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MysteryMakerz is my name, Making friends is my game!

Don't mind me, just a desperate friend looking for friends!

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Hey guys, I'm not very happy today... I'm very depressed right now...

My friend died today (not sure if he died or not yet) he said he was commiting suicide, changed his name so it has his own username, but added "is Dying" at the end... and he said he doesn't want to live anymore, so he ended his life... he was going to become the girl I've always dreamt of... but now that'll never happen, he gave up art before he wanted to die, which made me depressed... I thought things couldn't get worse... and it did, my other friend said he wanted to leave Discord forever, and another friend of mine had his hand ran over, so he can't draw now... Is this my fault? if so... then I'm sorry all of my friends, I made a huge mistake being friends with you...

I'm sorry... ;-;

I won't be able to...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Temm 11 days ago

Thanks for watching!


Posted by WolfieBoy 1 month ago

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by mirrormind101 1 month ago

Thank U new watcher I hope you enjoy my stuff.

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Posted by fallenandscattered01 1 month ago

Thanks for the watch


Posted by CarnivorousVixen 1 month ago

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Hope it was a good one


Posted by MobiusTheIce 1 month ago

Happy birthday lil' bud


Posted by Datonenumbnuts 2 months ago

<< Reply To MysteryMakerz

No problem! Thats why I watched as well. Hope to see more. :)

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Posted by YamiTakashi 2 months ago

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well if you want to yea :3

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Posted by MysteryMakerz 2 months ago

Ignore my last shout, I am always here!


Posted by lXlNeMiSiSlXl 2 months ago

THanks for the Watch!~


Posted by darc22005 2 months ago

Welcome to ekas

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Posted by RotomGuts 2 months ago

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Nah, i don't need tutorials
and i have paint tool sai but i need to pay for it
But still thanks for your help

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