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Nacho's Mistake By EveAra -- Report

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Nacho frowned at the eddying water covering her path back to land. She was in a real pickle now. How carefree she has been, skipping along the jetty, paying no heed to the low tide that allowed her to make it so far out onto the point. She'd spent the afternoon soaking in the sun, taking full advantage of the sweet isolation and shedding her surf suit to lay naked in the gentle sunlight.
Now, with the sun sinking quickly, she was stranded on the small rocky islet. There were tree-filled ruins nearby which she had instinctively given a wide berth, but as the sun began its journey to the horizon line, she felt unsettled and exposed, and strangely compelled to hide herself in she shadows if she had to spend the night by herself in this odd place. She gathered up her suit, not wanting to slither back into it just yet, and meandered toward a gap in the ancient wall in the ruins.

She stepped into a courtyard, long forgotten. The tall walls were weirdly great at muting the relentless noise of the waves that had trapped her here. She sat on an ancient pile of rubble, near a crumbling fountain. Somehow, it still dribbled feebly, the water sounds a small comfort as she began to gather her wits. It was not going to be fun to spend the night here, but at least she wouldn't be thirsty.

Suddenly, she felt a presence beside her, and she let forth a shrill scream. It was an enormous serpent, a naga perched like a strange bird beside her. An impossibly large hand reached out with incredible gentleness towards Nacho. She remained frozen in shock for just a moment before an unstoppable torrent of strange flowery feelings erupted inside of her... comfort, relaxation, a uncanny longing, and a strange little bud of arousal.

Nacho gingerly reached forward, taking the creature's hand, and like lightning it was upon her. It was certainly, most definitely female. Nacho squirmed, a little afraid, but very intrigued, finding herself tangled up in powerful yet gentle coils. The naga allowed her new companion to catch her breath, settling into a strange embrace. Between her legs, a coil shifted back and forth, rubbing against the bunnycat tenderly until she began to leave a slick streak of arousal on the pale blue scales.

The beast chrred with delight at Nacho's enjoyment, and reached forward, pushing one digit very carefully into the needful sex. The bunnycat was no stranger to fantasizing and pleasuring herself, but she never imagined to lose her virginity like this. Even one finger felt like too much, but yet it felt so good! The naga curled her long finger, hooking upward and deftly hitting a spot that had never been hit before, and was rewarded with a gasp. Again and again she did this, making her little companion shudder with intense new feelings that were almost too much for her to handle.

Nacho lost herself in the foreign waves of sensation, rocking and moaning. Not sure how to return the pleasure that was being given to her, she propped herself up, mouth parted, and took one of the naga's nipples into her mouth. She was surprised with a sudden flow of honeylike nectar, and she latched on, drinking deep. Even here she was taking more than giving it seemed, and the matters were only made worse when the naga slipped a second finger into her puffy sex.

The overstimulated bunnycat could not take very much of this, and as the two expert fingers wriggled tauntingly inside her tight virginal passage she yelped, spilling nectar everywhere from both the tit and her own snatch as she experienced a powerful orgasm quite unlike any she had ever managed to give herself.

As she came back down to reality, the naga slipped her fingers out and licked them, regarding the deflowered bunnycat smugly. Immediately Nacho looked away, guilty, ashamed that she had no idea how to pleasure this strange and beautiful creature in return. She couldn't even see if she had a slit (she did, it was tucked away and sealed up)! Worse yet, that uncanny feeling of longing was growing and she had no idea where it was coming from.

But she did not have to worry for long. The naga gathered the bunnycat up, and opened her huge maw. As Nacho locked eyes with her, she understood instantly that the naga desired her very flesh in return for this carnal pleasure, a hunger that was being broadcast loud and clear. Deep within a pleasure soaked haze, she nodded dumbly as the naga's eyes blazed into her psyche. Finally, she could give this creature what she so desperately needed!

Feet first, she was lowered into the gaping jaws, her plump toes squishing for just a moment as they passed into the tight ring in the back of the naga's throat. While Nacho had taken a good 8 inches of the naga's fingers, the naga was taking that and more of Nacho's entire body with every gulp.

The bunnycat let forth a whimper as the gravity of what was happening sunk into her awareness. But the naga's need to devour her had tatooed itself onto her prey's impressionable will and she meekly acepted her fate, allowing her arms to be pinned to her sides to facilitiate an easy descent.

The naga was certainly enjoying herself, never taking her eyes off her meal as she disappeared. Nacho did not return her gaze, she was mostly marvelling at how easily her body sucumbed to the slimy engulfing maw, as each cute fuzzy curve became soaked with saliva and sunk into pink pulsing darkness.

For a moment her boobs were stuck, and she felt her toes contact a solid surface. It was the ground she was feeling, separated by the thick layers of scales and flesh that rippled with impatience to ensheath her entirely. The naga repositioned herself, and the agonizing feeling of hanging of an abyss passed as Nacho slipped and lost her balance for the last time, her breasts popping into the tight confines.

The bunnycat's eyes flicked upwards, stealing one last glance at the waking world. The sun was setting. At least she did not have to spend the night in the ruins alone after all. She would have somewhere to sleep, and nothing else to worry about, no reprimands from Dad. She hoped her supple and nubile body would please the creature which had taken it so easily.

Perhaps it was a little sad for her to come to such an end, before feeling the lusty touch of a companion who maybe didn't want to eat her, but part of her had a strange familiar feeling that this had all happened before. The vaguest recollections of other lives much like her own, ending in very similar ways, danced across her thoughts in an instant. She had made it so far, further than before, perhaps, but here she was again, subject to the lascivious desires of another. Yet, it wasn't so bad. The deepest darkest parts of her craved this with a longing that could not be denied.

And so Nacho took her place deep within the naga's gut. It was a tumultuous world, but also calming and numbing, like being underwater in a bubbly jacuzzi. The white noise drowned out her concious thoughts, and it was only in a detached way that she felt concern as the frothing and grinding of the stomach folds began their work, melting her fur into a gray sludge, her tattoos disappearing shapeless into the slurry, her floppy ears becoming limp and quickly indistinguishable from the mess she was becoming.

With her last efforts, she slipped two fingers into her still throbbing pussy, pulsing them weakly, merely a pale echo of the naga's prior performance, but still enough to push her body into one last series of spasms before she came apart all together.


Very early the next morning, a pale blue naga with a nice fat middle came awake. She took a moment to admire herself in the weak twilight with a playful thump to her sloshing bulge. It was then that she noticed Nacho's forgotten surf suit. It would not do, to leave it behind! Without hesitation, the naga plucked the forlorn garment from the ground and stuffed it deftly inside her own pussy, where it would dissolve down,leaving no trace. The people from the mainland would just assume the bunnycat was lost to the sea, as was the fate of most folks who went astray along this perilous coast.

Whew, my first full color YCH! Its been a rough month but I am still ashamed this took so long.

Nacho the bunnycat belongs to MIG55_2000 and I truly enjoyed drawing her. I might not always be able to write a description like this for all my commissions(this short writeup took 3 hours of my time!) but I was given a decent amount of background material to embellish the scenario with. :3

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Posted by jace 4 years ago Report

good lord this is really hot


Posted by okutrooper24 4 years ago Report

this is so good. I love the angle you took of the predator seducing it's prey into succumbing as food


Posted by eatmeplease 4 years ago Report

I am quite jealous of Nacho here~


Posted by Scratch 4 years ago Report

Gorgeous, Love the pose and internal work and the story is wonderful!