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NVTA ~ Act 03-08 Closed By PedVerse -- Report

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Nova agrees to head out and in search for food.

Nova: "How will you know when ten days have passed, Its seems it would be rather difficult to tell time."

Spider-Lady: "Oh, Glad you asked, You see..." The Lady grabbed Nellie with on hand and licked the other, covering it in saliva, then proceeded to smear it all over Nellie.

Nellie: "Hey, Gross!"

Spider-Lady: "In ten days..."
she then took Nellie, and lowered her down to her slit, and held it apart, and began to force Nellie inwards, and few muffled sounds could be heard, but were soon drowned out by the Lady's Sighs of pleasure.

"That's when...Mhhh the eggs inside here.. Ww Well hatch, and my children will need to have... ugh something to eat you see, So if you do not return by that time, they will have your friend here instead."

Nova squirmed in horror as she began to grasp the gravity of Nellie's fate.

Nova: "I will return, Don't worry, But may i ask whats the best way out of here?"

"Just up this hatch behind me, You'll find it will take you right out."

Nova passed the spider-lady, and began climbing, but not before the spider-lady Blocked Nova's path with one of her many legs.

"Do be sure to hurry, I am putting a lot of faith I you, Believe it or not, This is the best i can do give my current situation, With my newborns on the way, I have to act when I have an opportunity, Please don't take it personally. Oh, and one more thing, the more food you manage to bring, the greater i will reward your efforts, beyond that of the safe return of your sweet little friend here."

"Yes mam." nova replied as the lady cleared the pathway.

Nova began to ascend upwards on the ladder and made her way through an old hatch, Upon exiting, she was blinded by the bright mid-day sun Her rodent friend hid himself deep in her cleavage, as she made her way to a near by cliff.

She looked outwards across the baron waste land, and upon the horizon she spotted a silhouette of a city-scape, but the the east of it, she could see some smoke rising from behind a hill.

Nov Inventory :

-Knife sharpener x1

-pack of crackers ~x4

-Cloth strips x2

-Yarn 40ft

-Cleavage Creature x1


Hey guys, If you like what im doing here and want to pitch in on the creation of NVTA It would be a HUGE help if you would concider subscribing to my Patreon But if you don't or cant afford it, thats also cool, joining in, and dropping feed back is just as much of a help, and all are welcome <3 Thank you so much for your support.

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Posted by Apostolos 3 years ago Report

Hmm stealthily head towards the smoke but be very cautious and alert


Posted by Apostolos 3 years ago Report

Also i would be a bit worried about the eggs inside her considering nellies abnormal appetite


Posted by PedVerse 3 years ago Report

Nellie is in a daze, the fluid from her mouth was a paralysis venom


Posted by Apostolos 3 years ago Report

Ah okay so she won't be eating the babies anytime soon


Posted by Graywolf18 3 years ago Report

This opens up a good number of morale and tactical choices that I am going to end up over thinking... so fudge it. Head for the smoke, swiftly but cautiously.


Posted by RossTheEmeraldFox 3 years ago Report

Yes.. Like the guy above me said.. Tactical..

Pick up the M6 Assault rifle that is at her feet ans then wake up realizing you walked into hallucigenic smoke.
It's a perfect plan..

On the real note, Smoke sounds like a good.

Cities are bad.


Posted by Royal_Starlord 3 years ago Report



Posted by Kartomic 3 years ago Report

Hmm, we should take a little look around for supplies, preferably something that can be used as armor or a weapon: we're quite defenseless. :(


Posted by Thagrahn 3 years ago Report

Scan immidiate surrounding for potental weapons.
Collect 1 or 2 potental weapons if found.
Head for smoke, but try to keep a low profile.


Posted by GinRyuKaza 3 years ago Report

Paralyze power! Totally head to the smoke with caution. Got to see what your getting into first! Also wonder if their is anything near buy from that person that got eaten earlier that you can use. Maybe even a Radio or walky talky!


Posted by iorn 3 years ago Report

Now creep up behind her and garrote her with the yarn...


Posted by joe354 3 years ago Report

Yeah head off to city. Gather some things and reporter whose looking for a scoop and if possible some low skill adventurers looking for a quick run.


Posted by FriendlyDemon 3 years ago Report

She could just eat all the spider eggs.
Sate her hunger AND avert the danger.


Posted by PedVerse 3 years ago Report

Nellie is in a daze, the fluid from her mouth was a paralysis venom