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Commission 6 - Wendy's Indigestive Splat v1 By Scaylid00d -- Report

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[NOTE: This is the clean lineart version. A shaded version can also be found in my gallery ^ - ^]

This comic is a brief re-imagining of a scene from one of  marloweny's stories, which can be found here:

Wendy is an adventurous vixen, voluptuous in build, almost supernaturally randy, and is no stranger to perilous questing. These characteristics serve her well in her day to day adventuring, as she often finds herself in dangerous, even life-threatening scenarios. However, she has an innate habit of finding sexual joy in almost anything that happens to her. Therefore, only someone like her, who enjoys the idea of being swallowed whole, could stomach being eaten alive as often as she is <3

In this comic, Wendy finds herself lost in a clammy stone dungeon, stripped of all her precious gear. She wanders about the dungeon's labyrinthine hallways and numerous dead-ends, trying to find and reclaim her equipment and armor. Down one of the many darkened hallways, she stumbles upon a mess of vines, growing from the floor, stretching up the wall, and growing back into the ceiling. She has spotted some of these before, and they seem harmless. Or wait... is that the other way around? Maybe it's growing down from the ceiling into the floor? She decides that it doesn't matter =w= At any rate, perhaps she could fashion a potion out of it, or take one of the vines as makeshift rope? She never knows when she'll need to swing across or climb up something?

Upon taking a closer look at one of the vines' bulbous flowers, her head starts feeling warm and fuzzy, as if her mind and consciousness itself is receiving a soothing massage. Soon that sensation turns physical. It not only relaxes her, but turns her on in the gentlest way she's ever experienced. In actuality, the bulbous flower had quietly spurted small puffs of pheromones into the air surrounding itself, upon sensing her approach. This pheromone is not meant to calm Wendy for her own sake, but to make her complacent and docile for what the vines are about to do to her...

Wendy can't help herself but to try and take in more of this enchanting fragrance, and as soon as her muzzle nears the bulb's plump orifice, it gulps her entire head in! It stretches out around her effortlessly, and soon, has enough of her body inside its own to lift her up, and slide the last of her subdued, meaty body down its slick tentacle throat.

At this point, Wendy is understandably beside herself with joy. The assault of the various sensations whips her libido up into a swirling maelstrom of aching desire. She wants to feel it more, greedily wanting it to feel even better! She hurriedly starts fingering herself, trying to get off as many times as she can, knowing she may not be able to reach her pussy so easily for this whole ordeal.

Her intuition proves spot-on. Soon she arrives in the vines' collective stomach, balled up into an uncomfortable fetal position, arms forcibly wrapped around her own breasts, away from her twitching clit. The plant wastes no time coating her with slippery, lubricating jelly, meant to try and digest her.

...Sadly for this plant, it's actually a Fairy Eater. While it can eat and devour larger dungeon critters from time to time, a hefty dungeon crawler like Wendy doesn't sit well inside its gut at all! It strains for a little while, trying to keep her down, struggling in vain to digest her like it would a helpless fairy. All the while, Wendy squirms and wriggles around in her tightly smooshed-up position, trying to force enough elbow room to reach down to her pussy again. She's so turned on, painfully short of cumming just from the sensation of being balled up, coated in this plant's digestive juices like this. All she needs is just one finger, and she could rub out an electrifying orgasm... just one finger...!

Finally the poor plant can't take it anymore. With Wendy's sheer luscious mass weighing its stomach down, coupled with her relentless writhing and wriggling, the plant can no longer keep her down. Nothing is worth this kind of indigestion! In desperation, it spits Wendy back out in a messy spray of its own stomach juices! With a loud, undignified splat, Wendy is stuck spread-eagle to the dungeon's wall, unable to move...

Unlucky for her, this plant's juices turn into a clear, sticky, latex-like membrane, like a transparent rubber, once it makes sufficient contact with air. Wendy might as well be trapped in an upright vacuum bed in this state. She'll remain stuck like this until someone or something happens along to free her, or until the latex dries and crumbles... if it even does eventually dry and crumble. She may be stuck here for quite a while, actually. What an embarrassing pose for someone to find her in~ Her only choice is to wait. Until then, she'll be shamelessly displayed in front of this plant, with it stuck having to share its failed meal's company. She's enjoying herself more than she would admit though, all the plant can hope for is that a hapless fairy wanders by, to once again fill the void that Wendy left in its now tenderized gut.

... but if it's Wendy's fairy friend, Meeta, chances are the plant will have to wait a lot longer to eat again ;w; Poor thing~

----- ~ ♥ ~ -----

Needless to say, I enjoyed drawing this a LOT <3 It's been too long since I've dabbled with anthro characters, or even latex. Getting to do both in one shot was a special treat for me.

Read on for the obligatory, geeky technical specs ;3

Unlike my last few uploads, this work's lineart was actually done with a solid brush at 100%. Since the order was for clean linework, my usual 80% density didn't look neat enough, at least to me :p I'm glad I went with this approach for this project however, as it fit my intended aesthetic ideally.

Like my previous uploads though, it's presented in 16:9, at a 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 o3o It seems most pics in my naughtiness collection are in a portrait configuration, and while that's often perfectly appropriate for the given subject matter, it's a shame that it fits my monitor so awkwardly :p That's why I choose to export in an aspect ratio that's fun to view on a modern computer screen, whenever even borderline appropriate. Mobile users probably have more fun with the portrait presentation of most fap material, but my phone's from the mid-2000's, and definitely not a smart phone TTwTT So I have something of a computer bias, at least until I get like a cheap Android phone or something.

But I digress x3 This was drawn entirely in Paint Tool Sai, using my trusty Wacom Intuos CTH-680. The shading was applied using a soft low-density brush, on two layers for broader and finer detail respectively.

What do you think? :Dc Hope you like it, and do leave a comment either way, I love hearing from you who even simply happens upon my little musings <3 That's all from me for now, stay safe and squishy until next time! Peace~

Wendy (c)  marloweny
Art (c) Me <3

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Posted by marloweny 3 years ago Report

Awesome images! I'm truly pleased with them, and I love the little retelling of the pertinent scene. There's even a mention of Meeta!

Gorgeous work. Two thumbs up.


Posted by Scaylid00d 3 years ago Report

Very glad to know that, thank you again for commissioning me *@\^0^/@* But yes, Meeta was too much fun not to mention ;Db