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The Master's Desire By EveAra -- Report

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It was time. Zeta always knew that being the pet of a dragon like Solid would involve a certain level of personal sacrifice. And the dragon had tasted him many nights before, his enormous tongue exploring every curve and contour of the spiny lizard's soft body, teasing him of a sticky fate. But tonight it was real. It was happening. Solid's ravenous appetite was taking him!

The dragon plucked Zeta from the ground with ease, bringing him to his maw as if he were no more than an overstuffed sandwich. The tongue lolled out, caressing him with a familiar excitement. The blue lizard whimpered with anticipation of what was to come, kicking reflexively as he was fed into his master's jaws, his long tail wrapping tightly around Solid's free wrist. His fear was palpable, but his resistance was minimal, the ache to please his wonderful master paramount to all things, even instinct.

The huge dragon grunted with amusement, wriggling his claws playfully between the flexible spines. Perhaps he would miss this little lizard, but the drive to add the diminutive beast to his bulk was far too strong to deny. He had become far too lean in the weeks coddling Zeta and now it was time for him to go where he belonged.

He gobbled down his faithful pet with no hesitation. It felt so good, for this delicious morsel to truly be his after holding back for so long. Something about sustaining the relationship made the final meal together all the sweeter. Solid's hungry throat gripped its dinner, its actions incapable of showing any sentimentality, sending Zeta off as it would any other chunk of food. The waiting stomach folded over the quivering lizard as he entered, immediately smothering his face and spines with slimy goo.

The bond between master and pet would soon become complete within the gurgling confines. Within minutes, Zeta's tender underbelly was becoming so very squishy. He could no longer even shift away from the wall of the stomach as he melded with the juices washing down the rippling darkness of the chamber. Where others would feel pain and horror, the lizard only felt that the service to his master had finally been sanctified. As his very body was taken and accepted, the sound of his frantic heartbeat drowning in the noisy depths of his great master, he knew that they would become truly inseparable.

Solid hugged the nice bulge that little Zeta had formed, licking at his hanging tailtip that had yet to descend and add to it. Bit by bit, he would pack away this last remnant of his pet, a fine meal to the last gulp, the texture of his spines quite delectable as they slipped down. The dragon chuffed happily. He knew that Zeta would gift him with a respectable plushness for many months.

Commission for Drazii-Na!
I don't get to draw enough dragons and reptiles :)

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Posted by miranda_dragon 3 years ago Report

Amazing <3


Posted by eatmeplease 3 years ago Report

Wonderfully done! Both image and story.


Posted by Animakitty 3 years ago Report

Lovely work, hon. Slimy stomachs and sticky prose!


Posted by EveAra 3 years ago Report

Thank you <3 its nice to get back to the basics and do something like this.