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Sep and Tia ref By dudey64

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Names: Sep and Tia
(Sep to the left and Tia to the right.)

Race: Knytt or Oknytt.

Relation: Twins.

Occupation: Writers.

Sep and Tia are two poor writers and twins. They write naughty and fun stories under the pen name "Septia".

Together they openly share odd and bizarre ideas between one another, working on their own separate stories at times but often collaborating.

Keeping themselves hidden under floorboards or in tunnels of earth underneath houses, they usually only interact with others to nab a ladleful of stew or play a prank. Lets be honest, did you really need all of the food in your fridge anyway?

Knytt (or Oknytt as their species is called in Scandinavian mythology), whilst not known for interacting with people a lot, tend to live very close to others. Most often taking up residence beneath other's houses. They can be playful, but if treated well they reward their hosts gracefully. They have a close relation to most animals, and if a critter is suddenly calm after days of anger or annoyance, Knytt may just have moved in nearby.

Tia and Sep both enjoy to see their writing appreciated, leaving stories they have written for others to see just to get a glimpse of their reaction.

(Sep and Tia belong to  Septia and this is their first appearance.

Sep and Tia's first apperance in a story can be found here)

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Posted by TongueCuddlingLouse 1 year ago

Oh sweet jesus they're adorable :D


Posted by Septia 1 year ago

Tia: *scoffs and boasts a bit* Of course~


Posted by TongueCuddlingLouse 1 year ago

Lol XD


Posted by Dukinu 1 year ago

aww they are so cute at I could eat them ^_^


Posted by Septia 1 year ago

Sep: but ya wouldn't, right?
Tia: I bet they are not~.


Posted by Dukinu 1 year ago

hehe of course not I will not eat you without your permission
but if you will like to be eat without being Digestion so can I do this


Posted by Dragon808tr 1 year ago

Very interesting and cute concept!


Posted by Rothar 1 year ago

Hey, pretty nice seeing you trying the waters outside of pony stuff.


Posted by dudey64 1 year ago

Thanks, been a lot of trying. And that face is adorable<3


Posted by KevinK1993 1 year ago

Looking at the design of characters such as Sep and Tia, I can't help but think that these two would work well in an animated series...meant for adults, that is.


Posted by dudey64 1 year ago

Mhmm, that does sound like fun. A vore focused animated series with lots of fun lewds.