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Scientifically overthinking By Ursa -- Report

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taking a short break from my biological studies.

though vore basically is a fantasy thing that doesn't need going through so much details like being anatomically correct and scientifically possible for a predator in case of same-size, i still like to think through details because it gives me a lot of feeling through the swallowing process. also i might have an evolutionary biology fetish.

one of the things that never rises in vore is a problem of breathing, which is very severe in case of humanoid predators.

human respiratory tract, in comparison to digestive tract, is, in fact, very broad and hard - it doesn't stretch or collapse, it is always open except the very moment of swallowing, when the valve in the larynx closes just to prevent food aspiration. since humans chew their food, they don't have much room in their oesophagus, so only small or long and narrow things could be swallowed whole. there are other complications which i don't want to raise here but generally humans are not my type of same-size predators because of that thing.

fish don't have trachea, but their respiration tract still has some things in common with human, and that is the neck larynx area (gills) and the lungs (a part of oesophagus that initially was the swimming bladder). this makes fish-based humanoids breathe like tracheothomised cancer victims or other not-very-successful lunged animals with holes in their necks. this doesn't allow them to talk with proper human vocalisation, but they can still whisper in case they are able to articulate. they also can screech pretty loud like some fish species really do to scare everyone around. lung efficiency is still a question, but this is another thing to care about.

avians and reptiles are the best in both swallowing whole big living things and breathing air. their trachea is very long, narrow and is very flexible, making the room for a big moving thing in the oesophagus. vocalisation range could also vary from whispering to pretty normal speech, because it's placed on the trachea which won't be interfering with the swallowing anyhow. the only problem that is not very fixed here is the neck vertebrae, which needs to be either long like in birds or short like in frogs to prevent neck trauma during swallowing. then again, it's an entire other problem.

tell me if you have any thoughts, i hope i'm not the most boring person around here to write such word-buildings.

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Posted by Microchip 2 years ago Report

Great work, but just one question: How does the bird throat work? It seems like the trachea cuts through the throat's space, unless it like, moves to one side. Though I guess that wouldn't be the main issue if we were talking about a flight-capable creature since the lungs would have to moved back to fit the breast muscles in there.


Posted by Ursa 2 years ago Report

bird's throat looks like a sack that hangs on vertebrae, there is almost no throat muscles and mainly it consists of neck skin and oesophagus enterior with a slight layer of tissue in-between, and the trachea goes around the oesophagus to open on the lower jaw side of the mouth in the middle.
in the scheme i did i connected the trachea to the upper skull instead, which might not work at all or might work very good if the respiratory tract opens to nostrils like that in whales, who have the most aspyration-proofed valve in lunged animal history. Because of that whales are very assymethrical inside.


Posted by Microchip 2 years ago Report

Ah, fair enough. I was looking at it as if everything went cleanly down the middle.


Posted by Vdiem 2 years ago Report

I also like it when great detail and long/reason are behind the biological mechanism of vore. It's a cool idea to think about and can help a person draw it better, me thinks. Kind of why I like naga's so much. It's the most easy/real world application of vore from snakes.


Posted by Ursa 2 years ago Report

I used to love nagas just as much because of the same reason but limbless bodies just don't feel as comfy to me as human-like torso and legs, this happens to be the main reason why i keep experimenting instead of just sticking to the snake vore and nagas. The legs and human posture generally are the most inefficient samesize vore pred qualities, but it turns me and i have to find a perfect logical explanation to make it turn me on even more logical levels lol


Posted by Vdiem 2 years ago Report

good man.


Posted by ZaaZaa 2 years ago Report

Science is sexy.


Posted by Ursa 2 years ago Report

oooh yeeeah :D


Posted by Rendezvore 2 years ago Report

No way, not boring at all. I think I have a fetish for creature biology too, cause this is sexy. The bird/reptile one gives me something to ponder.

I have been attempting to work out how my dragon's respiratory system works with a dewlap, trachea, lungs, and her crowning feature, a sort of expandable storage crop protruding from the chest area. The crop is filled with villi and has perforations in the membrane for prey to breathe.

I put a lot of thought into her design and love how she looks, but she still feels mashed together. I would love to hear what you think.


Posted by Ursa 2 years ago Report

i like the design overall, especially the head - she really look both pretty feminine and reptillian, which is hard to draw. but you asked what i think on the anatomy, am i right?
i always thought that the idea of prey breathing inside the predator (which has special adaptations for this) is quite strange - it's much easier to digest a dead body than a living one, and it's much more efficient to store the nutrients in the body when they are already digested. also the upper set of arms in flying creatures needs large chest muscles to fly, so it's another reason these sacs are not the best choice.
i like the idea for the pred to keep the prey alive inside fetish-wise, but the reasons of such behaviour don't seem to work as something like efficient food storage IMO.
this thing works nice with some reasons that are aside the eating-digestion vore, something more like bondage/protection thing, like using something that prey only has while it's alive (idunno, soul, mind, fear, wtf), which quickly stops being an animal necessity and becomes some vampiric fantasy or science fiction alien thing.
i tried to develop any reason for a pred to swallow their prey alive and keep them alive inside but honestly failed. the only working thing i came to was an anthro alien computer creature that swallows living things for the purpose of studying in sterile conditions. like, eating things for science. this is dumb but it's logical at least.
i also like Master/Richard Grey from Fallout 1 - he ate people to feel their minds and merge with them, assimilating their bodies without destroying the cells and even consciousness. that might be the reason to keep someone alive inside, but also implies that the predator is a mush of mutated cells taken from different creatures, which the mentioned character indeed was.
not sure if i did the right thing with this critique, i hope you don't mind and i hope i didn't hurt you in any way (i really don't see when i do and what can be hurtful so i check just in case)


Posted by Rendezvore 2 years ago Report

No offense taken, just busy and forgot to answer. Thanks, it was fun and challenging to work feminine features into a bulky dragon without being terribly stereotypical about it. :3

The thought processes here are interesting, if a bit rambling, but I do see what you are saying. I'm saddened to hear you don't think the fetish aspects of Chorl could be made to seem at least semi-logical. I guess I really just wondered where you think her trachea and lungs would go on the current design while still involving the dewlap and storage crop, if possible.

And feel free to close this conversation or move to PMs if needed. Don't mean to invade your comments with all my silly musings, after all. :)


Posted by divineBeast 2 years ago Report

actually, this is very helpful to me, thank you!


Posted by Cowrie 2 years ago Report

This is both awesome and helpful, thank-you!


Posted by serpentes 3 weeks ago Report

This is so cool! I love this kind of detailed anatomy, You did a super good job here damn.