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Bath Time (ndnode trade) By SkyLark -- Report

Uploaded: 8 years ago

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After a hard days adventuing a ravashing rogue, a fetching fighter and a seductive sorceress, feel it's time to head back to a waterfall they'd discoverd for a relaxing dip ~ surely a cool bath would rejuvinate their tired bodies.
But oh woe! Little did they know they happened to be heading directly for a hungry Ogress!!

Swords were swung wildy, kicks were sent rapidly and spells were cast quickly as the adventurous trio tried to battle the Ogress. One by one, three shirts were torn and three lovely adverturers swallowed down into the stomach of the powerful Ogress (who clearly had no interest in playing), and with her belly now full, waddled off to the waterfall for a shower and a drink ~ and a little 'rejuvinating' of her own.

The adventure was now over for the intrepid trio, but as they say, "Always look on the bright side."

At least they got their bath.
My first art trade ~ Thanks ndnode for offering to do it with me! Rita is a pleasure to draw. Others who have requested trades, I'll try to get around to you as fast as I can - if you commented on my diary, please be sure to read my reply.

Also, yeah, painting skills still need some work. I really would like some critical feedback or advice for painting in PS, as this is something I would really like to get better at.

Rita belongs to  ndnode

ndnodes half of the trade - go looky!:

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Posted by Bright 8 years ago Report

That is a very well done piece.

Good job on the background, looks really neat with all the water splashing around.


Posted by KinoTheCat 8 years ago Report

This is a very cute and well done picture!
I absolutely love the coloring on this picture. <3


Posted by Darkyamato80 8 years ago Report



Posted by KamiKaze1337 8 years ago Report

awesome work bro.

I'm sure Node's gonna luv this when he see it!


Posted by PreventerMkII 8 years ago Report

So many things to love about this picture! Definitely fav'd.


Posted by Gendor 8 years ago Report

Two of my favorite vore artists colide! How can it go wrong? (Answer is: It can't)


Posted by SkyLark 8 years ago Report

Colide? A collision!? Sounds expensive. I hope I don't need insurance. :


Posted by StalkOBroccoli 8 years ago Report

Good news, i just saved 15% of my brain cells by favoriting this item!
Wait... That joke was funnier in my head...


Posted by Gendor 8 years ago Report

Nah, Just eat some Prey and you'll have a "body-bag" to bounce each others away.


Posted by AntonChanning 8 years ago Report

"a ravashing rogue, a fetching fighter and a seductive sorceress". Hmm sounds like the start of d&d in joke. But I can't help but try and work out which of the three is which.

I suspect the one with the tiara and the necklace of being the sorceress because I can't imagine a fighter or rougue wearing them, but the other two? Are the bandaged hands what fighters wear underneath metal guantlets? Or something rougues use to help them climb walls and disarm traps?

As for PS tips, sorry can't help you, your work looks pretty damn good to me, I know of no way to improve that image.

Big D

Posted by Big D 8 years ago Report

I know of a way. Make another one :D


Posted by miranda_dragon 8 years ago Report

<3. Such a big meal :)


Posted by Liz 8 years ago Report

Such a clean cutaway shot

Your painting skills are great and the background rocks. Very 3d pic :)


Posted by Arashi 8 years ago Report

awesome coloring your still an epic artist


Posted by Whitepieceofpaper 8 years ago Report

Now that is a bath I'd like to take! XP

But seriously, EPIC job! :D The background looks great and so does everything else! ^_^


Posted by cyraxr 8 years ago Report

Impressive. Your work looks good in black and white and it looks even better in color.


Posted by TOBI 8 years ago Report

This one is my fave nice work


Posted by IkariZero 8 years ago Report

Going right into the favorites!


Posted by ZodiacShadow 8 years ago Report

Needs work? Pfft, this is easily your best and most refined picture yet! And with the quality of your other submissions... well, let's just say that I'm impressed.


Posted by Monopolus 8 years ago Report

Is there anything BAD you make? This is gold.


Posted by Raetokoch 8 years ago Report

Wow. This looks great.


Posted by HitomiBoy 8 years ago Report

Hehe. They should be more like Mae, and enjoy the situation. Of course, being sure they're coming back might help with that :P


Posted by ElPortero 8 years ago Report

You. Are. Amazing!!!


Posted by River 8 years ago Report

Love it!


Posted by brainstorm 8 years ago Report

I love to see how character gomu looks in your style after seeing this hahaha nice work.


Posted by TheWickedKing 8 years ago Report

This is really good! What brushes/settings did you use in PS?


Posted by CGR-7 8 years ago Report

Outstanding work, SkyLark. =D
Fantastic job on the coloring. I love how it has a watercolor-like feel to it (no pun intended... but that can still be funny). =)


Posted by dtt117 8 years ago Report



Posted by Cruich 8 years ago Report

You requested critical feedback and PS painting advice, but I really don't have any to give for this piece. It truly looks good. I love it.


Posted by ndnode 8 years ago Report

sorry forgot to fav and comment :P

ah there's nothing Rita likes more than washing off and taking a good long drink after her meal (help's settle her belly >:3 )


Posted by Gloom 8 years ago Report

Aw. Adorable dangerous gal. Poor girls are out of air soon ^^;


Posted by Moebius 8 years ago Report

Nothing like water for a perfect digestion!