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Big fish part 3 By Strega

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Charlie burped up one shoe and coughed up the other, but of the fish who wore them there was no sign. That fish put up a nauseating struggle but eventually things calmed down enough for the sea lion to set about digesting his meal. Big fish, small fish, his stomach treated them just the same.

Note: I don't think I've done two pages of a comic in one day since way way way back when. There's no way I could have drawn and colored two but these monochrome ones only take an hour or so to touch up.

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 1 month ago

He's going to be fed for awhile


Posted by Fischie 1 month ago

I think with your recent output the centeal committee of marine predators will name you artist of the month.


Posted by Strega 1 month ago

In the story our hero Bob ends up stretched out in the sea lion's gut but I drew Charlie too small, so Bob will have to settle with being folded up in a ball and digested that way. 83


Posted by Amnael 1 month ago

And to the right we can see Charlie the sea lion ~
making short work of a rather large fish he got for lunch


Posted by Strega 1 month ago

"Please ignore the obvious shape of a curled up man beneath his thick layer of fat. That's just an optical illusion."


Posted by Amnael 1 month ago

"You may watch the shape disappear like the optical illusion last week~" x3


Posted by miranda_dragon 1 month ago

You've been rendering the most delightful belches lately.


Posted by Strega 1 month ago

I've always liked preds burping up shoes, watches, or other evidence of their meals. 83


Posted by StaticBlue 1 month ago

He's so cute <3 I love his little tongue sticking out!


Posted by lonelypaintbucket 1 month ago

omfggg i wanna hug that big soft belly <3


Posted by Strega 1 month ago

He's full. It's probably safe. Probably. 83