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Natsumi the Oni By Aesir -- Report

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I think I’ve settled on a design for my Oni. Natsumi is her name, feeding on and corrupting pure-spirited Shrine Maidens in her game.

She has immense physical strength and durability, her skin only being able to be pierced by particularly strong spiritually infused weapons. She does have a more mundane weakness in the form of soy beans and holly. Soy beans burn her skin, and holly repels her like garlic repels vampires. As such, smarter spiritual hunters began carrying weapons made of wood from Holly trees, however these weapons are fragile and very difficult to craft properly due to the properties of the wood.

If her horn manages to get broken, she is rendered helpless. Her strength utterly sapped from her to the point of barely being able to stand, she won’t begin returning to normal until a full day has passed, upon which she regains the natural strength of a woman her size: formidable, but not superhuman. It takes a full month for her horn to regrow fully, and one week before she has enough magic power to shapeshift into her more human form.

She can shapeshift into the form of a young human-like girl to hide amongst humans. She possesses the same level of power in this form, despite her size, and cannot suppress her spiritual power, so it is difficult to hide from any enemies other than low level Priestesses. She uses this form more to move amongst humans and enjoy their festivals, sometimes using her innocent appearance to lure food into a private area to feed.

Her favorite foods are spiritually pure female humans - meaning her own hunters are her ideal meals. She often savors them in various ways, either by soaking them in expensive alcohals, suckling on individual body parts, or sometimes simply devouring them as slowly as possible, squeezing their soft flesh between her sharp teeth enough to increase their panic, but not enough to actually hurt them. Though she often has to get violent, in truth she prefers he food utterly unmarred, with flesh as perfectly pristine as possible. Catching an unharmed, powerful priestess may result in a night of humiliation as she uses them to flavor her drinks until she’s had her fill.

If she is not particularly hungry, however, she may instead choose to corrupt a pure person. One of her favorite hobbies, she will instead keep them locked up and addict them to various vices, including herself. Once the woman is utterly defiled and a total shadow of her pure nature before, she will be devoured without ceremony the first moment Natsumi grows bored of them.

Natsumi is incapable of getting drunk, or even feeling a buzz, so her love of alcohol seems curious. She similarly loves games, and is even willing to lose out on a meal if it means she gets to play a fun one…Though certain steps must be taken to assure one can even get to challenge her, first. If there is a festival nearby, she cannot resist going, no matter how alert her hunters may be in that area.

If truly angered, she will summon her Kanabo, called ‘Jigoku no Nikutataki’, through a blazing crack in the ground. The enormous iron mace’s studs are constantly alight, as if the metal is superheated, and a strike from the weapon shatters most mid-level spiritual protection, literally burning away the gear of her opponent, with it’s secondary ability transferring the force of the blow throughout the victim’s body without actually breaking anything. This is a weakness kept in place intentionally via a spiritual tag wrapped around the base so that she doesn’t break her food.

While there’s plenty more to say about her, this will have to do for now, as this post is already very very long.

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Posted by HypnoBitch 4 years ago Report

Damn, that's beautiful!~<3

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Posted by ChowDownSyndrome 4 years ago Report

I like her glistening golden hair o3o

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Posted by MrNobody 4 years ago Report

You think she'd like Arkham Horror?

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Posted by Reiko 4 years ago Report

Hee, I'd love to see a comic of her deflowering and devouring some maidens ;3

[ Reply ]


Posted by Dulahallan 4 years ago Report

<3 pwease?

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Posted by Tee 4 years ago Report

Give to me, give me the Oni >:O

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Posted by Aesir 4 years ago Report


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Posted by Gabriel0813 4 years ago Report

she so cute even qs a kid

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Posted by PrettyUniqueKink 4 years ago Report

I really like her design, an it seems you have thought her our rather thoroughly. I look forward any any future works with her.

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Posted by CrazedCultist 4 years ago Report

Oni's are Love

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Posted by Goblingobler 4 years ago Report

I look forward to seeing her more feed! :D And in general, it's a really freaking cool character design. :D

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Posted by nysmnyd 4 years ago Report

When you say "game", what do you refer to exactly? (I admit that I don't read your blog posts so I'm probably missing something) It sounds very D&D to me, like an enemy for high level parties.

[ Reply ]


Posted by Aesir 4 years ago Report

That's supposed to be 'is her game', not 'in her game'.

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Posted by nysmnyd 4 years ago Report

Ah, the dreaded typo, enemy to all.

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Posted by 0Anesthetic4u 4 years ago Report

Ehh... I could never get behind the Monohorn of the Oni. I don't know why, I've always hated one horned creatures. Oni, Unicorns, Narwhals to a lesser extent.

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Posted by Aqualite 4 years ago Report


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Posted by ChuunibyouYosha 4 years ago Report

I would let her deflower and eat my shrine maiden. :P

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Posted by MistressMorgan 4 years ago Report

I love her design

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