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Confronted With It
Hi. Me again.
my promise never to leave Daisy's side, there are a few bits of
practicality that necessitate it from time to time. She seems like
she's doing much better now, after the meeting with Laurie, and the
lamia have been so gracious, bringing these completely-prepared meals
to our rather sequestered selves, that it's about time to pay them
back. Thus, with Daisy's permission, I went down to the kitchen well
before lunchtime to lend a hand not just wi

Silky Surprise
is just the third day since my parents left this house to me. It's a
split-level home, nothing to speak of, needs some work here and
again, houses are no longer that difficult to come by.
at long last, long
last, my girlfriend and I have a place of our own, and nobody can
stop us from doing whatever the heck we want! Ever since she heard
the news she's had a gleam in her eye, an "idea" that she
said she'd tell me if I really needed b

Stacy says Hello
haven't gotten to write here before, so my apologies if I'm a little
rusty with it. I know you're probably expecting Daisy but... well,
she needs a little time right now. Brad and I thought it would be
good if she could write about her experience but... she can't. I'm
sure you understand why.
still at the lamia's spacious abode due to a near-tragedy a while
ago. About ten minutes after we witnessed Alicia's end, Daisy decided
that she needed some

My jaw had set. My mouth was a thin, bitter line as I held Daisy's
was here.
immediate question now, however, was...what was I going to do about
it? And, more to the point - what would Daisy let
me do? I knew what I wanted to do - wanted more than anything right
now - but if Alicia was here, and Daisy told me directly not to harm
her...I would comply.
go see her," I said, trying to keep my voice calm. "But you
do the talking. I want

Normal Relations
Flying isn't as easy as I thought it would be. These wings are
designed for hovering, and short distances, and very heavy lifting.
They're designed for a Queen Bee whose body is swollen with eggs
and... more. Now, my tail weighs next to nothing, so balance is
difficult, altitude control is difficult, keeping a constant speed is
least this won't be for much longer, and I have a bit of a preview of
what's to come as Brad is well ahead of me in his own tran

Queen Bee
Amanda is shivering. She’s holding Stacy’s phone and looks like
she’s going to drop it. I hear the voice from the other end.
It’s… me.”
Amanda continues. She’s trying her best to sound like Brad for her
mother’s sake, but she’s having trouble doing that. I want to
hear Brad’s voice too, but at the same time I don’t want to stop
hearing Amanda’s.
phone call, which Amanda switches to video partway thr

Queen Bee
My transformation to Queen Bee wasn’t immediate, at least in the
eyes of the colony, and I knew it. It took hours, with Stacy still
pinned to the wall and crying. I picked up the radio codes from
Bambi’s memories and tuned myself into the sentiment of the colony,
waiting for that point where most of the remaining colonists accepted
the fact that I was their Queen.
then, Bambi's human body was gone: too damaged to save, all I could
do was absorb her body and tra

No Choice
I procrastinated in finding the answer about myself, and for the
first time Stacy and I considered never
leaving this place.
Our bodies were long gone, and as the weekly rhythm of the Sphinx'
life continued on, she welcomed more souls into herself and built up
an increasing awareness of our world and its inhabitants. Each week,
the same "show", the same act. Rarely, perhaps once per
week, a paying visitor would be turned away, his or her money
refunded minus a twen

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Well, it took a while, but I found a direction that I think made sense, as readers of my gallery have probably noticed already.

Manbreaker starts off more in the transformation story vein: a man who's been wrongly convicted is sentenced to a single visit with a woman, who, through her rather invasive imagination, is tasked with changing him from the criminal brute that the courts thought he was into a productive member of society. To do this she has to "break" him; hence the title.

Really, all (good) vore stories are about some kind of transformation. Vore takes us past the usual end of the story to see, at least a little bit, of what happens next. In an ordinary story, the action (at least for that...
[ Continued ... ]

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