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Rusted 1: Revenge By TheDragonBoy -- Report

Max is the youngest of his abusive master's many slaves. But a terrifying run in with a rust-red dragon gives him the opportunity to change all that, and finally get back at his master for everything that he's done. And after years of torment, Max isn't too prone to compassion.
If you like seeing horrible people get what they desire, this is the vore story for you.

The first in the "Rusted" series, showing how the two main characters meet. Sorry it takes so long to get to the vore, but I needed to lay a foundation for future parts. That begin said, this story is my longest to date; let me know if it's really too long and I'll see about making an abridged version.

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Posted by MMPluc 3 years ago Report

Well not too much of a friendship But at least he could make the dragon happy, even if it meant the death of however many humans he brings and himself if Rust isn't fed.


Posted by TheDragonBoy 3 years ago Report

Sure, the relationship is a bit shaky now. But with a little bit of luck maybe things will get a little better?
Either way, yeah, I see lots of big belly in the future.


Posted by MMPluc 3 years ago Report

Well as long as he doesn't lure someone nice to the forest I think it will be fine. Slavers, and others that would be after the boy would be alright.


Posted by bugboy8 3 years ago Report

This was good, I cannot wait to read more.


Posted by TheDragonBoy 3 years ago Report

Happy to hear. More are on the way.


Posted by Philosoraptor 3 years ago Report

Great start to what looks to be an interesting story. I will certainly look forward to future chapters. Thanks for sharing!