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"I want you to eat me!"
"You what?!"
Okay, let's start from the beginning, shall we?
*A couple minutes earlier...
Jennifer Jones had just got out of work and is ready to enjoy a nice week long break, already thinking about a many number of fun things. Going out for a walk, see the new Marvel movie, and, most of all, enjoying a trip to the nude beach. She heard so many good things about it, some things including how relationships got started and how a couple fell in love to be married.
She chuckles to herself at the thought of a wedding in the nude, the bride wearing only the veil and the groom wearing just a bowtie. The giraffe herself hadn't really thought about searching for a suitor and not yet, although she's 34 years old. She was tall even by giraffe standards at 8'8, weighing in on 246 pounds.
She had short brown hair and green eyes that hid behind rimless glasses. Jennifer works as a secretary for a fledgling firm, a name she still can't pronounce nor really cares as she just hands people a card and leave them to the pronounciation of it. Right now, she's too busy about getting home and making her way to the nude beach.
Interestingly enough, she lived only a block away from the beach. She wore her two piece bathing suit for modesty on the way over, but soon removed it as she set foot on the beach. Her double D breasts bounced freely while her big bubble butt jiggled with every step she took, feeling more prideful about it than nervous.
She eventually finds a nice spot to set her towel down and relax, bathing her nude form in the sun. Just when she was relaxing, she felt something poking her tummy. She opens her eyes and looks down her body, seeing a young human boy poking her with a finger.
"What are you doing?" Jennifer asks him.
The boy was surprised and jumped, making the giraffe chuckle slightly. She got a good look at the boy, who was standing at 5'5 and looked to weigh about 170-180 pounds. He had a lean physique with some muscle, brown shaggy hair and brown eyes, and he was slowly growing erect.
"I know it's legal to have sex on this beach, but I'm in no mood for a boy," she tells him.
The boy stands up and looks at her, the giraffe woman seeing his dick at full length. It looked to be about 9-10 inches.
"I'm sorry," he spoke. "Its just that, well,'re...belly looks very attractive."
"...Thanks, I guess," she replies to him, confused by his words.
"N-Not that the rest of you isn't attractive! I-I mean, you're very attractive! Um, uh..."
It was clear to Jennifer that this boy has not talked to a woman very much, meaning he's probably a virgin. She's all too familiar with characters like him, first-timers hoping to lose their status of virgin to be cool. The giraffe lady knew the feeling around his age, but she's grown since then and grew wiser to avoid trouble.
Still, she wishes to remain friendly and spoke to the shy lad.
"You've never spoken to a lady, have you?" she asks kindly.
"N-No...Yes..." the boy admits.
"As far as first times go, at least you didn't suck ass."
"U-Unless you asked me to," he blurts without thinking.
"Sexual joke, huh," she comments. "Thanks, but I'm trying to bathe in the sun. If you'd be so kind, could you..."
Jennifer waves her left hand in a "shoo" motion.
"Well, uh..." he starts. "Can...Can I ask you to do something?"
"I'm not a circus freak," she remarks. "Now, go away before I kick your ass."
"I-It's nothing bad, I promise! And l-I don't think you're a circus freak! I just, um, want you to..." the last couple words were said too quietly and the giraffe didn't hear them.
"What's that?" Jennifer says irritatedly, already starting to get up. "Speak up or your head's gonna be a football."
That's when the boy shuts his eyes and blurts it out, the threat of being decapitated by a pissed-off giraffe woman being motivative enough to say it loud.
"I want you to eat me!"
"You what?!"
Nobody else was close enough to hear the boy blurt the words out, just him and Jennifer. She was shocked by this youngster's words, the wish to be consumed and digested alive. While it's very common and legal for anthro predators to commit vorish acts in places like the nude beach, it's quite rare for a giraffe to be a predator.
Jennifer has never eaten anyone in her whole life, mainly eating the regular diets most giraffe folk eat. Although there have been reports and adult videos of giraffes sporting jiggling balls and bulging bellys, she has never encountered a giraffe pred. She looked at this boy, his eyes still closed shut as if expecting a killing kick to his dome, with uncertainty.
"I've never eaten anyone," she tells him.
The lad slowly opens his eyes to see the naked giraffe MILF standing in front of him.
"I-I-I can be your first, then," he tells her.
"I don't even know if I can eat you," she says. "Not only that, but we don't each others names."
"Tommy! Tommy's my name! Now you know my name. What's yours??"
"...Jennifer. Jennifer Jones. What's your last name?"
"Irrelevant. My last name's not important. Just "Tommy" for me. After all, I'll be nothing but a tasty morsel in your pretty tummy."
"You are aware that this is a one-way trip, right," she tries to talk him out of it.
"I know. I don't care. My parents are assholes, anyway. They'll see this as a blessing that I'm out of their hair forever and I get to live my dream. Not only that, but I'll be your very first human meal. See? Everybody wins in the end."
"Your logic makes no sense," she tells him.
"You're just over analyzing this, Ms. Jones," Tommy asures her. "Besides, there's more than just a simple gulp involved. I've done my research and found out that giraffes can digest living prey for up to three days before they expire and fully break down. So, after you have me nice and secure inside you for the next three days, I'd like it if you had sex with every single predator while I'm stewing in your beautiful gut."
"Seriously, you're making no sense here," Jennifer comments him. "Also, I'm a responsible adult, not some vore whore. If you wanted it so bad, why choose me?"
"Because I like- No, because I LOVE giraffes! Besides, vore whores aren't always trusting. And none of them are giraffes, even the males."
"Regardless, I'm not doing it. Find some other bimbo to do your strange request."
Jennifer proceeded to walk away, but suddenly tripped on a towel and fell down with her mouth wide open as she tries to scream. The young boy saw an oppertunity and took it as he jumped in front of her and felt her jaws wrap around him. By the time the giraffe lady hit the ground, Tommy was bulging her neck and only his wiggling feet remained outside.
Without thinking, she instinctly swallows him up the rest of the way as he's pulled into her body. She feels his nude body slide down her long neck, the detailed lumps depicting his face and penis, and lands inside her stomach. The giraffe looks down to see her once slightly chubby belly turn into a dome of flesh, small bumps could be seen on it as the youngster inside moved about.
"T-T-Tommy??" she says softly, not sure what to make of this situation.
She goes to poking her gut, but she never got her finger to touch as she hears a muffled voice coming from her gut.
"Wow, this is awesome," came Tommy's voice. "It's even better than I imagined!"
"Tommy, you need to get out of there," Jennifer tells her gut, just loud enough for nobody but the boy inside her can hear.
"No way," he replied. "I told you my parents don't give a shit about me. I also told you that this is my wish, to be inside the belly of a giraffe chick. But that's not the only thing I wished for."
"What? The part about you stewing away in there for three days?"
"All while fucking some hot predator guys with me in your stomach. I'll be humping your stomach walls to join in the fun!"
"This isn't fun, Tommy! This is life and death here! Do you even have any means of respawning?"
"Nope, couldn't afford one anyway. Besides, I don't need one. It's a one-way trip for me and I plan to make these last three days the best. After all, I'll be adding myself to a really hot MILF!"
Jennifer blushes at the last comment, the part where the boy called her, "a really hot MILF." She pats her belly a few times before saying...
"Look, this is serious. You're gonna die inside of me and that's it. This isn't a game, you know. You'll be dead."
"I know," he said. "That's why I told you my wishes, to make my last moments alive the most erotic and beautiful things I've been apart of. So, could you go find a guy to bang now? I'm not picky, being in your belly and all. Find a fat guy or a muscled guy, maybe some skinny guy. All I want is to feel them smother their bodies on your belly, smooshing me while they bang you. I'll be rubbing my dick against your belly while it happens."
"Basically, I'm having a threesome with another predator and you in my gut," she says. "Okay, I guess. I much rather not throw up anyway. I hate puking."
With some difficulty, Jennifer gets to her feet as her chubby belly, full of Tommy, weighs her down. She didn't get two steps away when she felt a paw grope her ass, causing her to gasp in surprise. She turns around to slap the pervert that groped her, but she ends up turning too fast and falling on top of somebody.
Inside, Tommy feels his current "home" squeezing him as Jennifer fell down on somebody.
"What happend?" he asks her, not caring that the other person might hear him.
The giraffe heard him, but didn't answer back as she was too busy trying to get off of the person that was on top of. She looked down to spot the pervert, a 40 year-old obese hippo with black sunglasses. She suddenly feels something big rubbing her nether lips, thinking it might be this guy's cock.
"E-Easy, mister," she tells the hippo. "A-Are you a, um...a predator?"
"Yes, I am," he says in a deep smooth voice. "Tubba's my name, stuffed and meaty's my game. So, who's the loser prey inside your sexy body?"
"Uh, a human boy named Tommy," she replies nervously, not used to being flirted.
"A human boy, huh? Names mean nothing when inside a superior being's stomach, especially humans. The men are delicious, but the women, to me, are simply divine. Getting them when they're young is the best, to feel their struggles inside your body as they slowly digest. It's very rare, however, to encounter a giraffe pred girl, especially one as sexy as you."
Jennifer blushes quite a bit, her face pretty much red.
"T-T-Thank you," she thanks the hippo.
"Now then, how'd you devour the boy?" Tubba asks her, patting her chubby belly.
"I, uh...I gulped him down," she answers.
"Ate him the old-fashioned way. A real classic, swallowing them whole and alive. I prefer to send them to my stomach through my ass, to show them where they'll be coming out once my guts are done with them, feeling their struggles as they course through my innards. Mmmmm, it gets me hard just thinking about it. Now, wanna give your meal a good send-off?"
"W-Wha??" Jennifer said confused.
"Y'know, a good send-off. I lie on top of you and plant my big body on top of your tummy, then I fuck you good and proper while grinding the prey in your belly into mush with my weight. Either that or you can regurgitate him into my ass and I'll crush with my insides, all while I eat you out. What do you prefer?"
"I-I'll, uh, go with option one," she says, trying to keep her word to the young man in her gut and avoid getting her head anywhere near a male's butthole.
"Fine by me, baby," the hippo said. "Time for Tubba to rub some funk on you."
She carefully lies down next to the hippo and presents herself to him, Tubba rolling on top of her as his cock rubs against her nether lips. His fat gut just about engulfs Jennifer's, young Tommy getting smooshed by the weight. The giraffe was about to adjust her position when...
"Enjoy the ride, baby."
...Tubba inserts his manhood deep inside her, the giraffe MILF moaning loudly as she accepts her first cock since high school (her first time with a wolf boy she knew). Her worries for Tommy fade quickly and her mind focus' on the sex that's starting, her legs moving to wrap around the hippo's waist as best as possible. Her hands roam around his back until it settled on his big ass, groping it hard as she felt him move his hips.
"You feel so good," he compliments her, thrusting into her now.
All Jennifer could say or do now was moan, and moan she did as she feels him thrust in and out of her. Tommy, meanwhile, decides to thrust into the stomach wall that had the most weight crushing down on him, his movements seen as lumps on the giraffe's gut. The hippo feels the movement coming from Jennifer's belly, a smile and chuckle on his face.
"Your meal knows their place in the food chain, doesn't it," he tells her, still thrusting at a good pace. "Quite energetic, your food. At the rate it's going, it'll tire out and fall asleep forever."
Such words made the giraffe grow hornier, not having felt this new sensation in her until now. Tommy's promise seemed to fade away from her mind as she focused more on the lewd sex she was having, feeling her human-no, her prey-squirmming in her stomach in an attempt to get off. She felt her legs move on their own as they wrap around Tubba's waist, her arms on his back for grip as she pulls herself closer to the hippo.
Inside her stomach, Tommy was nearing his first orgasm ever. His current predicament isn't looking so good as he was being crushed by the hippo's weight, but he knew the risks when he set about going for it. He thought things through before diving down the throat, but he also knows that things may not go according to plan.
He humped the stomach walls as best as he could, the weight of Tubba beginning to prove too much to withstand. The human felt his penis starting to throb as he nears coitus.
As he came inside her, Jennifer was squirting like a fire hose from the stimulation of Tommy in her stomach and Tubba's cock thrusting in her pussy. The hippo couldn't hold back much longer as pushes his manhood deep inside the giraffe woman, making sure his big gut is smooshing her prey-filled tummy. He felt the human's penis throb inside the giraffe's stomach against his gut, feeling the boy being crushed under his weight.
"Yes, break under the weight of a mighty predator, meat!" he says aloud.
Jennifer feels Tubba putting a lot of his weight on top on her gut, thoughts of young Tommy's promise coming back to her. Realizing the hippo's intention is about to come to, she uses what strength she has to push his gut back. He feels this and looks at her, a confused look on his face.
"What's the matter?" he asks her. "Do you actually care about the human stewing in your gut??"
"N-No, I, uh," she replies, trying to put words together that'll make sense to him. "I-It's just, um, that I made a promise to him."
"A promise?? The hell kind of promise involves you eating him?! Don't tell me it's a full-tour thing! I like feeling them squirm through the digestive tract as much as the next pred, but I prefer my meals to be permenantly digested and turned to fat!"
"No, it's not! It's, um...Well...He wants me to, uh, digest him for the next, er, three days and have me, um...screw any predator I come across."
"Really?" Tubba says. "I know some humans are willing to be food, but never heard of one wanting to go out like that! That's gotta be a dream for any prey worth their taste!"
He looks at her big belly before patting it, getting the attention of the young human inside.
"Hey, meat," he tells him. "Hope you liked that, cause it's only gonna get better from here! I know some guys itching to fuck a dame with a squirmy prey in her gut! Haha, your last moments of living are gonna be very bumpy for you!"
"Thanks!" Tommy spoke loud enough for the hippo to hear. "I loved it when you were crushing me with your weight! Are you a musclegut pred?"
"Yep, and thanks for the compliment! Shame you aren't out here, otherwise I'd eat you with my powerful asshole!"
"Shame, indeed," he tells him.
"Ha ha ha, I like ya, meat! Tubba's the name, stuffed and meaty's my game! You're name's Tommy, right? Not that it really matters, since you'll be nothing but mush in three days!"
The hippo then reaches over to his shorts that layed right next to the towel he was lying on and pulls out his cell phone, dialing a number that came to his mind first. He waits as it calls the number, hearing it ring on the other end until a voice spoke. Jennifer couldn't hear what the person on the other end said, only hearing what Tubba was saying.
"Hey, man! It's Tubba! Dude, you're not gonna believe this shit. I'm at the nude beach, just relaxing and enjoying the sun shining on me and people looking at my naked ass. Then this big giraffe hottie comes walking around, sporting a big belly, until she tripped on me. Turns out, she's one of those rare giraffe preds that she just ate a willing youngster whole not a minute before meeting me. The prey turned out to be one kinky human who asked her nicely to digest him over the course of three days. Oh, and get this! While he's digesting, she's gotta fuck any predator while her tummy works on him! I know, right? I almost crushed him with my fat ass! You interested in "meeting" her? Hm? Fuck yeah, you can bring them! They'll be wanting a piece of that ass, for sure! Alright, see your ass in a few! Later!"
Jennifer looks somewhat worriedly at the hippo, unsure what's in store for her and the human boy in her belly.
"So, uh...W-What's the plan," she asks.
"We're gonna wait here until my buds arrive," Tubba tells her. "In the meantime, go ahead and chillax. You're in for a wild ride, especially your human meal."
Jennifer relaxs and talks to Tubba, getting to know each other while they wait. Even Tommy was in the conversations, the hippo getting to know more about the boy in the giraffe MILF's belly. He actually started to like the human, saying that it's a real shame the boy isn't stewing away in his stomach.
Five minutes pass and five figures walked towards the hippo, Tubba instantly recognizing his friends and inviting them over. They were a wolf, a horse, a lion, a bull, and a tiger. The lion and tiger were muscular and stood around 6'4, while the average built wolf stood only 5'10 and the musclegut horse and bull stood at 6'9.
She paid more attention to the horse, seeing him look rather handsome. Whenever he spoke, he had the accent of a southern gentleman. Jennifer then noticed him sporting a sexy-looking belly, although she was quite certain she saw lumps on it.
"The name's Colten Cliff," the horseman introduces himself. "My friends just call me Colt."
"I'm Jennifer," she introduces herself to Colt. "Jennifer Jones. Oh, and the human inside of me is Tommy!"
"Mighty kind of ya, Tommy, to willingly give yerself to a nice woman," he says to Jennifer's belly, patting it kindly. "I, myself, have ingested a willing lass only an hour ago. A human, of course. Me and the others filmed it all, from the foursome all the way to me eating her. If memory serves rightly, I believe her name's Trisha Troy."
"Trisha?" Tommy said.
"You know Ms. Troy?" Colt asks, having heard Tommy's muffled response.
"Y-Yeah," he replied. "She's...She's my sister."
"Really? Well, that's quite the discov'ry. A brother and sister, voraphiles the both of 'em. You in the lady, your sis in me."
"Tommy's here?" came a muffled female voice from Colt's stomach.
"Yes, missy," he answers. "Your brother is inside a lovely giraffe lady. Care to say hello?"
"Yeah, squish your belly against the pred that ate my brother! I wanna hear his voice!"
"Alrighty, then," he tells her.
With Jennifer's okay, both horse and giraffe rub their bellies against each other, both brother and sister feel their temporary surroundings squish them together.
"Sis, is that really you?" Tommy asks.
"Yeah, it's me, Tommy," Trisha answers. "I knew you were wierd, but I didn't peg you to be a voraphile."
"And I never thought of you as an anthro's meal," Tommy replies.
The two share a laugh, Jennifer and Colt joining in as they hear the siblings discuss.
"So, you're on a one-way trip yourself?" the lad asks.
"No, I'm not that commited to vore," she answers him. "Why? Don't tell me you're-"
"I am."
"Bro, you do realize you'll be dead in the end. Without that Respawn stuff, you're a one-time treat. After that, you're just an afterthought and added ass fat."
"Don't forget the farts I'll make," he tells her, making Jennifer blush in embarressment. "And don't worry, I know. Unlike me, you were born a few years ahead of me. As soon as you reached graduation, you went off to college and followed your dreams while I went through hell for four years. I don't blame you, Trisha."
"If I knew things were that bad for you, I'd ask if you wanted to live with me," Trisha spoke to him. "I'd care for you and love you, because that's what big sisters do for their little brother."
"Thanks, Trisha," he tells her, "but that's not needed anymore. I'm nothing but norishment for this giraffe chick, and I'm fine with that. I've got two days left after today's over and I plan to make the best of it."
"Well, you heard the boy," Colt interjects, pulling his bloated belly away from Jennifer's. "If'n he wants to become giraffe fat, it's his choice. You, on the other hand, are my treat for the day. I'm fixin' to buck this lady good, giving her meal a bouncy ride while I'm at it."
Trisha understood what Colt meant, understanding her younger brother's decision to be digested permenantly. It made her sad that she'll never see Tommy again, but she stood firm and did not shed a tear as she strengthens herself. She wants to make her brother happy and give him a send-off he'll never forget.
"Alright, bro," she tells him. "My buck here's set and ready to send you on a bumpy ride!"
"Bring it, sis," the brother tells her.
For the next half-hour, Colt fucked Jennifer in the missionary position while grinding his prey-filled gut against hers. The siblings moan aloud as they rub their private areas against their predator's stomach walls, jokingly thinking this might be some wierd form of incest. The giraffe MILF was soon caught off guard as she, in the midst of her moans, feels a dick go into her mouth, opening her eyes to see the wolf that occompanied Colt.
"Sorry to interrupt this otherwise "romantic" romp of yours," said the wolf, "but I feel like I should introduce myself. The name's Vince and I need you to swallow."
A couple thrusts in and the wolf cums into her mouth, the giraffe's mouth filling up with his spunk. He looks down at her to let her know he won't pull out until she gulps his whole load. Jennifer closes her eyes and takes a big swallow as she gulps his cum all in one go, a big lump traveling down her neck.
"Mmmmm, I just love the sight of a giraffe's neck sending something tasty down to their stomach," Vince says. "Oh, that boy is in for a surprise when he get's covered in wolf seed."
Inside Jennifer's stomach, Tommy continues to hump the stomach wall as well as feel his sister rub against his figure when he suddenly gets covered in Vince's cum and he gulped some of it by accident. The boy didn't stop, but instead sped up his thrusts. Whatever the seed did only increased his lust, giving him plenty of energy to hump the stomach wall.
The giraffe feels the humps in her gut increase in volume, feeling his dick poke Colt's gut through her belly. Trisha, inside Colt's stomach, feels a bump on her pussy, moaning out loud as she guessed her little brother poked her with his manhood. All four approached their orgasms quickly and all four erupted, Colt and Jennifer cumming on the towel the giraffe was lying on and the siblings inside their predator's bellies.
Tubba and his buddies watched the events unfold, their dicks erect and leaking pre. Before anything else happened, the hippo grabs the wolf and pushes him up his asshole. Vince was freaking out, having never been devoured by Tubba before.
"This is your punishment for interferring," he tells the wolf.
When only Vince's feet remained outside, the hippo grunts as his anus crushes the wolf. The lion and tiger watched Vince's feet twitch with every flex, both felines unaware of the bull standing behind them. Without warning, both cats were picked up and pushed into the bull's nipples.
Tubba watched as the lion and tiger's legs kicked uselessly in the air as they were instantly sucked into the bull's nipples, seeing his pecs bulge and squirm. The bull makes one flex of his muscles and lumps of the two cats vanish as the bull's muscles grew, the bull instantly converted the two into extra muscle. Then Tubba sucks Vince the rest of the way into his asshole, feeling his ass grow a size bigger as he made quick work of the wolf.
"Gotta love being a pred, am I right, Rico?" Tubba says.
"Amen to that, bro," the bull answers, feeling his newly acquired muscle.
"How much you wanna bet those three will want to get back at you for this, Tubba?" Colt asks, having looked in time to see everything that transpired.
"Pretty high, I'd say," the hippo replies. "So, how was she?"
"Quite a ride, I dare say," answered the horse. "Considering the other guys are "absent," that leaves only you, Rico."
"Ah, yeah," the bull spoke. "I've been aching to pound that stuffed giraffe!"
"Say goodbye to your little brother, Trisha," Colt tells his belly.
"Goodbye, little brother," she says.
"See ya, big sis," Tommy replies as if he wasn't in danger at all.
He acts as if there isn't a care in the world, the sister thought to herself.
Colt backs away from the giraffe and allows his bull friend a better view of her nethers, Rico's red hot cock leaking pre.
"That human's gonna get bounced like mad in sec," he says loud enough for Jennifer, Colt, Trisha, and especially Tommy to hear.
Oh, boy, Tommy thought.
With no warm up or heads up, Rico pushes his red cock inside, NOT Jennifer's vagina, but her anus. The giraffe, having already came by Colt, didn't feel as much pleasure, but still cries out at how big it was in girth. The more the bull thrusted, the more she felt her pucker spread to take in his manhood.
Tommy felt the stomach crush him again, but it wasn't as strong as when Tubba and Colt did before. Suddenly, he feels something poking his feet. He looks down to see a penis tip going in and out in rythem of the humping outside.
"There's no way this is possible," he tells himself. "Then again, I'm stewing inside the belly of a giraffe MILF. So..."
He then aims his butt over the spot the dick appeared, the red hot meat finally entering his rear. Tommy is very new to the gay side of sex and was not prepared for anal sex, earning more pain than pleasure. Still, he intends to endure it all while he still has time left alive.
Outside, Rico felt the tip of his cock get enveloped by something inside and it causes him to hump faster.
"I think it's crazy, but maybe your boy meat is getting butt-fucked," the bull informs Jennifer.
The giraffe wasn't paying much attention, feeling the mixture of pleasure and slight pain of a cock going in and out her ass. Same can be said for Tommy as he feels the tip of the dick try to pull out, but the boy tries his best to keep it in. This unusual threesome goes on for a few minutes before Rico busts his nut inside her, or rather the boy in this case.
The bull, although not tired, pulls out and steps away from the giraffe.
"That felt real good," he says. "I can go for more, but that would be unfair for everyone. Especially those two cats I pec vored."
"Oh, yeah, I almost forgot," Tubba spoke up. "The lion's name was Wade and the tiger was Clyde. Those two will no doubt want a piece of the giraffe after you, Rico, churned them into muscle."
"But they'll probably want their revenge first," the bull says.
Just then, Colt walks over to Jennifer and stands over her, his strong legs on both sides of her body. He had his back and big ass to her, his tail raised. Before the giraffe could say anything, the horse's big butt pushes her face to the ground and pins, his hands holding her arms down as he sits on her.
Jennifer hears him grunt, struggling very hard to escape as she assumes he was going to fart in her face or worse. Before she could do anything, she felt something unusual touching her lips and trying to pry them open. Were they...toes?
Before she could think of anything, Colt grunts as he pushes more of whatever it is into the giraffe's mouth. Jennifer feels a pair of legs enter her throat, bulging out her neck as more and more of it enters her mouth. She then felt a pair of modest lumps rubbing her throat from the inside, her eyes shooting wide open.
Colt stands up and opens her mouth to peer inside her mouth, a smile on his face as he sees the living person in Jennifer's throat.
"Tell your lil' brother I said, "hello,"" he says.
The giraffe put two and two together and realized that the boy's sister, Trisha, was inside her neck. After that realization, the horse goes in for a kiss and wraps his lips around the human's while Jennifer's mouth was still open. The kiss was brief and Colt pushes Trisha down with a finger until she was completely in the giraffe's throat, Jennifer having no choice but to swallow.
The horse traces the girls descent down Jennifer's neck with the same finger he used to push her down with. The giraffe felt the boy's sister travel down her neck, the girl being drawn deeper into her body. She wonders what Tommy will think or react to seeing his older sister inside her stomach.
Speaking of Tommy, he hears something unusual coming from the stomach chamber's entrance. He looks up to see a pair of human legs entering the belly, quickly followed with the rest of the person. The boy's eyes widen at who it was that was with him.
"Hey, bro," she replied like it was nothing.
"What are you doing inside of Jennifer?! I thought Colt was a horse, meaning he couldn't cough you up!"
"He didn't cough me up," she spoke. "He pushed me through his entire digestive tract without digesting me and pushed me out his butt and into the giraffe's mouth. Don't worry, I don't smell like horseshit and I'm not covered in it."
"You took a full tour just to get eaten by the same pred that I willingly fed myself to?! What's wrong with you, Trisha?! I'm gonna digest and never come back!"
"And that's why I'm here, to make sure you don't go alone!" Trisha tells him.
"But your future! What about your life?!"
"I'll miss out on it, but I think it's worth it as long as I'm with my little brother," she answers.
The boy didn't know what to say to this, having not expected his older sister to go through all that just to be with him.
"Big sis..." he utters.
"Little bro," she says. "Let's go together. And while we wait, do you want to go for one last hurrah for old time's sake?"
He looks up at her freckled face, a blush on his face.
"...Yeah. I'd like that."
Outside, Jennifer felt her stomach jiggle and wiggle as she feels the siblings move about. She assumed they were just trying to get comfortable, but then she heard something that told her otherwise. By listening closely, the giraffe hears Trisha moaning in pleasure.
"Are...Are those two..." Jennifer says.
"Seems like it," Tubba answers. "Never pegged that boy the type to mate with his own sister."
"S-Still, Colt!" she turns her attention to hunk horse. "Why did you do that?! I thought you were gonna fart in my face, or worse!"
"Because the kind lady wanted to be with her little brother," Colt answered plainly. "I couldn't tell you 'cause then the boy would've heard and be very much against it. Doesn't sound like he is now."
"Such a pervy kid," the hippo comments. "I like him. Shame he isn't stewing in my gut. Of course, I'd have filled him up with my cum before I ate him with my ass. I love cream-filled treats."
Jennifer rubs her wiggly belly as she feels brother and sister have sex inside of her, uncertain what to say about it or even what to feel about this. Colt places a hand on her stomach and looks her in the eye.
"Jennifer," he spoke. "How would you feel about going on a date with me sometime?"
The giraffe was unsure what to feel about it. She just ate two human siblings and had sex with a couple guys she just met, all in one single afternoon. The horse extends a hand to her, perhaps to help her stand up. She gives it some thought and finally has an answer.
"I'd like that," she replied as she grabs the hand and is pulled up, her stomach sloshing and jiggling with her human meals.
Colt was kind enough to help her put her bikini back on, having two siblings going at each other inside her stomach making it difficult to do on her own. Once dressed, the two leave the beach and headed for her apartment. Jennifer suddenly gropes the horses butt along the way, a smile on both their faces.
A few days passed and Jennifer was waking up to the sound of a very loud alarm clock. She lazily hits the clock to shut it up and threw the blanket off of her as she starting getting up. Her stomach was soft and round, every jiggle it made caused the contents inside to slosh.
"Mmfff, morning, you two," she says as she pats her tummy, referring to the siblings Tommy and Trisha.
The two humans digested into nothing but fat on her body, mostly applying to the giraffe's ass. She does her usual morning stretches before getting out of bed. Jennifer hears a noise coming from her body, a noise she was worried to hear.
"Sounds like they're ready," came a male voice.
The giraffe looks back to see Colt naked and still in the bed next to where she was sleeping, the events of last coming back to her.
"Hope I'M ready, stud muffin," she tells him, concerned for her backside.
"You can do it, babe," the horse answers her. "You digested them nicely over the course of those three days, fucking every man you came across, and now you have me as your boyfriend. Those siblings knew what they wanted and are ready to be let out."
"Oh, my asshole is gonna hate me for this," she complains as she walks to the bathroom.
"Want me to kiss it to make feel better?" Colt says jokingly.
"At least let me clean it afterwards first, weirdo," she answers back.
As soon as she reaches the bathroom, Jennifer closes the door and goes about her business. Colt remained in bed as he relaxes, remembering the time the giraffe wanted to try out the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with him while the human siblings get digested. The horse remembers fondly the many times he felt the boy pound his sister while they both digest inside the giraffe, having felt the lumps both made on her stomach whenever they did it.
After a moment of relaxing, Colt gets off the bed and sneaks his way past the bathroom, hearing Jennifer grunting and straining with her "deposit." He eventually makes it to the living room and spots two naked humans sleeping on the couch, the male sleeping on top of the female as if they were having sex earlier.
"Rise and shine, you two," he says as he shakes the both of them, the woman the first to wake up while the boy remained asleep.
"Morning, stud," she whispers loud enough for the horse to hear.
"How's he doing, Trisha?" Colt asks.
"Just fine," she answers. "He was sucking on my tits like a baby wanting mommy's milk."
"Heh, more like, "sister's milk." Your little brother'll make you pay for this, you know."
"I know he'll hate me for taking away his one-way trip," she says, "but, as soon as I heard it, I just couldn't allow him to leave me all alone."
"I never said he'd hate you," Colt reminds her. "I said he'll make you pay. Might wanna get ready. He'll probably find Tubba's number and have you experience the "Hippo Butt Crush" technique."
The woman smiles at the horse.
"I'm sure I'll..."persuade" Tommy to go first. After all, didn't Tubba say he wants "that boy in his ass?""
"Be sure to bring a camera," he tells her, giving her a quick kiss on the lips.
"How's Jennifer?" Trisha asks him.
"Dropping you two off at the super bowl," he jokes. "Sounds like she's having difficulty letting you two go."
The two share a quiet laugh and Colt sneaks back into the bedroom and gets himself dressed, just in time for Jennifer to flush the toilet and open the bathroom door. She had a look that read, "finally, it's over," having never done any predatory things like eating two humans whole and alive before. She spots Colt putting on pants and walks over to him, giving his ass a quick slap.
"And where do you think you're going, stud?" Jennifer says.
"That's three times I've been called "stud,"" he replies.
"Tommy awake yet?" she asks.
"Not yet," he answers. "What are you gonna do today?"
"Invite some preds over and have some fun with those two love siblings," Jennifer says. "How about you?"
"I gotta pick somebody up at the airport," Colt said. "He's the son of some rich popular tiger guy. Casey? Cody? Colby? I know it's a "C" name. Anyway, the guy wants me, of all anthros, to show him around the more "wild" parts of town."
"Count me and the two in," she replies.
"Great," he says. "Meet you guys at, "The Vorgasmic.""
The giraffe and horse share a quick kiss before the horse finished getting dressed and headed out the door, quickly spotting Tommy thrusting in and out of his older sister before closing the door behind him.
"Those two are something else," he tells himself.
P.S. Originally, I was going to go for fatal digestion. But the more I worked on this story, the more I thought maybe not kill off the siblings. Sorry for those who are disappointed, but I hope you still enjoyed it.
Might make a sequal, might not. It all depends on you, the readers. So, until then...
To be continued...?
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Being a Giraffe MILF's Willing Meal By FreelancerSmurf -- Report

I know, right? Very original title. Anyway...

Jennifer Jones, a giraffe MILF, decides to accept a human boy's strange request and eat him whole. Sounds straight-forward, but there's more than that. Not only is she to digest him over the next three days, but she's also to have erotic sex with other predators while he's still alive and mostly solid in her belly.

Will she find this all to be worth it? Will the boy enjoy his last moments alive? What sexy guys will be porking a giraffe MILF that just ate a human boy?

All will be revealed in the story, so start reading!

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Posted by girlswallower66 1 year ago Report

Fucking awesome man


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Posted by Camlio420 1 year ago Report

I wanna see more. I think the girrafe milf would make a great "mom" for them


Posted by FreelancerSmurf 1 year ago Report

Thanks! And I'm sure she'd be a great "mom."


Posted by zidanes123 1 year ago Report

I wanted it to be fatal. I Hope you do sequel where Tommy gets digested for good.


Posted by FreelancerSmurf 1 year ago Report

I haven't thought about making a sequel when I first wrote this. Given the amount of favs and hopes for a sequel, it's likely I'll write one. Who knows, there might be fatal.

Everyone's got different tastes.


Posted by bugboy8 1 year ago Report

Awesome story, man. I hope you write more of this!


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Thank you! Given how well liked this story is, I'd say it's likely to get one. Didn't plan on one, but now I'm thinking of writing one.


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You're welcome! And that's awesome, good luck, man!


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Awww, this was kinda sweet... sometimes vore can bring others closure and closeness without digesting them.


Posted by FreelancerSmurf 1 year ago Report

Thanks! The sequel might have more!


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That was an interesting story.


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Fabuloooouuuuusss! I utterly love human prey being absolutely dominated, especially the hot way you do it.


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"Time for Tubba to rub some funk on you."

There is alot of creative potential in this character, you struck gold. Hes even a human hunter too!


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Dude this was a lot of fun to read. Wonderful stuff.