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Slithersqueeze By EveAra -- Report

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Well, well, what have we here? Looks like this young female Salazzle has found herself a meal. However the Dragonair refuses to go down easy. Desperately his tail thrashes around, seeking an anchor to the waking world. Smacking into something soft, he does indeed find himself anchored, and then suddenly, pulled upon! His first tail bobble disappears easily into the Salazzle's strange frilly sex, the second bauble impacting her with nearly a splash before popping inside as well.

Now he is doubly trapped, though his captor seems far too entertained by the strange game of tug o' war that her prey has mired himself into.

Adding insult to injury, she wraps her tail around the Dragonair's pheromone fueled erection, each tug causing the doomed serpent to vibrate , nose to tailtip, with reluctant pleasure. But as good as it must feel for her, it doesn't matter, there's no question that the Salazzle is in complete control of the situation. No matter which way the Dragonair pulls, there is no where to go but inside of her. Should he succeed in disgorging himself from her gullet, her powerful pussy would only pull, pull, pull him, away from her stomach and into her greedy and equally lethal womb.

The truth of the matter is, you cannot pleasure a Salazzle into submission, they are far too insatiable. Once they have you in their grasp, You can only pray they get bored... and then pray that they are not hungry.


Wow a fast drawing for me! I just really love drawing Pokemon :p

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Posted by thefirsttrolldoll 4 years ago Report



Posted by empatheticapathy 4 years ago Report

It's nice to see a unique situation like that. Too often, snakelikes bodies are pred-only.


Posted by eatmeplease 4 years ago Report

Salazzle is awesome!