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Ria and the gnoll By Strega -- Report

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Delicious gnoll paws. She must eat them. (And the rest of him, too!) Ria the stretchy little coonie takes advantage of some soft-hearted village's unwillingness to execute a gnoll bandit. Instead they leave him tied up in the woods, and as you can see, that doesn't work out so well for him. It works out for Ria just fine, though.

I had plans for a more elaborate drawing this weekend, but the PC version of Dark Souls got in the way. As a result we didn't get even my usual minimal attempt at a background. Stupid time sucking hole of a game. 83

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Posted by Bright 7 years ago Report

Good thing she is stretchy.


Posted by Kiala_Tiagra 7 years ago Report

if only were im the gnoll. luckyyyyyy

please for the sequel


Posted by Us3rn4m3 7 years ago Report

Nice to see Ria again :3
Didn't think you were really the type for Dark Souls.
I can be a masochist myself from time to time as well.


Posted by Strega 7 years ago Report

Dark Souls isn't that bad. It has the occasional rage quit moments, mostly against very tough bosses, but other than that it's mostly a matter of proceeding slowly and carefully.


Posted by Us3rn4m3 7 years ago Report

Didn't mean to imply I wasn't familiar myself, though even proceeding with care there are certain bosses that just take multiple deaths (Bed of Chaos for me oddly, in addition to O&S and Artorias. Still haven't beat Magnus)
What frustrates me the most however are some of the hidden caps and limits on things. I'll never understand why Stamina caps at 45 but not Equipment burden, to name one of many examples.


Posted by Strega 7 years ago Report

O&S is the next thing I need to do and I keep putting it off. They are certainly the most frustrating early boss.


Posted by Us3rn4m3 7 years ago Report

If it makes any difference: Running Spell-sword with Crystal Homing Mass and Great Magic Weapon helped a lot in that fight. Some people consider that "cheesing" the boss, but whatever. With heavy weapons however, it's generally better to roll with light armor and Power Within in my opinion.


Posted by masterofvore1 7 years ago Report

sometimes I might try to write(and port it to my laptop later) but Zero-K is sooo tempting.
I now how you feel,LOL ;)


Posted by banzai 7 years ago Report

Ooh, Ria! I always enjoy seeing her get to work on huge prey!


Posted by Cyrano 7 years ago Report

Puh-leeeeez tell me there's gonna be a part 2. Or maybe 2 and 3. Ria is one of the best in the biz.


Posted by Strega 7 years ago Report

I have a prequel pic inked and there will be a sequel pic. Patience. 83