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Old Grizz (color) By Strega -- Report

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Old Grizz is a grizzly getting on in years, nearly 40 in fact. A few years back he had slowed down enough that he had great difficultly fighting off the younger males, and had markedly less success in mating.

Now, Old Grizz didn't get as old as he did and survive as many hunting seasons as he did by being dumb, and more than one incautious hunter had learned rather more than they wanted about bear digestive systems thanks to him. So it was no surprise that he managed to sneak up on and pull down the next hunter who came by. The difference this time was that he was desperately horny and you know, that female hunter was shaped just a bit like a female bear.

After a noisy and enthusiastic mating with an extremely unhappy and uncooperative little female, who he ultimately swallowed whole as he had previous hunters, it occurred to the old bear that here was a solution to his lack of female bear action.

So these days when Old Grizz comes across a solitary hunter (male or female) he carefully scopes out the situation, and if it does not seem to be a trap he adds another notch to his bedpost. He's taken over a small cave that used to be occupied by a homeless man (long since digested) and if the human he catches isn't too screamey he'll disarm them and drag them back to the cave for a prolonged bout of stress relief.

One time, and so far exactly one time, he ran into a woman so friendly and cooperative that he let her go afterward. Every other meeting he's had with a hunter has ended with a belch, usually after a lengthy groan of pleasure or three.

As you might imagine the woods he lives in have quite a bad reputation, but since he only picks off hunters (due to mating season coinciding with hunting season) and is very careful about not leaving evidence behind, no one is quite sure what is going on. There is even a hypothesis that a human serial killer is responsible, because really, how likely is it that a bear is swallowing people whole and burying any indigestibles he coughs back up?


An old pencil pic that I'd previously scanned and posted, but something about it always bothered me. Eventually I realized the woman's far arm was in the wrong position and her head was too small. I tried to fix both but her head is still slightly too small. Oh well. I also added a little bottom view with more smut. I colored it in a Multiple layer atop the pencils, which looks awful at first but decent (usually) when the coloring is done.

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Posted by Kiala_Tiagra 6 years ago Report

would love a sequel


Posted by Imrhys 6 years ago Report

ahahahah, love when you toss in these little stories <3