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Getting an Extension By doomfister

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i was talking to my dissertation supervisor the other day and he told me what grounds the university would give a extension, not that i needed one i was just curious. But it turns out that if the module supervisor goes off the grid they will give a general extension to all students on the module, so i thought it would be a fun idea for a vore story.

not a mlp story today as i wanted to try writing in a realistic setting, please let me know what you guys think.

i wrote this in about 2 and a half hours so i hope it reads okay. this was just me having a fire storm, so i don't expect it to be my best work.

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Posted by Draconatedz 1 year ago

Incredible story, I loved the large amount of detail you put into the flavor text here. A young man eating up and sexy woman, and seeing her fully processed and disposed of in great detail is the ideal m/f story, in my eyes at least. Great job!


Posted by doomfister 1 year ago

Thanks i am glad you liked it. If m/f or f/f and scat tickle your fancy be sure to stay tuned as they are my bread and butter so more story's like this are sure to follow when inspiration strikes.


Posted by ZaaZaa 1 year ago

Yesyesyes. I loved it. Amazing job.


Posted by doomfister 1 year ago

thanks i am glad you enjoyed it.


Posted by Genly 1 year ago

Hehe, should have given him that extension!

I loved the description in the disposal. It would be great to see this guy eat some more women - perhaps a boss or a friend?


Posted by doomfister 1 year ago

I am glad you enjoyed it.

I have a second story with him planned and its his boss. It takes place in a isolated workplace so its going to have a much longer ingestion scene. i am flip flopping in the draft between making it a double meal, as i kind of want to write 2 prey in the same stomach, or take one orally the second anally, as i like to play around with my writing and include new themes as to not write the same thing every-time like some writers who seem to fall into that trap.

right now i am kind of torn between writing a sequel to this or a Jurassic world story, so i will probably flip a coin and have something out by next week, with a large helping of disposal thrown in.

btw big fan of your work, love how you turn powerful heroines into fat and faeces.


Posted by Genly 11 months ago

I'd love to see how his boss earns her place in his gut~ Two prey sounds good, too, who would the second one be? Heh, Jurassic World would be good too~ As long as girls are getting digested I'm happy.

Oh, and thanks! I just love it when a powerful gal gets a messy ending~


Posted by doomfister 11 months ago

probably a intern, but i cannot go into details without spoilers ;).

i started the Jurassic world story today and its looking good to be done tomorrow, so stay tuned for Claire Dearing becoming a roll of butt fudge.

cannot go wrong with heroines becoming prey, stripping their perceived invincibility by converting them into a mound of muck.


Posted by Bright 11 months ago

A well written story.

I like the scenario and setup.


Posted by doomfister 11 months ago

glad you liked it, the idea just flowed when i started writing, funny how a off hand comment can give you a story.