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A knock at the door woke the Archmage from a nap. He lifted his head from his desk and realized that he had fallen asleep while watching a few of the students dueling in the dining hall via scrying orb. Sure, he probably should have stopped them, but those young first-termers weren't likely to cause any permanent damage anyhow. The knock repeated, and Archmage Brentor swiped the orb to standby as he blinked himself to a better level of consciousness.
"Enter!" he called out, vaguely annoyed at the potential intrusion.
One of the journeymen... er, journeywomen. Journeymages? Whatever the dean said they were supposed to call them nowadays. Blasted upstarts. Anyway, one of those folks was standing in his doorway with a bundle of scrolls. She was a decent looking one at least, a bit on the skinnier side but still had some pretty red hair. Oh, and was talking about something.
"Come closer, witch, come closer. I ain't heard a thing out of you yet." He beckoned to her with one hand, the other stifling a yawn.
"Archmage Brentor? Wizard Flum asked me to bring these scrolls to you for grading on my way back to the dorms."
A gust of wind blew one of the scrolls from her hand, and while attempting to grab it, the journeywoman spilled a few more across the floor. One scroll merrily unrolled itself all the way to the base of Archmage Brentor's desk, while another sparked a few times and then leapt back into the air, hovering at eye level.
"Close the blasted door so it doesn't escape, then bring them over here!"
She complied with his command, and after unloading her burden on his desk retrieved the escaped scrolls and added them to the pile. The Archmage skimmed a few of the scroll titles.
"Flum sent you here? He tell you anything else, witch?"
"No, Archmage. I had finished lessons and just wanted to offer assistance before heading home for the day."
"Well, you can...."
The Archmage's eyes flicked from the scroll to the journeywoman, running up and down her robed form. A brief thought and a lecherous grin formed across his face.
"...keep yourself busy." he finished, with a slight mumble under his breath as he gestured towards her.
The journeywoman blinked a few times, and then thought about how her studies were done for the day, she had some time to kill... and the Archmage certainly was one of the most studly individuals in the entire university.
Archmage Brentor pushed his chair back from the desk just slightly and began to unwind the first scroll, reading over the top of his glasses as she dropped to her knees and crawled underneath the desk. Parting his robes from the front, she began licking up and down his waiting cock as he perused the first of a few horridly written research assignments that Flum had the students cobble together.
As her lips wrapped around the head of his dick, her head began to bob up and down, and the foremost thought in her head was just how much of a surefire way this was to help her learn wizarding from the greatest spellweaver this world had ever seen.
Even better than her mentor, that blasted Wizard Flum.
Meanwhile, layers of stone, rock, and building underneath of them...
The two shadowy figures approached the locked door. One of them flipped out a lockpick from a bracer, and deftly slipped into through the keyhole. A few quiet clicks later, the formerly locked door swung open.
They snuck through the doorway and pulled it quietly closed behind them. The one with the lockpick consulted a piece of paper which then vanished once more into a belt pouch. The new room they were in contained three doors, each with a matching rune carved into the center of the door.
The second figureslightly shorter, tossed a pouch to the taller one. The taller one poured some powder from the pouch and rubbed it on the leftmost door, covering up the rune.
"One down" a masculine voice said, identifying the taller form as a he. He approached the center door and did the same thing. The shorter one stepped back and allowed the taller one to repeat the process with the powder on the right door, and then both took a few steps back and watched the three powder-covered runes.
Slowly, the powder began to glow, and then ignited with a pale reddish-green flame. Possibly kiwi-strawberry, if there was a flavor to be associated with this fire.
One of the flames then turned a deep blue, and then all three winked out.
The two forms approached the right door, having been watching for that blue flame. Reaching cautiously out, the shorter one turned the handle and tilted their head as the door swung open with a relaxed squeak.
Glancing at each other, the two figures entered the newly revealed hallway, and just a few steps in froze as the door slammed shut behind them. The torch up ahead flickered out and the taller form turned to the shorter one.
"You did give me the powder of detect route, right?"
The shorter form responded with a female voice, "Yes, though I'm not sure why we're following a tree."
"Route? Wait, root? No, you... bloody... gasheeyn'torak sousoukeerika! DETECT PATH"
"Oh. Not tree roots? So what's going to be in this hallw-EEP!"
Her question cut off as the floor dropped out from beneath the two.
It was a rather short drop however. Both of them splashed into a jelly-like substance which began to ooze inside of their armor and clothing.
Both struggled to keep their heads above the top of the ooze, but pseudopods formed and quickly forced both of their heads into the center of the mass. The ooze touching their flesh began to itch, and quickly turned to a burning sensation. Attempts to scream simply resulted in the ooze beginning to flow down their throats, and within minutes their lungs had the air replaced with more of the corrosive substance. With a few more minutes, the flesh had been eaten from both forms, and all the remained was some equipment and bones, floating within the center of the mass.
Back in the university...
Archmage Brentor chuckled as he looked away from the scrying orb that had been tracking the intruders. Pushing his chair back from his desk, a rather frazzled looking journeywoman crawled out, cum caking her face and dripping onto her bared breasts.
Brentor made a few gestures with his hand, and she bowed to him and walked out of the room.
As the journeywoman walked down the stairs, she stumbled slightly, blinked a few times, and then hiccuped. Looking down at herself and her freshly laundered robes, she thought back to what she had just been doing... Lessons with Wizard Flum, studying through some scrolls, and now she was on a staircase on her way towards the chow hall. It seemed later than normal for her to head to dinner, and she couldn't for the life of her remember what she had been studying. Shaking her head and making a mental promise to get more sleep to avoid zoning out, the journeywoman continued down the steps towards the chow hall. Dinner was calling.
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Today we see a normal afternoon for the Archmage (previously seen in Unbalanced Scales). We've got messing with the students, a mini-adventure which doesn't end well for the two rogues, and then a bit of memory modification. Because why not?

Just a bit of brain flow, unedited, unplanned, just typed as it went. *shrug*

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