few days prior was the reason for these feelings. It was by chance that the chestnut colored mare found out that he was cheating on her. It was a huge punch in the gut for her; after all, they had not even been married for that long, two years now. She looked down at her belly, which noticably bulged out and presented some rolls of fat. Her ass, meanwhile, was hangin

Magnus' bet
In the dragon realms, the different kinds of dragons did their best to make their home a wonderful place to live in. From the artisans putting on plays or creating great works of art over the Peacekeepers making sure everything was safe to the Dreamweavers assuring everyone a good nights it was almost utopic. One thing still put off many other species from living there. Dragons were carnivores, no other way to put it. Every once in a while they just had to put some meat into their mo

Cake for dinner
As Cup Cake got ready for the big night, the mare thought back on the last few months with her husband that lead up to the coming moment. She has known about his vore fetish for a while now but kept it to some teasing here and there or to some foodplay in the bedroom. For the night of their twentieth anniversary though, Carrot has worked up the courage to ask her, if he could eat her alive. Normally such a question would be met with horror or disgust but Cup Cake genuinely consid

Two Urns
Today was finally going to be the day. Twilight strode towards Fluttershy's cottage with a clear goal in mind, one question she wanted to ask for a long time but didn't dare until then. "I'm going to ask her to eat me today." The alicorn told herself one more time, before finally arriving at her friends doorstep. A curious request, though not that uncommon among ponies. No one is sure when it started but at some point it got into many ponies heads that it is a very romantic and intimate

Feeding of the Breezies
Hot Scoop flew down towards the streets of Ponyville, filled with waiting ponies. She was a light blue pegasus mare with long flowing, blonde mane and tail and a reporter hat on her head. In her hoof she held a recorder, prefering to do live interwievs and then write it down later. "On this Thursday I am visiting the annual feeding of the Breezies. The Breezies, on their way home from gathering nectar are very fatigued and need a lot of energy to make the final stretch. T

Celestias sunset, Trixies dawn
As night fell over Equestria, it was time for the Princess of the day to retire for the evening. The stress of a long day of ruling the land was forgotten under a warm shower. As Celestia stepped out to dry herself off, the large mare could not help admiring herself in the mirror. She would not say that she was vain or anything but she loved her looks. Nearly twice as tall as normal ponies her figure could be described as amazonian, which was further enhanced by he

Ironhoof: The wrath of Predatoria
The bell rang, signifying the end of school for today. Rumble, like all the other colts and fillies, ran out of the building the second the teacher dismissed them. It's not like he or anypony else disliked school, Ms. Cheerilee was a great teacher after all. Still, now they all had the chance to play, run around or do anything else they want. Rumble in particular wanted to go back to his new video game. He has only gotten it last week but it was so fascinating t

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My first vore story has been a success and now I'm working on a second one. The next will be an original story, featuring a python named Saria and a horse named Katia. This one will actually be pretty romantic. This story will also be a test for myself. Taking existing characters is pretty easy compared to making up your own, I hope I can make both of them relatable and interesting.

If my storytelling abilities grow I might try my hand at a bigger project, featuring an original world and multiple chapters. The rough draft so far:
-A land within a "cauldron" of mountains and several biomes pretty close together that are home of different anthro tribes.
-The cities are pretty much at the borders of that cauldron and due to the different biomes they are pretty much dependant on...
[ Continued ... ]

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