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Drawlloween 2017 - #6 FOLKLORE FRIDAY By Aesir -- Report

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I'm super unhappy with this one tbh, but if I don't 'settle' on some of these days, I will in fact burn out. ):

The prey were raffled out like before, won by CyrusGold (Chose Jam Kuradoberi) and VoraciousRose (Chose Rose as a Shrine Priestess)

Enjoy some Natsumi~

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Posted by thefirsttrolldoll 2 years ago Report


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Posted by IndifferentEmpath 2 years ago Report

I really like the smaller and more focused pieces you've settled on. They're every bit as good as your larger things, focus the action, retain the detail and most importantly don't burn you out so much. An excellent compromise.

I suppose this one is a little rougher around the edges than previous days, but I do like the subject matter and concept/poses!

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Posted by Aesir 2 years ago Report

A lot of this came down to being absolutely sure I was gonna do a Cinder pic today. I had an idea for it and everything.
However, a lot of time got wasted today on various things, and it quite suddenly occured to me that Natsumi could work better for this day AND she hasn't really had much art (Neither has Cinder, but I've at least drawn Cinder recently).
So I wound up winging the entire composition and I was gonna make the background more clearly a cave wall but the final move was ending and I'm tired, and pushing myself in that situation is what leads to my burn outs. So I just called it.

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Posted by RavenXeo 2 years ago Report

As an Oni i'm sure she always smells like booze..
This will not help at all.

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Posted by zelphi 2 years ago Report

oh what happened why didn't you like this one

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Posted by VoraciousRose 2 years ago Report


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Posted by Goblingobler 2 years ago Report

Silly Rose!

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Posted by FatherBones 2 years ago Report

Great to see your oni finally getting some attention again. Hopefully there will be more of her in future.

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Posted by joe354 2 years ago Report

It's alright Ace, not every work could be as you wanted it. This still turn out nicely done and I can't wait for what tomorrow well bring us.

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Posted by ninjajoeman 2 years ago Report

wasting all the hooch.

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Posted by Goblingobler 2 years ago Report

Yay for Oni's! And poor rose... Oh well.

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Posted by nnn4463 2 years ago Report

Once again Rose is gulped by the bigger pred

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Posted by Sunman255 2 years ago Report

Really cute

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