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Wasp Girl
Tom: I can’t believe our good fortune. After using a well-crafted experience on Everywhere to rescue a marriage, the couple we rescued of course spilled what they knew to their friends. Now we’re going to make some serious money by hosting an entire group to spend a “lifetime” in our imaginary world.
They’ll spend almost the entire time on Everywhere, of course. That world is feeling more and more like a real place, and it’s getting easier and easier

Internal Boyfriend
Part 4: Knocked Up
“Keith, I think I just squirted one of my eggs into you.”
I sat up, still afraid to disconnect from him. He put his hand over his lower abdomen, where apparently he was sore. “Is that what that was… why…?”
“I don’t know!”
“I feel… weird.”
“Alright, alright, let’s think this through. We had sex—“
Keith smiled, happy that I’d even admit it. “Mmmm..!&r

Internal Boyfriend
Part 3: Keith’s Fantasy
The sun is peeking over the horizon: slivers of light making into the gaps in Nora’s blinds. She’s awake, staying in, comfortable.
Her hand slips into her pajama bottoms. We feel it: her fingers sliding through pubic hair, then finding that sensitive touch. She’s warm, from sleep, from the blankets, from her thoughts.
We wait. Her fingers find the delicate labia between her legs. She goes slowly: this new awareness that this plac

Internal Boyfriend
Part 2
I have to pee.
Nora tells me that I don’t, that my body probably can’t urinate anymore; that she takes care of those tasks for me, just like I take care of them for Dale.
I can’t really move my legs anymore. Well, maybe a little; it’s my arms that I can no longer feel. But I can feel that space between my legs, still. Part of Nora’s “boyfriend pocket” - the small chamber in which I will spend the rest of my life - presses agains

Internal Boyfriend
Part 1
There aren’t fireworks anymore. It’s the two hundredth anniversary of the end of the third war and, if this were written before the war, one would figure there would be fireworks: colorful rockets shot into the sky to celebrate the anniversary.
There are no fireworks for the most obvious reasons. The air pollution, yes, that’s probably the main one. But also they would remind people of the war itself, the bright flashes in the sky, the ones depicted in

10: Janet’s Revenge
“Oh, my lord.” Janet Perthing opened her eyes. “That was something.”
“It’s exactly what happened, to the best of our recollection,” I said.
Richard had called his spouse - whom he hadn’t lived with for four months, and was in the early stages of divorce proceedings, and told her what he’d done. She was furious with him, of course, and the pitiful plea “but now I know what it’s like to

The Booty Call
Our daughter is a woman now and we couldn’t be more proud of her.
lay in bed for a while, still entangled, still wet with the entire
room smelling of sex and excitement, wondering if any of what she’d
experience made the threshold of love.
At least that’s what I think she was wondering.
was the last to recover. He looked down at himself; his manhood still
streaked with dried secretions. He looked over at Kristy, who had her
fingers betwee

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If you've been following Greetings from Jessica's Vagina but aren't caught up, stop reading here.

I don't usually leak much information about upcoming chapters, but I know how (after a year and half!) this story ends, and at the moment there's roughly 4-5 chapters remaining. The next chapter (90) is titled "War Stories", and as the name implies it's a set of short stories that take place during the war that begins in chapter 89.

Unlike the rest of the story these can be told from pretty much any perspective, so I've got an opportunity here to write about characters and interactions other than my own. So if you're dying to see someone devoured by a hungry bird-woman, or want to join in helping that...
[ Continued ... ]

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