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Vagina 3
Okay, so no “victim” of a succubus is completely unwilling. Most are naive. They knew there was some chance that this girl that they decided to hit on could be one of us, a succubus, but were comforted by the odds: there really aren’t many of us.
They usually figure it out around the time that we start feeding that human the breast milk-venom. Even after the first drink, it’s surprising how many of our victims were in denial: the need for the next dose wasn&rsquo

Vagina 2
I used to be human, like you. A guy, if you can believe it. From red-blooded male to female sex organ in what, thirteen years? And if you have to ask: yeah, I’m loving it. See, when a succubus breeds, she selects some number of “volunteers” from the souls she collected, and combines them into her offspring, based on their suitability for a role and their attitude about it. Each gets assigned some part of her body. We work together to make the perfect “woman&rdquo

They will never, ever admit it, but I was an accident.
I was born from laboratory experiments and genetic tinkering on who I used to be: the Slime Girl I consider my ancestor and inferior. I even remember the white paper I read on myself: Improvements on the Intelligent Human-Scale Protoplasmic Organism, or ‘Slime Girl’”.
If they hadn’t gone to lengths to ensure I couldn’t ever escape confinement, I might still be in that research facility today becaus

If there was a single part of the human body that makes one quintessentially female, this is it. While some men might envy a pretty woman’s boobs, deep down, if there any organ a man wishes he might, even temporarily, experience, it’s this.
The name comes from the latin for sheath, thus it was certainly named by a man: the place for the male to sheathe his weapon, as if the primary function of this organ was to comfort and pleasure men.
Certainly, it does that, but more as a h

Content warning: Watersports, Female Dominance
I’m laying on the ground in disabling pain, and it’s my own fault. It was stupid, political incorrectness, not my usual style: I was just making a joke to my friend, trying to get him to laugh. Then, around the corner, headed in the other direction, a woman whose choice of clothes that day, at 10,000:1 odds, was the exact crop top the joke was about. I couldn’t help myself but finish the joke - and point. My last two words

Semen Girl
I don’t think of myself as being made out of male spunk; I’m all female, if you can call it that. But I love the name. It’s potent and dangerous, like me.
Don’t get me started on the differences between my and my distant evolutionary cousin, the “slime girl” - we’re worlds apart. Slime girls are incredibly simple by comparison: they’re intelligent slime and about the only special thing they can do is digest a person by surrounding them a

Her ovary comes into view as I round what I assume is the last corner of her fallopian tube. It’s not as though I can “see”: as an egg I have no eyes, no senses at all, no mechanism by which I can steer my own destiny. For two days now I’ve been at the mercy of millions of her tiny cilia, slowly brushing me away from her uterus and deeper into her body.
Two days ago I’d be pleading to go the other way: that her body would change its mind, send me back into her

Some women have the power to absorb and unbirth men (or other women). I guess it was only fair that some men would eventually develop a similar ability.
My boyfriend caught me in the shower and jacked off on me. It was otherworldly: like once he saw how helpless I’d become, he was possessed, driven by powerful instinct to finish the job. The semen tore me apart, reduced my to just my essence; the smallest physical thing that could contain me, far smaller than the “baby”

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Been working on a fun little series of short-shorts about individual body parts and how they might get used:
https://aryion.com/g4/view/640667 . At this point I've gone through both female and male reproductive systems, so I'm considering what (if any) to do next: perhaps parts of digestive or other systems/organs/etc. if there's interest. Generally these have been "non-fatal" (in that the speaker can "survive" anything) with a little bit of understandable domininance/submission elements. Let me know if you've got any particular interests!

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The massive series about Jessica and Daisy (I still haven't finished yet)


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I got through your AMA and was delighted to find you continued your wonderful story here. Just wondering why not put it in the thread too?


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Thank You for the Watch dreamweevil! :D ♥‿♥

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thks for the great art!


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To be honest, I thought you were on it already. ^^ Decided not comment it though. Still, thanks again.


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It's Lucky's art, go watch him.


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Thanks, watch, etc.

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