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High Class With Sass 1/2 By drpolice

This one here comes with some writing by  hibbyjibby and it's a continuation of the sketches from the other day. Hope you folks like this one.


"-Urp!-" came from the lips of the curvacious, rubbery Tsareena. She'd been a human not too long ago, and a male one at that. Even so, it took but a few moments for 'her' to become aquainted with her new figure, one she definitely viewed as an obvious upgrade from her old body. She had no regrets, and completely took on this new identity, this new persona. And to break in this new body, she'd already consumed some poor, unfortunate sod earlier in the day, his form now fully adding to her breasts and rear, a far more fitting place for someone like him. The end result of this was obvious, her already curvy form being even more exaggerated from adding their mass to hers. And now, it seemed as if history would repeat itself, over the course of the next few hours give or take.

She'd swallowed whole and completely consumed another poor soul now, her hunger having returned quite quickly after fully digesting the last guy, the very same who made fun of her and who was now little more than jiggling mass on her ass. This new meal, she could feel his back pressing firmly against the walls of her gut, the shine of her rubbery skin gripping and forming around him, squeezing him tightly as he squirmed and fought with all his might. It was a pointless endeavor, the noisily audible sounds of digestion already taking place, her warm, constricting gut already getting to work on absorbing him as nourishment for her superior form.

The latex Tsareena trotted over to a nearby mirror, her high heels clacking with every step, her jiggly bits moving to the rythm of her walking as she gazed, haughtily, at her own reflection. Her new personality matched her looks, idly rubbing her swollen gut as she posed for her own amusement. She thought of how lucky her meal would be adding to her beauty, as particularily loud gurgles, 'blorps', 'glorps', and sloshing could be heard, her prey moving ever more fervently from this. The thought of her shapely rear and bouncing bosom being all the more alluring, adding such an inferior guy to her body caused her to blush, silently laughing a noblewoman's laugh all the while.

It would only be a matter of time now, her prey's movements steadily slowing and weakening, the obvious bulge he made now seemingly starting to soften and disappear into her bit by bit, merging with her body. She continued to idly rub her belly, humming softly to herself. She vastly preferred her new body and abilities, and as she continued to lustily digest her prey, consuming, digesting and absorbing him fully, she thought to herself; "Just how far can I take this? And what else is out there that I might enjoy...? The possibilities seem so endless~ Isn't that right, my delectable meal? He surely must agree, hoho!". And with that, she silently laughed once more, waiting for her stomach's eventual victory over her poor, poor meal.

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Posted by hibbyjibby 1 year ago

Was a damn pleasure to brainstorm this up with yah. Can't wait to do the inevitable sequel soon enough.


Posted by TruthTortellini 1 year ago

Damn pleasure this is! Good job you guys!


Posted by MysteryMakerz 1 year ago

oh my goodness, can I be her pray next?


Posted by magicalgypsyllama 1 year ago

This is amazing! Love the belly <3