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Yao-Stalker By Strega

Uploaded: 4 days ago

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Tags: Bear Deathclaw Fallout Feral Nightstalker Yao guai Edit

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Because who wouldn't like a yao guai/nightstalker hybrid, with the obvious ability to swallow prey the size of a young deathclaw?

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 4 days ago

Bear snakes are the most terrifying kind of snake


Posted by Dragon808tr 4 days ago

Typically im not a fan of these kinda of things, but man, its sexy and i love the descriptions!


Posted by JacktheDragon 4 days ago

New enemy for 76 confirm


Posted by deathknight 4 days ago

My problem is if what they swallow ahs a hand grenade that's live. it might make for some amusing issues with indigestion


Posted by Strega 4 days ago

Presumably the ones that survive their early lives quickly learn to strip people naked with their claws before swallowing them. Not only does it prevent internal injuries but who wants to pass a section of combat armor? 83


Posted by deathknight 3 days ago

I was thinking either belches that knock opponents over or well the cliche explosive fart xp


Posted by Fischie 4 days ago

I love such info sheets showing the creature casually gulping this or regurgitating a piece of that. How many people and things were processed by it until it was fully grown?


Posted by Strega 4 days ago

A full grown yao-stalker eats about a human or equvalent a week, more if they can get it. So quite a few. 83


Posted by Fischie 4 days ago

The amount of other creatures predators consume and process as part of their daily life is an interesting topic. I wonder how it would look like if your characters would book keep that.


Posted by Strega 4 days ago

Stregs has shelves and shelves of hairball jars on Furrymuck, assuming they haven't been deleted due to inactivity. All labeled. 83


Posted by Farian 4 days ago

Nice. Just seen this on Deviantart


Posted by simalst 2 days ago

Hey Strega, is this your animal kind or is it allowed to create a own character of that animal kind? I wouldn't mind being human food for one of those, if it's a mother to get digested into nutrients for her cub(s) and if it's a cub for it to become big and strong. And if it's a male adult, to become nutrients to help the male produce more virile cum or I'd be directly digested going down his cock and into his balls.


Posted by Strega 2 days ago

I made it up, but I have no problem with you makin a character based on it. I just posted a story with the mother training her cub to eat humans and I'll do a drawing later today about a small/cub one eating a human.