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Cat Fight By Tsavo

Aisha from Outlaw Star having scuffled with Felicia from Darkstalkers and come out on top. Ooorr maybe outside in this case?

This was a commission for the wonderful  Nekochow who also wrote the dialogue.

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 3 months ago

I love it


Posted by Humbug 3 months ago

Dang, this is fantastic. Nekochow chose wisely, both in artist and subject.


Posted by Nekochow 3 months ago

I'm happy but not surprised that you like this one, Humbug XD


Posted by Humbug 3 months ago

Haha, of course. XD


Posted by coldfire1200 3 months ago

i miss that kitty <3 i ummmmm squeaks evil kitty!


Posted by SirVile67 3 months ago

Yay, always love seeing Aisha! :D


Posted by tyrion13 3 months ago

ooooh, that is just really nice.


Posted by NewRebellion 3 months ago

Holy crap! Aisha?! I most certainly didn't expect to see HER here! Man, she makes an EXCELLENT pred now that I think about it! Thank you for using her!


Posted by Nekochow 3 months ago

Definitely! I've always wanted to see Aisha as pred!


Posted by NewRebellion 3 months ago

I know! Right?! There is a very disturbing LACK of her on this site!


Posted by Nekochow 1 month ago

I'm indirectly responsible for three of the images with some Aisha pred in them, I'm definitely doing my part to change that haha XD


Posted by Renael 3 months ago

I really like the sparkle you did on the hair ring! Also, you goofed up Nekoshows link! Forgot the :icon: part of it.


Posted by Tsavo 1 month ago

Thanks, I do love my sparkles! And thanks for the correction. A bit late, but it's finally fixed.


Posted by lllll1337 3 months ago

 Nekochow has good taste in anime and catgirls.


Posted by Nekochow 1 month ago

I just had to see two of my favourite 90s feline females in a vore image :D


Posted by Nekochow 3 months ago

I don't even know where to start on this, honestly I could say something about every feature of the image, but I'll try not to XD:

The lighting and rendering is top notch, this soft painterly shading totally blows me out of the water, it's so lively and atmospheric. The subtle detail of the background like that beautiful cloudy evening sky, and cityscape really helps make this feel "real". You can almost feel the stiflingly hot, humid environment of the stomach radiate out of that internal; the way you've got Felicia posed and the inset framed looks really intense and dramatic (especially in contrast with Aisha's relaxed pose). The attention to detail on both characters is stellar, and I love the expressions, it's just... wow!

Thank you for taking my commission, and making something absolutely amazing out of it! The wait was well worth it!


Posted by lukmansihebat 3 months ago

great job


Posted by JustSomePrey 3 months ago

Aisha is such an underused pred.


Posted by LightSpeed 3 months ago

Yay! Aisha Clan Clan! ^w^ Fave character from Outlaw Star. ^.^


Posted by Mortaven 3 months ago make Aisha look incredible. @w@


Posted by Dragonjaj 3 months ago

Id ask if she has room for seconds but i know she dose. So ill just say want another helping of terran?


Posted by Nekochow 1 month ago

With how much Aisha can put away, I'm sure she wouldn't say no.


Posted by Bright 3 months ago

Glad to see that the hurricane didn't get you.


Posted by whatisthissheet 3 months ago

Damn dude, the lighting and shading is on point. You nailed Felicia's look too.


Posted by Tsavo 1 month ago

Thanks, I certainly tried to nail her viscous smile.


Posted by PrinnyDood 3 months ago

This is gorgeous! Love all the detail, and the internal cutaway is just perfect. <3


Posted by SilentWarrior 3 months ago

Awesome job!!


Posted by JamCat 3 months ago

Two mascots

one belly -w-


Posted by Kasra 2 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous work. Aisha as a pred is an old favorite of mine, not nearly enough of it!