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James and Sally - Illustrated edition By Groblek -- Report

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A while back, the artist Tincrash ( sent me a sketch they'd been inspired to draw for my story "James and Sally". I liked it so much that I commissioned a set of illustrations for the story, and made a few edits to it to make an "Illustrated Edition".

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Posted by dampkatcat23 3 months ago Report

This was really great and sweet
(btw) you should do a big mouth unbirth or something I would really like to see that some day


Posted by Skeksi 3 months ago Report

Lovely story and illustrations.


Posted by doomed 3 months ago Report

i love this story alot . granted if i were james i would have snapped and probably pnched theresa and left .


Posted by DenArt1 3 months ago Report

Why a boy to a girl? Why not the other way around?


Posted by dreamweevil 3 months ago Report

Genetics. Theresa has 2 "X" chromosomes (plus whatever is needed to perform the unbirthing). In this story universe, she knew in advance that James would be reborn as a girl, if at all, so the mechanism that discards half of his DNA must always toss the Y chromosome, if present. Since she only has X to replace it with, her offspring will always be female, and presumably would inherit her unbirthing ability too. Eventually in this scenario men would become rare, unless there's some other mechanism compensating for it.

If the chromosome rejection right before fertilization were random, a man would have 50/50 odds of being reborn as a girl; but a woman would be guaranteed to remain female. The species would still head towards becoming all female, just more slowly.

Love the story and the mechanics behind it!


Posted by Fallen 3 months ago Report

Strictly speaking, I doubt the rejection *could* be random, at least for the Y chromosome. Egg cells are much more like actual, normal diploid cells than sperm cells, which I've described in my own works as 'tiny capsules packed with DNA that run on the biological equivalent of AA batteries'. I'm not sure if an egg cell could function without the genes coded for by the X chromosome.

That said, I'm even less sure that that's really something we *know* yet. I haven't heard of any research into egg cells that had their nucleus emptied out and replaced by the contents of a Y-chromosome-bearing sperm cell. I'm not even sure if we have the tech to do that yet. It'd be interesting to find out!


Posted by Gutlover 3 months ago Report

I like the art, it reminds me of Nagasden.