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from Jessica’s Vagina
1: Jessica
the start, Jessica made it very clear, if I continued on the road I
was taking with her, that there'd be no turning back. In fact, the
first word she ever said directly to me, when she caught me looking
at her:
thought, at first, she was cautioning me against inappropriate
behavior; but then she looked down at her own body, and back up at
me, coy, unmistakable.
never had a woman be sexually aggressive towa

5: Taming the wild stallion
you dying to go back right
and just do whatever you want, you and me?” Melanie asked, eyes
Me too. But… Tom… one warning: if we go where I think we’re
headed, there may very well be no coming back from it. We may both
end up very different people than we are now.”
with me. As long as we’re together, Melanie, I’d do anything.”
went to lean back, and propped herself up again. “I

4: Everywhere
McAllister caught up to Melanie at the top of her sweeping, carpeted
stairway. It encircled a large chandelier which created sparkles of
light on wallpapered walls.
one step down the stairs, Tom grabbed the railing, and understood
then that his balance was different than it had been as Heather.
Melanie caught sight of this and smiled. “You’ll get your ‘man
legs’ back in a few minutes,” she said. “Weird, isn’t it? And
don’t you feel like

Big Mama was, true to her name, big. Standing more than seven feet tall-- 7' 6", the last time she was measured, the conventional wisdom was that she suffered some genetic anomaly that gave her this impressive size: she dwarfed the new corrections officer who stood, a respectful distance from the stone doorway to the huge mansion, clipboard and signatures in hand.
 He looked a little forlorn: in on the secret that the six convicts he'd just delivered, under some ancient agreement his s

3: Heather
McAllister took a deep breath. He was sitting next to Melanie
Benton, on the same sunny hillside as before; infinitely more
pleasant than the blank void she’d previously subjected him to.
patted his his leg., and then, in a cheery voice: “Okay. That
concludes your backstage tour! Heather, you’re up.”
elbowed Tom in his upper arm. “Pssst: You’re
Okay, but—“

2: Backstage Pass
too late,” came another voice, just outside the door.
case made the news, despite all efforts to prevent just that. Lawyers
and courtrooms and the media attempted to deal with the fact that
this was bound to happen eventually: that this novel means of
rehabilitating a criminal in “minutes” was one thing when applied
to an actual criminal, but the now-innocent defendant couldn’t
defend himself.
His bumbling attorneys expected a windfall jud

1: Teardown
Gensel looked up from her computer screen at the older woman who was
standing, impatiently, in front of her desk. The woman was tense,
almost to the point of shaking. She let that sink in for a moment
before calmly asking:
Alice, what can I do for you? You seem--"
McAllister case," Alice blurted out.
hated these interruptions but did her best not to snap. The cleanup
paperwork for criminal cases could easily be handled through

nice time to be female
love you," Kayleigh said.
I you, of course," I answered.
can't wait."
try to catch my breath, stay calm, not break out into a sweat. The
studio audience emits a collective gasp -- this I expected.
I said, looking quite relaxed. "I
could just keep you there forever."
producers have chosen my second-most-tightly-edited version of my
video-- this despite the rare "expli

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Well, it took a while, but I found a direction that I think made sense, as readers of my gallery have probably noticed already.

Manbreaker starts off more in the transformation story vein: a man who's been wrongly convicted is sentenced to a single visit with a woman, who, through her rather invasive imagination, is tasked with changing him from the criminal brute that the courts thought he was into a productive member of society. To do this she has to "break" him; hence the title.

Really, all (good) vore stories are about some kind of transformation. Vore takes us past the usual end of the story to see, at least a little bit, of what happens next. In an ordinary story, the action (at least for that...
[ Continued ... ]

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