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Priestess of the Backward Look comic (pdf) By Groblek -- Report

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 LadyDrasami just finished a comic version of my story "Priestess of the Backward Look", that I commissioned a while back. I figured I'd post it here for those who haven't been following her gallery. The file here is a pdf of the entire thing (16 pages) - if you want the individual images, go check out her gallery.

The original story is here:

I think LadyDrasami did an excellent job of translating it to an almost entirely text-free comic, and I highly recommend her to anyone thinking about an art commission. She doesn't work fast, but it's well worth the wait.

Fair warning, you may have to wait a while at the moment, as I've got another couple of comics in her commission queue already. None of them are related to this one, and the next one up is a completely new storyline I wrote for the occasion.

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Posted by wiseguy288 3 years ago Report

Ooh, I can't wait! Do they all involve ub as well?


Posted by Groblek 3 years ago Report

Yes, they do - if I'm commissioning something, it's pretty much guaranteed to be UB-focused. ;)


Posted by wiseguy288 3 years ago Report

Whoot! XD


Posted by Imrhys 3 years ago Report

You are UB focused? OMG! *flails* I'm shocked!!!


Posted by nc 3 years ago Report

What an impressive and creative story. And so long. The amount of work and preparation that must have flowed into this must be immense. I enjoyed reading it a lot.


Posted by Groblek 3 years ago Report

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Please do go over to LadyDrasami's page and tell her as well, since she did the hard work of drawing the whole thing.


Posted by LowProfile 3 years ago Report

aah, so THAT'S what it was based on--i thought it was a whole new story (though admittedly i haven't read Priestess of the Backward Look)


Posted by Imrhys 3 years ago Report

Hey, glad you PDF'ed this, since I found this right after midnight and the thought of that many pages click after click... ahahaha

Wow, nice conversion work between you and LadyDrasami to make this purely visual with no text <3


Posted by Groblek 3 years ago Report

Thanks! I'll admit that the PDF was partly because I was too lazy to do the work of uploading that many images. But I also like providing the whole thing as a cohesive unit, so it is easily read all together rather than people wandering in halfway because one of the tags on a page triggered their interest.

And yeah, I'm quite impressed with the job LadyDrasami did making this work without text. I did provide a little dialogue for the other two commissions I've got pending from her, but this makes me inclined to try a silent one again sometime.


Posted by Imrhys 3 years ago Report

A picture really is worth a thousand words, hmmm?

And I think you've done enough self-pub and pub'ing around here to realize the value of "having it all together, so my audience doesn't have to work to find me" lol.


Posted by ForgetfulHatter 3 years ago Report

and thus another one is born. XD

why did i enjoy that so much? :P
oh right
reminds me slightly of playing skyrim with devourment for vore and beeingfemale for pregnancy.